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6 Things to Consider before Getting a Laser Eye Surgery

Ever thought of getting a laser eye surgery to correct your eye problem, so you don’t have to wear glasses or contact lens anymore? You are not the only one. Refractive surgery or laser eye surgery as it is commonly called has become increasingly popular as a better way of correcting eye defects. However, there are still certain risks associated with it. Before you decide to get a laser eye surgery, here are 6 things you should consider first.

  1. What are the types of laser eye surgery?
    A lot of people believe that laser eye surgery is just a single procedure. What they don’t know is that there are different types of laser eye surgery that treat problems differently. The most popular types of laser eye surgery are the LASIK (laser in-situ keratomileusis) and the PRK (photo refractive keratectomy). Both of these very popular laser eye surgery can be used to treat astigmatism, shortsightedness and long-sightedness. The LASIK works by cutting a flap into the cornea through the top layer to gain access to the treatment area, while the PRK removes the top layer of the cornea completely to access the treatment area. This grows back in about 72 hours. There is a variation of the PRK, where a layer of the cornea is removed and then replaced afterwards.
  2. What are the risks involved in laser eye surgery?
    Like all other surgical procedures, there is always the possibility of risks. Since laser eye surgery is an invasive procedure, there is the chance of risks developing as well as complications. The most common risk associated with laser eye surgery is under-correction or over-correction, and this can lead to further problems with your vision. There is also the risk of your cornea being damaged during the procedure, leading to inflammation or infection, although this is very rare. In certain cases, the patient would have to undergo another procedure to deal with the overcorrection or under-correction. Besides all these, you should have a word with your optometrist about the risks involved if any.
  3. Am I eligible for laser eye surgery?
    Not everyone is a good candidate for laser eye surgery, so you should make sure you speak with your optometrist and find out before you decide to get one. Conditions like dry eyes and certain diseases of the cornea makes one ineligible for a procedure such as a laser eye surgery.
  4. Are there limitations to the procedure, and what are they?
    There is no guarantee that you will get a 20/20 vision after the laser eye surgery, or that you will never need any corrective eyewear or procedure after surgery. In fact, eye problems like presbyopia are not corrected by surgery, so this means you might still need glasses later on in life. After the refractive surgery, you may still require prescription glasses; however, this depends on your age and prescription strength.
  5. Is my surgeon qualified for this procedure?
    Even though laser eye surgery has become very popular, it can only be performed by an experienced and licensed ophthalmologist. Be sure of this before you proceed with your procedure. You can also check for the ophthalmologist success rate, reviews from past clients and the type of care you hope to receive after the procedure.
  6. What can I expect after the surgery?
    Here you would have to speak with your surgeon to find out the kind of post-operative care you hope to get from them and the part you will have to play as well. Certain surgeons return you to your optometrist for aftercare, but the after treatment usually involves medicated eye drops and follow-up appointments with the surgeon to be sure that there are no complications. You can also find out if you can participate in contact sports or even wear eye makeup or not for a required period.

You can find out if you are a good candidate for laser eye surgery or not by reaching out to your nearest eye clinic in London. If their doctor consider you as a good candidate, then you can book your appointment to get the most effective laser eye surgery.

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