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Best Places to Visit in the City of Jhelum

Rohtas fort- khewra- Tilla Jogian-CMH Mosque-Mangla Dam

Best Places to Visit In the City of Jhelum

Jhelum is an old city in Pakistan and the best places to visit in the city of Jhelum. It situated in the Punjab province. As a result, Jhelum is a historical city with many historical places which can be visited or we can say that Jhelum is the city of monuments. But, the government ignored this city for many years, still, this city is the best place for tourism.

Jhelum is famous for?

The Jhelum is famous for the name of the “city of Martyrs”. Also the historic battle, “the battle of the Hydaspas” took place in this city in 326 BC. The city also used to say “City of Soldiers” because many soldiers in the Pakistan Army are from Jhelum. The River Jhelum also floats side by side.


There are many places to visit in Jhelum like Khewra Salt Mine, Tilla Jogian, Rohtas Fort, Mangla Dam, and CMH Mosque, etc. And all these places have their beauty. From the past few years, the city is developing and has its industries, etc.

Khewra Salt Mine, Best Place In Jhelum

firstly, the Khewra salt mine in Jhelum also called Mayo Mine.

Oldest and Second Largest

secondly, It is the oldest and the second largest mine in the world. And also considered the best place to visit in Pakistan. The mine is famous because of the pink salt production. There are many replicas of different monuments like Minar-e-Pakistan, the Great Wall of China, and the Mosque which is made up of different colors of bricks.

What tourist can see there

This is like a museum for tourists where the structure of the Badshahi Mosque is almost made up of salt with minarets and it looks fabulous. There are also pools of water which shines. There is also a hospital inside the mine for those people who have breathing issues. If you want to visit Khewra from Jhelum then it takes almost two hours. The mine discovered by the troops of Alexander the Great in the Jhelum district.

Tilla Jogian One of the Best Place in Jhelum

Tilla Jogian is an ancient place. It is a hill in the district of Jhelum. That was a place of yogis in ancient times. There are many temples on this hill. That was a holy place for Hindus for almost 2000 years and they come here to pray in temples.

History of Tilla Jogian

But after 1947, Hindus left the area after separation and the place became abandoned but still and attraction for tourists. Baba Guru Nanak also visited and stay here for meditation for almost forty days in which he constructs a water pond here. The top view of the Tilla Jogian is fascinating with fresh air and beautiful scenery. Also, there is a rest home for visitors so that they can freshen up and take some rest there. If you want to visit Tilla Jogian then the only way is by hiking.

Rohtas Fort Is One Of the Historical Place In Jhelum 


Rohtas Fort is also among the best places in Pakistan which are the monuments of King Sher Shah Suri who was an Afghan King. This Fort is located near Jhelum.


Rohtas Fort has a really beautiful structure with twelve gateways. Among them, the most famous gates are the Kashmiri gate, which is facing Kashmir. Sohail gate, which is the main gate of the fort. SAR gate because there is water near this gate and the meaning of Sar is water. And Kabuli gate, which opens towards Kabul. There is also a mosque name Shahi mosque and there is a prayer room for people. There are also three wells in the fort which are made up of limestone. The more likely places to visit are Rani Mahal and Haveli Maan Singh. The balconies of Haveli Maan Singh give a beautiful view of Rohtas fort.

 Mangla Dam

The Mangla dam is located on the Jhelum River which is about 30 km away from Jhelum and the best place to visit. This is the twelfth largest River in the world.


The dam beautifully constructed in 1967.

Instincts of Mangla Dam

This is the second dam after the Terbala dam which constructed for irrigation. The beauty of the dam is really mesmerizing. You can even do boating or even have some tea from the stalls near and enjoy the lovely view. There is a Mangla resort view that offers residences, villas, and houses, etc. This was Pakistan’s first planned resort development. If you want to visit the Mangla dam, you need to travel for almost fifty minutes from the city.

Memorable CMH Mosque In the city of Jhelum 

CMH (Combined Military Hospitals) mosque is another important attraction for tourists. This is Jamia Masjid and is located in the Cantt area but, CMH Mosque is fully designed with white Marble in accordance with Islamic art and architecture and has its own beauty.

CMH Mosque Made?

It is constructed in the 1950s and inaugurated by Muhammad Ayub Khan. The opening ceremony was done by Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar who was the Governor of Punjab. It has a capacity of almost 25,000 people.

you may read more about the forts

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