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2022’s Top 18 YouTube Promotion Company [UPDATED]

Companies can advertise on YouTube to reach millions of potential clients. Additionally, YouTube is a much better place to identify your target demographic if you are marketing to younger generations than traditional television is. YouTube is the social media platform of choice for gamers worldwide, with 48.7% of them preferring it above all other social media platforms for information consumption. Additionally, our Social Media Benchmark Report 2022 estimates that YouTube promotion company may potentially reach 2.29 billion individuals worldwide, which is a really astounding number.

The only website that receives more visitors than YouTube is Google. As internet capacity and speed increase, many people now view YouTube videos on a regular basis.

Recent studies predict that in 2022, Americans will spend an average of just under 8 hours per day watching social video and using digital media. This prediction is not unexpected given that the epidemic has caused a huge increase in in-home media consumption during the previous two years.

YouTube continues to remain the top site for sharing longer videos, despite the fact that most social networks now promote video sharing. YouTube is the website where people spend the most time watching videos, followed by Facebook and Instagram.

Many companies understand the benefits of using YouTube promotion services into their marketing strategy. This list focuses on 18 YouTube marketing companies that can assist you in creating your campaigns while freeing up your time to manage your company.

The Top 18 YouTube Promotion Company for 2022 are listed below:

Video Boosters Club

A YouTube Video Promotion agency with a base in USA called VBC aids brands from different industries with various YouTube marketing techniques. The organisation divides its offerings into four major categories:

  • They “film, capture, make, paint, record, bake, build, hatch, compose, innovate, write, and draw all of your social media material in-house,” according to the creative and production team.
  • Community management – by keeping an eye on and responding to the many conversations taking place on and around the brand, they assist some of the most well-known businesses in the world in managing their social media audience.
  • Social Media Strategy: They develop and put into action specific plans for each brand.
  • Their crew fully understands the many products each social media platform (including YouTube) offers and implements the newest features and strategies for each customer.

It includes YouTube and all other social networks in its scope. Recently, they talked about all the many YouTube ad formats you may utilise for your campaign.


Promozle offers display YouTube promotion services that you can utilise for the display adverts on your YouTube channel, despite the fact that YouTube is not one of their primary markets. Successful display advertising aggressively seeks out new clients by presenting them with engaging, pertinent adverts at the precise moment when a sale is most likely to occur. The most effective form of marketing for increasing awareness and brand recognition is display advertising. For instance, display advertising can be a terrific method to get on (and remain on) your audience’s radar if you’re introducing a new product or attempting to establish your brand. Promozle creates and improves their display advertising campaigns using sophisticated tools and in-depth data.

PPC management, site testing, web analytics consulting, and lifecycle marketing are the several service categories offered by Promozle. They have put a lot of effort into learning what their clients value most and how they can best support them in obtaining it. The agency likewise holds the view that happy staff make for happy customers. Promozle goes above and above to support staff members in gaining new skills and accomplishing personal objectives.

Thrive Online Marketing Inc

As a full-service, goal-driven digital marketing firm, Thrive describes itself. Since 2005, they have offered a broad range of services to customers in every industry. Their consultation and management solutions for a range of online marketing strategies, including as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) ads, Amazon shop optimization, copywriting, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and more, are included in their offering of digital marketing services. Additionally, they provide professional web design and development services for both B2B and eCommerce businesses.

With its headquarters in Texas, Thrive is a full-service social media business that works with clients across the country, including in Florida, South Carolina, Texas, and other states.

Through social media marketing and video creation services, they provide YouTube marketing services in two different ways. They contend that social media campaigns and techniques need to adapt as the online community expands and develops. A social media marketing firm with years of experience in social media services is called Thrive. Their professionals are skilled at conceptually planning and executing successful social media marketing strategies for companies.

Their Dallas-based video production business creates top-notch video material from beginning to end. To consistently “wow” your audience, their in-house production team can create, plan, direct, and edit the most exciting visual experience. They have their own professional audio, gimbals/stabilizers, lighting, and cameras. On the newest tools, post-production is carried out inside. They collaborate with a group of talented writers, producers, directors, and cinematographers who have the know-how to handle all facets of video production, from delivery to creative services.


