6 Things to Look for When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living facilities are a great option for seniors who want to live independently but have access to 24/7 care. Many assisted living facilities are like luxury hotels, with on-site restaurants, gyms, landscaped gardens, and beautiful apartments. If you or an elderly parent is considering moving into an assisted living facility, here are a few things to look for when you schedule a visit.

Is the Location Right?

Consider whether the location is suitable. Are you close enough to your family and friends to be able to visit without a long journey? Are there amenities nearby? And if not, is there suitable transport to nearby stores, cafes, and other places?

There’s no point moving into an assisted living facility if it’s hundreds of miles from your family and friends because you won’t see much of them! Instead, look for one that’s closer and within easy traveling distance.

Are Pets Welcome?

This is an important one if you have a beloved dog or cat. It would be heartbreaking to have to rehome them so you can move into your new home. Thankfully, many assisted living facilities welcome pets and allow residents to bring existing pets with them.

Are the Accommodations Right for You?

When you take a tour of the facility, pay close attention to the accommodations. Are the apartments spacious enough for you? Do they have nice views? There will likely be several options to choose from, all of which have different layouts. Some may be shared whereas others are private.

View all the available apartments and think about what you need, such as a large living area so you can entertain friends or a balcony where you can catch some sun on a fine day.

Are furnishings provided? Can you decorate to your own taste? Check the details.

What Facilities are On Offer?

View the facility and see what’s on offer to residents. For example, if you require memory care Nashville TN, check out Belmont Village, where you’ll also find an on-site gym, and a bistro. There will likely be classes on offer, gardens, and perhaps even a swimming pool. Decide what amenities you’d like, and which are must-haves. Compare different facilities to see which ones look better.

How Friendly are the Staff?

Pay close attention to the staff while you are looking around. Anyone giving you a tour is likely to be friendly and amenable, but what about the other staff? Do they look happy or beaten down with exhaustion? Avoid any facility where there don’t appear to be very many staff on duty and those that are seem to be miserable or disengaged.

Chat with Other Residents

Make a point of talking with other residents to see how they like the place. If residents are friendly and everyone seems happy, that’s a good sign you’ll be happy there too.

Finally, keep your budget in mind when viewing assisted living facilities. Some are more expensive than others, which may help with your final decision.

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