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Artists’ Top 10 Best Music Promotion Services in 2022

Do you want your music to be heard by people all around the world? What’s the best way to get your songs on YouTube or Apple Music? Here are several online music distribution services! Independent musicians can benefit from using a streaming service as a marketing tool. You’ll need to know about music promotion services if you want to get your music on streaming platforms. We explain what music promotion do so you can make an informed decision. It’s crucial to know what music promotion do and what music promotion agency are available.

What Are Music Promotion Services?

Several big platforms, including Apple Music, Shazam, Pandora, Amazon Music, Tidal, and, of course, YouTube, make it easier to sell your music than ever before. Music distribution firms can bring streaming platforms and independent musicians together. Distribution services are used to spread the music of artists.

Record labels used to rule the music industry since they handled all of the effort and negotiated distribution partnerships with firms to distribute physical music to stores. Distributors, on the other hand, are now allowing artists to manage everything themselves.

Every day in 2019, an average of 40,000 music tracks were released through digital distribution businesses.

Which digital music distribution service is best for you? How do you choose a partner when there are so many ambitious artists and labels vying for attention?

Do you find it tough to navigate today’s too crowded market? Here are some of our personal favourites.


The Promozle division of Kobalt is ranked second on our list. Their services are tailored to the demands of artists, but they only accept a limited number of clients. They, or one of their artists or managers, frequently approach these clients.

AWL should be able to handle all of your marketing needs, including DSP distribution, complex royalty calculations, global marketing teams, playlist campaigns, sync licencing, and funding. In a sense, we provide label-services in addition to distribution at Promozle. Instead of charging up-front or annual fees, the corporation takes a percentage of a company’s sales.

Among the acts on their stellar roster are You Me At Six and Lil Peep. As new artists join their team and their careers advance, their roster continues to grow.

Horus Music

Horus Music Services is one of the most talented and underappreciated distributors in the industry. The Leicester-based company, which collaborates with artists, has a team of musicians and labels. As previous Queens Award winners for Enterprise Of International Trade, their artist and connection staff are always there to help.Another advantage is the speed with which the work is completed.

Despite the fact that they don’t have any well-known artists, they rank highly since they are efficient and easy to work with. Artists can get direct bank deposits through a cooperation with Western Union. Collaborators can also simply split royalties. Marketing efforts, chart registration, and representation at Midem are all included in their packages. For £20, you can get a bundle for artists who release content on a regular basis (per year).

Promotional Services for Music

Established labels can request an account with CMT (Custom Music Tools) upon request. Labels can release an infinite number of titles in exchange for a 20% cut of the earnings. The ability to establish a sub-profile for each band member is one of their artist profiles’ features. They also offer sophisticated tools for tracking royalties. A royalty split may be agreed upon by the label and the artist, or the band members may negotiate their own share. Furthermore, all revenue is transferred directly to providers each month, with no minimum payments or manual cash outs required. Labels also get a dedicated representative and free marketing on DSP playlists. This is permitted when music is released at least six weeks following its first release.This is permitted when music is released at least six weeks following its first release. If you require more than just distribution, Horus also provides label services.


Since their debut in 2017, the beginnings of Amuse are a little murky. They do this because they provide free distribution and hefty advances to musicians who sign with their label division. was one of the company’s early co-founders. He will not only assist the platform’s growth, but also the artists they choose to licence.

One of Amuse’s newest features is Fast Forward. This predicts how well a song should perform based on current streaming behaviour. Other features include the opportunity to invite colleagues to your profile, in addition to royalty splits and the option to upgrade to Amuse Pro.

There are no fees or commissions on music distribution with Amuse. The idea was to sign 50/50 talents by simply examining at data and swooping up the musicians who started to catch on. Not A&R, but data analysts. At Universal Music Group, the company’s founder studied data analytics (Sweden). Another founder is from Sweden’s Warner Music Group, and the lead designer formerly worked at YouTube.


Universal Music Group owns Spinnup, a distribution platform for independent artists. To get their work viewed, UMG is looking for artists who are interested in receiving distribution for a nominal charge with no income cuts.

This is Universal’s approach of finding emerging talent, and it’s a terrific opportunity for individuals with a large following and a lot of material to distribute. The Spinnup brand is particularly useful for content that lacks a special incentive structure or a pre-order campaign. These are available upon request from the team.

I’m aware that Spinnup has pushed over a hundred musicians to UMG. That’s something to take note of. Rather of focusing on the United States or the United Kingdom, Spinnup is largely concerned with Europe. They gain from FUGA’s streaming strength and speed as a result of FUGA operating as their distributor.

