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Sexual Health is Important

Conversation on intercourse remains controversial in the restricted society of Pakistan. Our people are not used to casual talk on such private topics, as soon as there is even a hint of discussion, it is considered inappropriate. 

In a society such as this, where can men or women find help if they are silently suffering from Sexual Health diseases? There is a heavy burden on young adults in our society because of these restrictions. They have limited space to discuss their conditions and seek advice. 

Therefore, the prevalent talk about human reproduction and all other subcategories associated with it becomes even more difficult to have. 

The hesitation to talk and discuss these conditions has led men to seek help online and using medication that is not prescribed. Self-examination has become a norm in our male society. The conservative nature has driven men to seek help among themselves.  

However, there are professionals in medical practice that are experts in the treatment of sexual disease and dysfunction. Sexologists are one of those professionals who specialize in the study of Human Sexuality. Sexologists and urologists deal with the issues affecting the sexual health of people. The field of sexology aims to scientifically study human sexuality, which may include sexual behaviors, sexual interests, and functions or dysfunctions.  

There are several different methods in which a sexologist may work. Such as clinical settings, in education or in research. In Pakistan, you may encounter sexologists in a clinical setting more often. Like the best sexologist in Lahore, who has been operating as a clinical practitioner since 1997. 


A person should seek help from a sexologist or a urologist if they have concerns regarding:

  • Lack of Libido/Sexual Desire: This can be a problem for couples.
  • Anorgasmia: This is a sexual dysfunction that entails difficulty reaching orgasm after ample sexual stimulation. Comparatively more common in females.
  •  Sexual orientation: Identifying as a male, female or transgender.
  •  Impulsive sexual behavior: Psychological aspect is a considering factor in people with  such concerns
  •  Compulsive sexual behavior: Also known as hypersexuality. Excessive preoccupation with sexual fantasies. This condition is also linked to a person’s psychological health.
  •  Erectile dysfunction: This sexual dysfunction is common in men of all ages. The causes can vary in individuals.
  •  Sex life difficulties because of chronic diseases: These chronic diseases may include Blood pressure, Heart disease, Diabetes. 
  •  Ejaculatory disorders: Premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation are dysfunctions associated with males with performance anxiety. 
  •  Uncomfortable intercourse: A common complaint by females who have Vaginismus.
  •  A disability that may cause intimacy issues
  •  Physical and psychological trauma due to past unwanted sexual experiences
  • Non-consummated marriage: In a conservative society such as Pakistan. This a common problem among couples. However, they are not aware of where they should turn to seek help. 
  • Infertility: Sexual problems leading to infertility in men. 

If a person is aware of his/her sexual condition, then they should see a sexologist. There is no such thing as shame when it comes to maintaining a healthy body and mind. Just like any other health condition/dysfunction, seeking help for sexual problems is equally important. 

Where can you look for a Sexologist?

In Pakistan, there are many modes through which you search for a qualified doctor. Sexologists or Urologists work in hospital settings. Otherwise, they have their own private practice clinics which may be more reassuring to patients because of confidentiality.  

You can either book an in-clinic appointment with a sexologist in Pakistan, Lahore. If you are more comfortable with an online or telephonic consultation that can also be made possible. Due to Covid-19, online consultations have been made a norm. 

If you are using an assisting website that helps book appointments, then just follow the provided steps. However, you can also book appointments directly of a clinic through their website.  You just need to select the desired city and the date and time. Appointments are available in all major cities of Pakistan. 

Things to expect at your appointment

Before going in for a consultation, there are a few that you should prepare in advance to make the most of the consultation.

1-  Gather details about the issues/concerns that you are going to discuss. These may include:

  • When did you first notice the issue
  • Has it been consistent
  • Previous treatments and medications prescribed 
  • Professionals that you have consulted in the past
  • Outcomes of therapies prescribed

2-Important personal as well as lifestyle information

  • Eating habits
  • Work environment 
  • Regular exercise 

3-Your medical history

  • Chronic diseases 
  • Infections in childhood
  • Any disability

4-Any/All medicines you are taking including herbal preparations and also the vitamin supplements

5- You should also make a list of questions you need to ask the sexologist.

What to Expect

It is expected that your consultation will start with a detailed history taking session.  Since it is a very private thing, sexual matters can get a bit twisted. Sexologists are professionals trained to discuss these intimate matters. So don’t worry and don’t expect any physical contact during a session with a clinical sexologist. You can calmly discuss your condition. Your therapist will make sure to get right into the details to make an exact diagnosis. 

The hesitation to talk and discuss these conditions has led men to seek help online and using medication that is not prescribed. Self-examination has become a norm in our male society. It is always best to seek advice rather than to self-medicate. 

It can lead to further Sexual Health problems, that can cause irreversible effects on your body. One of which is infertility in men mostly.

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