Moburst is a multi-award-winning digital marketing firm with a focus on app optimization and digital marketing. The business specialises in mobile-centric services, and many apps with more than a billion downloads have chosen it as a partner.

When it comes to App Store Optimization, Moburst is the finest (ASO). Any app can benefit from their methods and specially designed solutions to improve its appearance and discoverability. Their ASO service redesigns and localises your shop for greater organic growth and the highest conversion rate. Brands can benefit from the agency’s creative resources, influencer marketing, and mobile strategy for YouTube because it offers a wide range of services.

The company creates premium animated videos. Their staff is aware that effective short videos (under 90 seconds) require the correct narrative, storyboard, design, sound, and animation that adhere to the client’s instructions.

Moburst provides the ability to produce a variety of media, including banners, screenshots from the app store, and video ads. They produce live action or how-to videos, corporate advertisements, material for cross-platform campaigns, and how-to videos. The narrative used in the specially created films is geared to your strategy and will have an impact on your target audience via various social media platforms.

Additionally, Moburst gives businesses the ability to carry out multi-channel journeys that target the correct users at the right moment. When it comes to creating YouTube content and advertisements that can produce higher ROI, their A/B Testing has emerged as a differentiator. For this reason, the firm has collaborated with well-known companies like Google, Samsung, and Reddit, to mention a few.

Lyfe Marketing

An established social media marketing company is Lyfe Marketing. They provide a variety of services, such as website design, search engine optimization, and social media services. For businesses, the agency designs and oversees effective social media campaigns.

The services they provide are divided into:

  1. Services for managing social media
  2. Services for social media advertising
  3. Services for email and SMS marketing
  4. the use of search engines
  5. management services for PPC
  6. Services for graphic and website design
  7. Services for consulting and coaching
  8. photography of products
  9. services for content marketing

Your marketing efforts on all the main social networks, including of course YouTube, can be aided with Lyfe Marketing. Pricing for social media management typically ranges from $500 to $1,000 per month. The quantity of channels and postings they manage for you determines the pricing.

YouTube Video

A video marketing company called Vireo Video plans and carries out video campaigns from inception to completion. They collaborate with clients to increase channel views and subscribers since they firmly believe in the effectiveness of YouTube marketing.

They specialise in all facets of YouTube marketing, including strategy, optimisation, and SEO, and assist clients in utilising video to boost sales, expand their brands, and outperform their ROI objectives. Through the production of captivating titles, thumbnails, metadata optimization, and playlisting, their team of YouTube Certified Experts oversees and optimises clients’ videos and channels for video SEO.

By creating and editing incredibly compelling advertisements, Vireo Video manages YouTube Instream Ad and Display campaigns. These campaigns are performance-driven and build scalable leads and sales by remarketing to specific demographics and targeting YouTube with relevant ads.


Located in London, Barracuda is a digital marketing firm. They provide a comprehensive range of services across owned, earned, and paid media, ranging from digital PR and SEO consulting to PPC management.

They blend in a number of YouTube-related services. These include creating videos, managing YouTube channels, and purchasing YouTube advertising.

Google Premier Partner Agency and YouTube-focused agency Barracuda. Their expert YouTube services include the following:

  • Placements and management of video ads
  • tracking and reporting for video ads
  • Tracking across channels (to show the impact on other channels)
  • Setting up and running a YouTube channel
  • making videos

Barracuda may offer guidance on how to make the most of your current video assets, assist you in producing new assets, or assist you with putting together the brief for a creative campaign. By tailoring your advertising to demographic, technical, and geographic performance criteria, they keep an eye on your music promotion service and boost its effectiveness.

Digital Marketing Company (DMA)

The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Singapore are just a few of the countries where DMA has offices. The Digital Marketing Agency, as their name suggests, concentrates on all parts of digital and online marketing, such as SEO, PPC, reputation management, social media, web building, and marketing automation.

Services related to YouTube include influencer marketing, YouTube marketing, YouTube advertising, and video SEO.

