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5 Best WooCommerce Quick Order Plugins in 2021

Have you ever noticed how long it takes in WooCommerce to add things to the cart? Everything in your store, from page loading to the checkout process, must be quick enough to retain the client’s interest. Customers must visit a different page for each product to select quantities, variations, and so forth. At times, if buyers have made a purchasing choice and are unable to complete the transaction due to a delay in the checkout process, they may abandon the purchase. By including a bulk order plugin for woocommerce on your website, you can shorten the consumer shopping time.


What Is a WooCommerce Quick Order Form?

Typically, a WooCommerce store conventionally displays e-commerce products; each product takes a significant amount of space. This format is structured as a table, with a single row containing a small product image for each product.

Another way to list and show products with WooCommerce is the inclusion of filtering and sorting tools, the layout becomes more compact and appealing.

By default, the store is laid out in a grid manner with three or four products per row. Each product has a title, a brief description, a featured image, a price, and a button to add to the basket.

In comparison to the normal WooCommerce store layout, an order form plugin enables you to list numerous products on a single page. Customers typically browse each product page in detail before adding items to their shopping cart.


What is the purpose of the WooCommerce Order Form?

Integration of WooCommerce order form into your e-commerce store displayed everything on a single page, allowing you to compare products and make purchasing decisions quickly. This results in increasing sales and allowing clients to shop more efficiently.

WooCommerce order forms allow users to view and compare a larger selection of products than the standard WooCommerce form. Order form layouts facilitate clients in more optimum ways and ease their purchasing of products. It might be a multi-page order form, a money collection form, or a form for collecting donations! Without requiring any programming abilities, order form plugins assist you in creating form layouts that enhance your sales.

This occurs for many e-commerce stores, resulting in increased sales and revenue through efficient and expedient shopping. This article will assist you in choosing the premium WooCommerce order form plugin for your WooCommerce store to ensure that you develop an ideal product layout.


Wholesale Order Form Plugin for WooCommerce

The wholesale order form plugin enables buyers to rapidly select various products from a table and add them directly to the basket. Wholesale Order Form Plugin features an easy, user-friendly UI and more advanced mobile-responsive.

This is more effective than the standard WooCommerce product layout for wholesale customers. Ideal for wholesale ordering and purchasing in quantity. Additionally, you can easily create a one-page product catalog using searching and category tools. It is a great wayout to list various products in a directory layout.


  • The order form is entirely AJAX-driven, which eliminates the need for page reloading.
  • Personalized message to new buyers.
  • Utilizes the Variation Combo Box to enable the product variations in a single dropdown menu.
  • You can select which categories and products to include or remove.


Quick Order for WooCommerce

Quick Order for WooCommerce is ideal for wholesale suppliers because it enables you to generate custom order forms for large purchases and saves time. Additionally, customers may search for products, specify the quantity, and add them to the cart all from a single page. It’s a small, powerful, and user-friendly plugin.


  • Customers can import their item list in CSV format without manually searching for products.
  • A single form enables buyers to add multiple items.
  • The block editor Gutenberg is supported.
  • Admins can build unlimited quick order forms and hide specific categories.


YITH Quick Order Forms for WooCommerce

This plugin makes placing bulk orders on your WooCommerce store in a simple way. The plugin enables you to construct product forms, beneficial for shoppers who routinely purchase bulk amounts of your products. It will be a tremendous help to wholesale store operators looking to manage orders from retailers more effectively. Additionally, the plugin enables you to customize the description listed in product forms.


  • Customizable order forms make purchases from B2B merchants.
  • Settle the form with products based on their description, categories, or tags.
  • Once a product form is created in your store, you can specify user types.


Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce

Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce is the ideal WooCommerce extension for listing your products easily and customizing your product tables without the assistance of an expert.

It’s also for WooCommerce’s simple and intuitive interface conceals a package of functionality – use shortcodes to add product tables to any page on your website and list hundreds of products for your clients.


  • Product table builder using drag and drop functionalities.
  • Sorting and filtering options include a filtered dropdown list in the advanced search choices.
  • Users can refine their search results by category, tag, color, and product size.
  • Product tables are completely responsive and adapt automatically to different screen widths.


WooCommerce Product Table

The WooCommerce Product Table is an ideal plugin for B2B businesses, wholesalers, and restaurants since it allows for the listing of products in an e-commerce store in a searchable table layout using filters. Simply select the item properties you want to show as columns and use a shortcode to add a table to any location.

The best aspect is utilizing a searchable and sortable form; you can easily list, add, sort, and search products within a table.

There is no need for coding expertise! Display items in a responsive table quickly and automatically while maintaining total control over the display units or entities used.


  • Enhance the user experience by including sorting, searching, and filtering tools.
  • Utilizes built-in filters such as tags, characteristics, category, custom taxonomy, and pricing via a dropdown menu in the product table.
  • Using server-side and pagination processing, list thousands of entries in a single table.
  • Increase overall revenue and sales by allowing customers to add variations and multiple products directly from the product list page to their shopping cart.


Final Remarks

Converting your website with a quick order form enables you to swiftly and easily handle wholesale and bulk orders. Additionally, it benefits your customers by saving time and not navigating back, and buyers can add multiple items to the basket from a single order form. These top-listed WooCommerce order form plugins can undoubtedly help you enhance your website’s capability and increase B2B relationships.


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