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Amazing Places To Visit In Dharamshala For A Memorable Solo Trip

Many of the first solo women travelers have been to Dharamshala. One such destination as they have awesome places to visit in Dharamshala. People consider experiencing India solo journeys might be a great way. Sadly, because of safety risks, it can be struggling for women. Here are a few suggestions in turn.

There are two major questions about your first solo journey—whether you go and if it’s safe or not—that often arise. When you first started traveling alone, especially in India, it is recommended to choose women-friendly places.

Positioned in the lower Himalayan ranges of the Dhauladhar Mountains, Dharamshala would be located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Known both for its scenery and as the Dalai Lama’s original home, Dharamshala welcomes tourists both from India and overseas.

Why Consider This Place?

Dharamshala is generally safe and has a lot more to offer for a single female traveler. You’re going to find everything and anything, whether you’re a nature lover or a spiritual seeker.

McLeod Ganj, in specific, is a good reference for you, within Dharamshala sightseeing. A small village is termed Upper Dharamshala. It offers lots of cheap lodging, restaurants, and easy access to several sites. Dharamshala holiday packages from TourTravelWorld help you to travel to these spots without any hassle.


Meditation Retreat:

India, which is the birthplace of several forms of yoga and meditation, offers tons of options. The Tushita Meditation Center offers retreats of Tibetan forms of Buddhism, which last a week, or the Dharma Sikhara, Himachal Vipassana Centre, which offers retreats of 10 days of
mindfulness meditation.

Learn Buddhism:

You could also take a course that covers Buddhist philosophy alongside guided meditation sessions. The Dalai Lama will be offering public lessons himself from time to time. Information on its website is available.

The Tibetan Library which falls under major Dharamshala tourist places, situated halfway between lower and upper Dharamsala. In Dharamsala, every spring and autumn Chamtrul Rinpoché, and admired Tibetan Lama, teaches as well. Dharamshala holds a very important position when it comes to Buddhist pilgrims in India.

Places To Visit In Dharamshala For Solo Trip

Trek to Triund:

Triund Hill, located at 9000 feet, is one of the travelers’ most popular walking routes. You’re going to see children as young as 8 and older as 60 cross this path. Walkers see some of the most beautiful views of the Kangra Valley stretching up the hill as the trail zigzags.

Most people finish the trip in one day, beginning early in the morning and bringing it back before night. However, it can be a memorable battle to spend the night on the highest point of Triund Hill. Tent rentals can be contracted at the top or in the primary market with the help of
Dharamshala tourism-related offices. One of the very beautiful attractions, Triund Hill is considered one of the most favorite places for trekking for tourists. The tranquillity of this place casts an unforgettable impression on the mind of the visitor. With the Kangra Valley with its scenic beauty on one side and the snow-clad mountains on the other side. Through the rhododendron and oak forest, painted with the colors of nature, Tirund hill is only 5 kilometers trekking.

Walk to Dal Lake:

Dal Lake is a beautiful spot in natural surroundings with lofty deodars. It is recognized for its religious importance and fairly held every year in September. On a walk to Dal Lake from McLeod Ganj, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the hills and forests. Dal Lake is considered one of the best places to visit in Dharamshala

Bhagsu Waterfall:

Bhagsu waterfall is located only two kilometers from the city center of McLeodGanj and is named after the village of Bhagsu. The waterfall is spiritual because it falls directly behind Lord Shiva’s glorious Bhagsu Nag Temple. Amidst the lush green surrounding, the crystal clear water of Bhagsu Waterfall sketches a peaceful and serene picture. The height of the Bhagsu waterfall is 20 meters and has its source from the Dauladhar ranges. This waterfall is at its best in October and November.

A Day in Dharamkot:

You will arrive at Dharamkot which is among the most important visiting places in Dharamshala. Another picturesque village you need to visit on a solo trip to Dharamshala if your way is up from Bhagsu Nag. The Dharamkot is nestled within its narrow roads with wonderful meditation and yoga retreats. You can see the setting sun in one of the cafes late in the evening. The café culture and peaceful atmosphere of Dharamkot make it an excellent place for rest.

Dalai Lama Temple Complex: 

Near McLeod ganj, the Dalai Lama Temple complex possesses a sublime architectural beauty. The serenity and the silence in the temple complex is an ideal tranquil place for meditation and leaves a soothing effect on the nerves and senses.

Naddi View Point: 

A picturesque little village in Kangra Valley, Naddi can be reached after a 3 kilometers trekking from McLeod ganj. Naddi village provides a spectacular viewpoint of the Dauladhar mountain ranges and the Kangra Valley as a whole. Unlike sunrises in the mountains, the view of the sunset from this viewpoint is simply breathtaking.

Kareri Dal Lake: 

At an elevation of 1775 meters, the Kareri Dal Lake casts a dreamlike image on one’s mind. This place is recommended as a must-visit. Boating is allowed in this lake, even families are found having a picnic amidst nature.

Dharamshala Cricket Stadium: 

Amidst the Himalayan ranges, this picturesque stadium has a high demand for being visited. The Dharamshala Cricket stadium itself attracts tourists from everywhere. The gallery accommodates the seating arrangements at an elevation of 1500 meters high. The stadium has visiting hours with a very nominal entry fee of INR 20.

Gyuto Monastery: 

Founded by the prime disciple of the first Dalai Lama, the Gyuto Monastery stands among the snow-clad mountains. A very popular monastery in Dharamshala, Gyuto Monastery is well known for its practicing tantric meditation, a different form of tantric rituals, and of course Buddhist philosophy.

Kangra Fort: 

This structure was built in the 4th century BC. The ruins in the stones speak of it the glory and fascinating stories. The Kangra Fort was the residence of the Kangra Royal family, the Katoch dynasty, once upon a time,

Food Tour:

If you are a food lover, you will be served in Dharamshala. In addition, you can indulge in some of India’s best Italian, Chinese, Indian, and German delicacies alongside mouth-watering Tibetan dumplings (momos).
Here you can relax with the sumptuous baking facilities and rustic cafes. They all have free Wi-Fi, too, to enable you to catch up on emails for a few hours.

Time Of Visiting In Dharamshala

Alike other hilly terrains in ranges of Himalayan Mountain, Dharamshala’s climatic conditions feature a piercing winter, mild summers, and monsoon with variety in ranges. As for visiting this place, autumn and spring months are ideal.

From the month of March to June, the summer weather remains quite pleasant and colorful with blooming rhododendrons. This summer season is observed as the peak season for the visiting tourist. This is mainly due to people in most cases tend to spend their summer vacations in the mountains. Summers here are the best time for trekking and Dharamshala sightseeing.
The monsoon months from July to September, witness high rainfall and the temperature varies from 18 to 22 degrees Celsius. These months face a very less number of visitors. Whereas, from the month of December to February, few tourists visit this place in spite of its freezing weather. Enjoy places to visit in Dharamshala in the best season for seamless enjoyment.

Final Words:

By joining one of the many voluntary programs organizations carry out in Dharamshala, you can make your solo trip an intention. For example, you can teach Tibetan refugees English or computer skills anywhere between one day to six months. This is an excellent way for a worthy community to return.

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