They provide a thorough method for video SEO. This includes channel optimization, in which they tweak your video channel or pages to make them easier to find and prioritise above rival content by search engines. They develop a thorough plan to facilitate the discovery of your movies and to boost their natural performance. The DMA team specialises in producing engaging visuals, eye-catching supporting information, and effective channels for your audience. By supporting your organic results with supporting content, you can be confident that you’ll be able to generate a good first impression. This will make it simple for your viewers to watch your videos.

Factor One

Factor One is a digital marketing firm that provides internet marketing options for companies looking to increase leads and sales. Paid search traffic, search engine optimization (SEO), website development, and online review management are their primary specialties as a digital marketing organisation.

Among these services, Factor One lists YouTube advertising. In their opinion, YouTube advertising is the finest way for businesses and brands to connect with potential clients in a way that is less expensive and more interesting than TV or radio advertising. YouTube advertising enables businesses to interact with consumers where they are viewing – on their mobile devices – in the cord-cutting era. According to the firm, you can run skippable pre-roll video ads next to some of the most watched YouTube videos by using demographic, interest, topic, and keyword targeting.

Hy Marketing

Businesses grow as a result of Marketing Hy’s ROI-driven marketing initiatives. They see themselves as being significantly different from the majority of marketing firms. They take the initiative to succeed and work like a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), getting to know their clients’ companies.

Video marketing on YouTube, in the opinion of Marketing Hy, is one of the most successful internet marketing strategies. By referring to their initial advertising bundle as the Video and Social Media Marketing Package, they make this plain (video mixed with social). In addition to Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertisements, Facebook remarketing, and a website, it also involves the creation of a YouTube channel, YouTube ads, video optimization, video ranking, YouTube retargeting, and branded videos.

The agency stresses that a quality video is essential for video commercials. Since it specialises in video marketing, Video Hy knows what makes a quality video. They underline how crucial it is for your videos to convey an engaging message. Additionally, they must make the audience an intriguing offer that will motivate them to act.

With a name like “Marketing Agency,” it’s clear what the company can provide for clients. Their objective is to offer digital marketing solutions that not only meet but also far surpass those of the industry. Each client’s capacity to relate to and effectively communicate with their target audience is strengthened by them. Their goal is to provide marketing purpose to each brand they work with and to demonstrate to them the tangible benefits of their cutting-edge digital marketing solutions.

With its marketing efforts, employs a four-step process: communication, research, implementation, and monitoring, and maintenance.

They understand how crucial YouTube marketing is to the overall marketing strategy. There are a variety of ways that YouTube marketing techniques can produce effective results, including advertising, influencer marketing, and producing original video to grow a following. According to, YouTube marketing may be a fantastic tool for generating leads and building brand awareness. It brings together content providers from all around the world and claims a platform with over one billion active users. Any company has the chance to engage larger audiences with a marketing message through this channel.

Each YouTube campaign is individually tailored to the requirements and goals of each customer. Their YouTube marketing specialists thoroughly examine the brand, the target markets, and the pertinent channels on the site. They provide a unique strategy to connect with the viewers. This may require a variety of supporting tactics:

  • building the brand’s channel with exclusive video material
  • making distinctive video adverts to be displayed on video content.
  • making connections with influential people to sponsor content.
  • collaborating with important influencers to create incredibly targeted video content.

Once a plan is in place, their YouTube marketing specialists monitor the campaign closely to evaluate how it performs over time.

Passion Digital

As a sincere and goal-oriented digital marketing firm, Passion Digital describes itself. Their headquarters are in Clapham, London, as well as Spain. Each client receives a unique, enthusiastic, and personal service from the firm. It is adamant that there is no justification for a “one-size-fits-all” strategy when it comes to SEO, content marketing, social media, or PPC.

Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media marketing, conversion, web services, and digital strategy are the divisions of services offered by Passion Digital. Naturally, where appropriate, this also incorporates YouTube as a channel.

They understand that YouTube is the second-largest search engine and social media platform in the globe. It appears like YouTube will continue to replace TV as a platform for businesses and people to advertise their services and goods to a wide audience. Passion Digital can assist you in developing concepts and plans for producing authentic and compelling content for consumers.

Ads by itself

A YouTube advertising company called Simply Ads can assist you in leveraging video advertising on YouTube to target your most valued clients and deliver the most impactful message. They create and oversee expert YouTube advertising programmes that are intended to give your company a quantifiable return on investment.

