8 Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Courier Service For Your Business

Do you have an online business? Aside from making sure your products meet your customers’ standards, you should also make sure you’re partnering with reputable couriers. 

Courier Sydney companies serve as bridges between sellers and buyers. They are responsible for the delivery of packages, documents, and any type of parcel. While the service of your logistics provider isn’t completely within your control, their overall performance can influence how your customers perceive your brand. 

Delivery companies aren’t the same. To avoid experiencing major problems in your delivery, here are 8 factors to consider when choosing and comparing courier services. 

1. Track record and reputation

A few days ago, a post about a prominent courier service went viral on social media. In the video, employees blatantly mishandle packages by throwing them recklessly into their delivery truck. That explains why some products get to the customers damaged even though the sellers distribute them in good condition. Even if the mistake isn’t from the seller’s end, these situations can affect their reputation. 

You surely wouldn’t work with a diesel fuel delivery company with a history of burning a house, right? So why would you entrust your precious personalized ceramic mugs to couriers with a history of throwing items around like a basketball? 

Do background checks to make sure you’re working with a reliable company that values your items as much as you do. See how long they are in the business. When in doubt, select companies that are already known in the eCommerce industry. The good reputation of the logistics provider you choose will provide confidence to the customers you’re delivering to. 

2. Speed of delivery 

Every paying customer wants to receive their items as quickly as possible, so make sure your courier can meet their expectations. The shipping speed is linked to customer satisfaction. If their waiting game is too long, they might be discouraged from buying from your company again in the future. 

Team up with a logistic provider that offers several options for delivery speed. For example, some logistics players offer same-day delivery and instant delivery, made possible by their improved pick and pack technology, distribution hubs, and fulfillment centers. 

3. Shipping costs

While some customers are willing to pay extra for faster shipping, most consumers are willing to wait and prefer the lowest shipping costs possible. 

As an online business owner, you’re aware that the costs of outsourcing shipping operations can add up quickly. Since you’re absorbing shipping costs into your pricing, getting the lowest rates from couriers is a great way to make more revenue. 

4. Geographical coverage

Is your business taking different orders that need to be delivered across the country? Are you planning to expand your reach and ship your products overseas? You’ll need a courier service that provides the geographical coverage you need. 

5. Size and weight limitations 

Are your products heavy? Do you tend to ship items in bulk? The size and weight of your products affect the delivery partner you pick. 

Couriers use volumetric weight when measuring your items to determine how large and heavy they are. This will impact whether or not they can ship and deliver your products, as some couriers don’t have the means to carry heavy items. If you don’t choose the right provider, the extra costs for delivering larger items may add up and impact your profits. 

6. Real-time tracking

Always work with couriers who can provide you a proof of delivery, assuring you that your products are safe in the hands of your customers. Thanks to technological advancements, logistics providers are now able to provide real-time tracking status updates for you and your patrons. They may even use appealing visuals to show processing stages. 

7. Courier insurance

If you’re selling fragile items, like kitchenware and expensive appliances, you want to have a peace of mind that your products won’t get lost or damaged during the shipping process. Accidents, however, are inevitable. The least you can do is to work with couriers that provide delivery insurance and money-back guarantees. 

Before investing in a courier’s insurance policy, read the terms and conditions first, and make sure your items are covered. Common items you may expect to be protected, like ceramics, glass, and electronics, aren’t always covered in some courier insurance policies. 

8. Value and customer service

Getting the cheapest courier service, however, doesn’t always mean you’re getting the best value. Next to measuring the costs, you should also measure the value delivered to your business by your chosen courier company. 

Are they responsive? Are they quick to resolve issues? Do their delivery employees practice health and safety protocols amid the COVID-19 pandemic? Do they handle problems professionally? How do they behave in front of your customers? 

Check your reviews regularly or send out a quick survey to see how satisfied your customers are with the delivery experience provided to them. See the reviews of the other sellers who work with the same courier service and check if they’re experiencing any problems. 

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a daytime writer for Refuelling Solutions, a fuel management company, offering small and large scale diesel fuel delivery, logistics, information, and analysis to keep their client’s business moving. Writing about business and logistics is her cup of tea. 

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