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Why You Should Buy Good Quality Artificial Grass

When buying artificial grass for an outdoor area, make sure to buy good quality artificial grass. Choose a product made from a material that will last for several years. For example, rubber or latex materials are more durable than synthetic grass. Also, be aware of the color, as artificial grass can look different from your real lawn. Read on to find out how to buy good quality artificial grass for your outdoor space. There are many factors to consider, including the durability and the price.


The durability of artificial grass depends on many factors, including the quality of the fibre used, the manufacturing process, and how it is installed. Most people buy artificial grass because of its affordability, but other factors, such as durability, also play a role. However, if you are looking for a durable product, you will need to conduct some research. Here are some tips to make your purchase last longer. This article will help you decide which artificial grass is right for you.

Buy Good Quality Artificial Grass

If you have a lawn with a lot of traffic, you will want something that is resilient to wear and tear. While some types of artificial grass last for 20 years or more, others do not. The installation of concrete is more costly than using artificial grass, and it also requires pre-grading and sloped land. Additionally, you cannot use artificial grass on a driveway, as it is not as resilient. Concrete is also preferred for areas that need to withstand heavy foot traffic or loads. It also is better for skateboarding and other forms of mobility because it does not slide as easily.

Another factor that determines durability of artificial grass is its monofilament fiber thickness. Generally, artificial grass is only 100 to 200 microns thick. Luckily, some brands are now creating artificial grass with a thicker fiber, making it more resistant to wear and tear. This will prolong the life of your project. Also, it will feel fluffier, making it a more comfortable surface for children and adults alike.


Choosing an eco-friendly lawn for your Sacramento home can make a big difference in your wallet and your lifestyle. Regularly maintaining a natural grass lawn requires a lot of time and water, as well as paying a monthly water bill. Artificial grass requires only periodic maintenance, which keeps it looking clean all year round. Here are some of the reasons why artificial grass is an eco-friendly choice for your Sacramento home.

Eco-friendliness of artificial grass is still a topic of debate. Although synthetic grass is greener, its environmental impact is still questionable. Buglife’s Paul Hetherington said that the global decline in insect species was especially worrying. With this in mind, he pointed out that the UK is on course to miss its 2020 goal of protecting natural spaces, and has lost 97% of its wildflower meadows in a generation.

Buy Good Quality Artificial Grass

Despite claims that artificial grass is the most eco-friendly lawn replacement, it’s important to consider its life cycle. It may last for up to 25 years, but if it’s not recycled, it will end up in landfills. The majority of synthetic grass is recyclable, but only the backing/tuft bind portion isn’t. Once the grass is decomposed, the remaining materials are recycled to make new products.

The eco-friendliness of artificial grass is also beneficial to our environment. Artificial grass landscaping doesn’t need fertilizers, which means fewer water bills. Natural grass, on the other hand, requires watering at least three times a week. It also requires less water than artificial turf, which means lower water bills and fewer water usage. That means lower water bills for everyone! And since synthetic grass doesn’t require watering, it’s the environmentally-friendly choice for many people.


Infilling with good quality artificial grass is essential for a variety of reasons. Not only will it protect the backing system from UV rays and foot traffic, but it will also improve the softness and memory of the grass fibers. Infilling is especially important when installing nonpermeable sub-bases, since these prevent nails from being used. In addition, a good quality artificial grass backing will last for 20 years or more.

When installing an artificial lawn, the infill acts as a weight for the artificial grass blades. It also helps to protect the lower layer of the turf by absorbing shock. When choosing an infill for your grass, consider using rubber, which adds shock absorption and is ideal for athletic fields. To choose the right type of infill, remember that the weight of the infill will affect the performance of the artificial lawn.

Buy Good Quality Artificial Grass

Another option for infilling your synthetic grass is natural sand. The material is made of natural sand, which reduces the risk of contaminating the turf. The best fill for your artificial grass will not only add to its performance, but will also reduce the maintenance needed. This means fewer top-offs and less watering. And you won’t have to worry about odors or pet smells because the artificial grass will be free of them.

While non-infill artificial grass may not be as dense as infill-type grass, it’s still necessary to ensure that it’s dense enough to support the lawn and withstand traffic. The fibers used to fill the non-infill variety should be flexible and dense enough to support the weight of the artificial grass. If the surface area of the artificial lawn is exposed to high-traffic, the infill should also be durable and resistant to abrasion.


The cost of installing good quality artificial grass varies greatly. Installation can cost anywhere from $2 to $6 per square foot, and can cost even more if a professional must make precision cuts or use bender board. Using a reputable company can save you time and money by incorporating stunning designs and incorporating existing materials like brick, pavers, and stamped concrete. Here are some important things to keep in mind when comparing prices.

The first thing you need to consider is the type of sub-floor you have. Artificial grass requires a relatively smooth surface and a good drainage system. The more concrete or old turf that you have, the higher the price per square foot. Some pros quote a separate prep work price that is rolled into the cost per square foot. However, if you have a lot of foot traffic on your lawn, you may need to pay additional fees for foam padding.

Buy Good Quality Artificial Grass

The type of infill you choose is also a big consideration. Depending on what purpose you want your grass for, you can choose from silica sand, flex sand, or acrylic-coated temperature-reducing sand. Different infills cost significantly more than their counterparts, so it’s important to choose the right one based on its purpose. For example, a nylon grass that’s good for a patio could cost twice as much as a polyethylene one.

The cost of artificial grass is variable, and depends on various factors, including the size of your project, the features, and other site-specific factors. A high-quality artificial lawn will last longer and resist heat better than a cheaper one. It also increases your home’s value and can pay for itself over time. So, consider all the factors before settling on the price. You’ll be glad you made the choice.

Common construction materials

There are several common construction materials to consider when buying good quality artificial grass. The type of infill used can affect the overall cost of the product. Sand is cheaper and more durable in clay-based soil, but it can also allow rainwater to drain through the turf. Rubber granules will not shift or absorb moisture like sand, making them a more durable choice. Be sure to discuss your options with your installer.

Different synthetic grass has different qualities. Firstly, different materials have different properties. Nylon is the most attractive choice, but it is less durable. If you are planning to install the grass in an area that gets heavy foot traffic, polypropylene is the best option. Polyethylene, on the other hand, is a compromise between toughness and aesthetic appearance. It is an excellent option for high-traffic areas because it is more resistant to heat than polypropylene.

Buy Good Quality Artificial Grass

Before you purchase the artificial grass, you should determine the exact size of the area that will be covered. The area you need to cover is not necessarily a square or rectangular shape. To determine the exact size of your project, measure the length and width of the area. Multiply this measurement by the square footage of the space to find the right size. For best results, spend around $4.50 to $6.50 per square foot.

Once you have determined the exact dimensions of the area you want to cover, you can choose from either interlocking turf tiles or traditional turf tiles or you can buy artificial grass online. The tiles are typically smaller, but may be more flexible. They are easier to fit into odd shaped rooms, but may be more expensive and harder to match a specific color. Remember to measure the wall width of the area you’re looking to cover with artificial grass, so that you can decide if the space is suitable for the grass. A wider swath may save you money, but you should consider a longer-than-standard width if you’re buying for a large area.

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