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Kids and Teens

Your Baby Best Toys and Hop onto a Walker

baby walker and toysBaby walkers are devices designed to give children mobility when they reach walking age. For a long period now, baby walkers have sparked debate among parents. While some parents consider walkers essential and entertaining devices that allow children to get on their feet at a faster rate, other parents consider walkers accident prone. Between this for and against debate, there are plenty of confused parents too who are unaware of what is the right thing to do; choosing a baby walker for their children or abstaining from it altogether.


As a child master the art of crawling, the next step is standing with support. However hardly any household items support the child’s endeavors of standing. Aand more often than not in their quest to hop on to the next stage the child ends up hurting themselves. Walkers are a safe and easy way of allowing your child to stand with support. And explore the next stage while learning to walk on their own. In medical terms, experts believe that walkers tend to strengthen a child’s leg muscles and enhance their sense of balance and coordination. Walkers also tend to develop a sense of direction and navigation.


Walkers tend to come with a set of in-built toys that are aimed at engaging the child and keeping them occupied for a longer duration of time. Toddlers have a very short attention span and only intriguing toys tend to hold their attention for long periods., But surprisingly enough most toys that come with walkers have proved to keep children engaged.


The in-built toys also aid in the cognitive development of children due to their diversity in color, shape and texture. Children tend to spend a lot of time figuring and exploring the different objects which aid their cognitive abilities.


Walker promotes independence for both children and parents. For parents, running errands with a child clinging to their waist or shoulder is an extremely tedious task that ends up complicating even the simplest of the tasks. Walkers tend to occupy the children and allow parents and caregivers to tend to things that require their attention. Children also experience a sense of independence as they independently. Explore different directions without parents lurking in the background to get hold of them in case they fall.


Walkers come with support and protect your children from potential injuries. Walking without the support and holding different objects has the potential to cause head. And spine injuries which can prove to be life threatening.


Just like everything else in the world, walkers also tend to come with a set of cons. But most of these arise from neglect of the caregivers. Walkers can prove to be accident prone if the caregiver ignores the child altogether.  And puts them in a walker earlier than the recommended age.


Overall, baby walkers are an exciting tool and aid plenty of aspects of a child’s growth and development. Their pros outweigh the cons and cons also result from neglect. Do not deprive your child of a device that aids their development merely on the basis of speculations.


Regardless of the gender toys are essential and rather much desired elements of each child’s life. Children look forward to purchasing toys and toy shopping is an exciting activity. But the process of selecting toys is an arduous one especially with the wide range of toys available in the market. The choice and process of selecting toys for boys and toys for girls is at stark contrast with each other. While car for baby is supposedly more action oriented and technical, toys for girls are rather more domesticated and attractive to the eyes.


Little girls tend to choose toys based on their appearance and the possible pretend play features. The toys for girls are usually pertaining to domestication, nurturing and beauty. Since the inception of toys, the toys for girls have been associated with domestication. And beauty which supposedly help them adapt and understand their domestic roles and duties from an early age.


The domestication aspect of girls’ toys includes toys like kitchen sets, doll’s houses. And tent houses to name a few. Little girls tend to indulge in social role playing. Where they host tea parties with their friends, set up their little houses and seek out connection. The games and activities girls tend to indulge in using these toys are quieter and less risk prone whilst boys tend to indulge in loud, action oriented. And risk prone games regardless of the toys they use.


The nurturing aspect of toys for girls include babysitting sets as well as baby dolls that require to be fed, rocked and moved. All these come with various baby accessories. Including feeders, prams, strollers, trolleys and cradles. These toys foster the nurturing skills of girls and encourage them to be better caretakers.


The beauty aspect of toys for girls include various dolls. Including Barbie dolls which can be dressed and adorned according to the little girl’s preferences along with beauty and makeup sets. A more recent addition to this list is the vanity table which comes with a small seating space. And various beauty tools that the little girls use to dress themselves. All these toys come in various attractive colors and designs. And have an affinity to instantly attract little girls even in the middle of a toy shop with hundreds of different items. Like boys tend to build their toy arsenals and car collections, girls tend to build their own collection of dolls.


Over the past two decades, another variant of toys increasingly marketed for girls. Are the professional toy such as the doctors’ sets, the teachers’ sets, the hairdressers’ sets, the tool kits. And plenty of other toys pertaining to aspects other than domestication, nurturing and beauty. And little girls and their parents have an increasing tendency to choose. Such toys as a means to empower them, give them a glimpse of professional aspects of life. And foster in them the quest to achieve more in their professional life as well.


Toys for girls must not be restricted to one aspect of life alone and should include a variety of different toys to make their leisure time a more fruitful period for their personal development.


Toys are toys who can deny the importance of toys in any culture. Like in any other country Pakistan is also taking keen interest in manufacturing toys. There are so many different toys available in Pakistan some toys even walk and talk they are controlled by a remote. In Pakistan toys are becoming very famous in almost everywhere in the country. Children cannot live without them. Every now and then the little kids in home demands for toys from their parents because in childhood the toys are the only happiness for them. The demands of toys are getting higher and higher with every passing day.

The Market of toys in Pakistan is less than the demand of the people. There are different brands of toys which are very popular among the kids of Pakistan like katy cutie, micky mouse, winfun and some other. If we see in the history of the world we will find out that toys have always played a very important role in the upbringing of the children of any culture, religion and society.

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