I admire their company for providing studio time, matching poor youngsters with mentors, and supporting them in getting their music distributed.


DistroKid was one of the first non-major distributors to team up with TikTok, one of the most popular video-sharing services. In DistroKid artists’ music will now be included in fan-made videos all over the world. Although DistroKid was the driving force behind the campaign, other distributors soon followed.

There is one of the most cost-effective solutions for limitless releases or uploads for $19.99 per year. DistroKid provides a variety of programmes, including the Musician plan (for $19.99 per year), Musician Plus plan (for $35.99 per year), and Label plan (for $79.99 per year). Furthermore, the creator keeps all royalties!

They also make obtaining mechanical licences simple for anyone interested in commercially releasing cover tracks. Unlimited collaborators and distribution can be shared automatically using MediaMonkey, whether you’re splitting with producers, featured artists, or investors. To be compensated. Any collaborators must pay a yearly fee of ten dollars. Additionally, Hyperfollow is a fantastic tool that allows people to bookmark your music on YouTube before you release it.

Because of its popularity, it can be difficult to get your queries answered quickly, therefore you’ll have to use the ticketing system. After obtaining generic responses from the user support team, users can close tickets. Most of the time, they are recommended to specialists by the most accomplished performers, who have a greater understanding of the problem.


TuneCore provides a simple user interface and requires little information to process releases. This could be useful for artists. For now, barcodes and ISRCs are not available for more established labels and artists in the system. In addition, today’s major independent distributors are focusing on young bedroom musicians. Unlike major distributors such as Promozle (more on them later), these artists are looking for quick results with their first releases.

To see if Tunecore is worth the money, consider whether you can receive a better return on your investment in terms of exposure on the platform.

Tunecore charges $9.99 per single and $29.99 per album for the first year. The cost of releasing an album is $49.99, and the cost of releasing a single is $9.99.

CD Baby

CD Baby is a well-known distributor in the independent music scene. They stand out because they ensure that artists have access to all possible cash streams. This is accomplished through the distribution of CDs and vinyl records, as well as the administration of publications. Music Gateway and CD Baby have just teamed to provide sync for film placements in addition to sync for films and TV shows.

Furthermore, they only charge a one-time price every release, making them more profitable. There will be no ongoing expenses! Indie musicians can utilise this platform to more easily register their songs with royalty-collecting societies. CD Baby now has singles for $9.95 and albums for $29. Upgrades to Pro are $20 for singles and $40 for albums. CD Baby also takes a 15% percentage commission.

CD Baby also provides publishing administration, sync, duplication, and manufacturing, among other services. It’s also feasible to acquire cash in advance from well-known musicians.

The same goes for

Even though they’ve collaborated with a number of well-known artists (including Ed Sheeran, You Me At Six, and Sam Smith), they’ve sparked a lot of debate in the last five years.

Despite the differences in online ditto music, they are eligible for this list. In blog postings and comment threads, there were negative reviews and defamatory articles. However, their record label in a box service has paved the road for numerous musicians. That is why they are still regarded as a leading independent distributor.

Aspiring label owners can pick from three RLIAB grades, each of which provides excellent value. Government business registrations have been simplified as a result of this. DITTO also offers to assist you in establishing neighbouring rights and registering labels with PPL so that royalties can be collected. Clients can also get a free domain name, contract drafting software, a sales dashboard, and free distribution to 180 DSPs.

With the lowest tier, a single artist can release an unlimited number of albums for £19 each year. Alternatively, they can pay £29 for two artists on an annual basis. In addition, a label tier is offered for £69 per year.

For £299 per year for forty artists, you will be able to distribute unlimited music to five artists.

Stem Music is a music distribution company. 

STEEM is a significant player. Clients are assigned a project manager, and the organisation has a high success record with a playlist plugging. Splitting payments with stems in their reports is simple. Since they have payment splitting from the beginning, everyone else in this space has been catching up to them. Because the team is invite-only, each customer receives individualised attention (submission-based).

Stem’s CEO and co-founder is Milana Rabkin. This music distributor is handled solely by a woman.

The company’s business model was not lucrative until recently because it was backed by investors. After recognising that more artists didn’t equal better business, the organisation shifted gears in 2019. (just more money spent on customer service and technology). Their commission was increased from 5% to 10%, and a huge number of artists were fired as a result.


Do you want to record your first singles as an artist or as a label? Maybe you’ll need some help from a team for the duration of the release? You’ll need to select the right partner if you’re going to upload songs to streaming platforms. What is the most effective method of YouTube music video promotion services? Because of its affordable pricing and large range of supplementary services, we recommend Music Gateway. Anyone thinking about transferring distributors or switching to a new one should find this material useful.

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