The two primary business divisions at Simply Ads are digital marketing and video production. With your company’s objectives in mind, they combine their expertise in digital marketing and video production to produce and promote videos. Each video they make serves a specific function. The business’s goals will always guide the type of video production used and the creative approach taken.


The best provider of SEO and digital marketing services in India is Techmagnate. They have their headquarters in New Delhi and offer a full range of internet marketing solutions. Web design, SEO, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and application development are among the services they offer.

A wide range of YouTube video marketing services are among them. They are particularly convinced of the value of video SEO. They believe that video SEO is more than just a trendy term; it is a method of content optimization that will improve organic search results. Techmagnate provides YouTube optimization and organic SEO video marketing services that produce the natural outcomes a company needs to expand a channel.

Techmagnate uses a four-step strategy to optimise the YouTube channels of its clients:

  • choosing the appropriate keywords
  • enhancing the video
  • achieving online video rankings
  • tactics for promoting videos

The video marketing experts at Techmagnate can assist you in getting started with video promotions and maximising your ad spend. The agency provides YouTube influencer marketing, video editing, and production services in addition to video SEO and optimization.


A video marketing company called Utubeo offers both video marketing and video editing services. They provide video marketing services on Facebook and Instagram as well, despite the fact that their moniker suggests they only work with YouTube.

Their offices are located in the unique locations of Sarasota, United States, and Warsaw, Poland.

Utubeo thinks its biggest capabilities are in building YouTube plans, video marketing strategies, video marketing, all facets of YouTube channels, free and paid channel promotions, YouTube SEO and SMM, and storytelling. They offer their clients free consultation.

Veritone One

Veritone One’s primary area of expertise is YouTube marketing. In fact, they assert that no other agency performs performance-based YouTube influencer integrations to the level they do, thanks to their specialised staff of influencer professionals and their own database of brand-friendly endorsers.

A full-service advertising firm, Veritone One combines podcast, radio, digital, television, and analytics. It is a division of the publicly traded Veritone Inc. It makes use of Veritone’s unique aiWARE technology, which enables you to hear every sponsored and unpaid mention of your brand minutes after it airs.

They have noticed that viewers no longer care to watch expensive productions on their favourite networks starring big-name celebrities; instead, they choose material that speaks to their interests and needs. They understand that YouTube in particular relates to this transformation. The old one-size-fits-all strategy, in Veritone One’s opinion, is no longer effective. People want to watch what they want, when they want, and viewership is divided. You can target viewers who are difficult to reach through conventional methods with the use of an AI-enabled agency like Veritone One. The agency uses its own AI-based technology to gather actionable intelligence in real-time and better optimise your media and brand messaging to increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

Voy Media

Voy Media is a full-service company that provides a variety of services, including those for Facebook, Instagram, remarketing, mobile, eCommerce, and of course, YouTube. The most infamous YouTube marketing agency, they claim, is “looking for treasure in an ocean of data.”

They examine every aspect to get the most of your advertising budget.

Voy Media understand that YouTube provides more detailed demographic input than many social media platforms, making it simpler to see how people react to their advertisements. They get more chances to optimise their adverts as a result. They urge their companies to develop specialised campaigns that target YouTube subscribers in order to collect additional data for campaign optimization.

Workgroup for Media

An independent, performance-driven media planning and buying, activation, and analytics organisation with a New York basis is called Working Media Group. Digital marketing, advertising planning and buying, social media and content marketing, experiential marketing, and marketing analytics are the divisions they made for their services.

Although they still offer traditional media planning and buying, unlike the majority of the other firms in this area. They include YouTube as an acceptable channel for pertinent clients. Accordingly, clients can collaborate with Working Media Group for just about any kind of video marketing, including YouTube, traditional TV, and everything in between.

However, they are aware of generational differences. For instance, they note that Generation Z spends nearly twice as much time watching YouTube videos as they do traditional TV. They also point out that YouTube dominates the market, with 59 percent of teenagers choosing the site above Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other video portals when it comes to online video consumption. Additionally, when it comes to teen satisfaction, winning video games, and social networking, watching internet video is second only to listening to music.

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