Why You Need a 5 Ton AC Package Unit

Why You Need a 5 Ton AC Package Unit

If you haven’t been shopping for an AC package unit in a long time, it may not be the same as what you have in your home now. Older multi-unit systems are big and bulky and take up a lot of space. A package unit is perfect if you are looking to upgrade. There can be many benefits to having a package unit to heat and cool your home.

Today, we will review these benefits and why you need to get a 5 Ton AC Package Unit for your home or office.

Space Saver – For a lot of families, space can be tight in a home and having a big and bulky unit can be a problem. A package unit can be a great addition to a home because of the space that it frees up. You don’t have to sacrifice space for essentials like heating and AC and instead can use it for something much more enjoyable, whether it’s something new for your home or just more room to entertain family and friends.

Easy to Maintain – When you buy a heating or air conditioning solution like a 5 ton AC package unit, you want to get something that doesn’t require a lot of attention and is simply reliable. You don’t want something that needs a lot of maintenance. It can become very expensive to constantly need a technician to come out and check on the unit or provide service to it when you make this purchase fully expecting to sit there and relax in the comfort of your home instead of stress about the lack of it.

Lower Energy Bills – Multi-unit systems can certainly be a burden because of how hard they have to work, which can make your energy bills spike and become more of a problem. If you want a solution that works to lower your bills and be more efficient in operation, you want to get a package unit. There are units available that include the Energy Star logo, a way to prove that there is money to be saved from using it. Units with the Energy Star logo promise to save you between 15 and 25 percent on your energy bills.

Provide Comfort for Large Spaces – When it comes to package units, it’s all in the size. If you are going to buy a 2 ton unit, you are providing the ability to heat and cool a fairly regular size house. With a 5 ton AC package unit, you can heat and cool a much larger home or small office space. When you get the right size unit for your home or office space, you are able to actually save on your energy bills and keep the unit from working too hard to provide the right amount of comfort. If you put the unit through too much, it can start to require a lot of maintenance and become a problem.

When you want to get the right unit for your home that covers all the bases, you can enjoy the worst weather conditions outside feeling the comfort within your home. Finding the right unit means you are getting what you need to properly heat and cool your home while saving money. The place to go for all of this is Budget Air Supply. With Budget Air Supply, you get a unit that works well and is reliable and comes at wholesale prices. You also get the help you need to find what will be best in your home. So choose Budget Air Supply today and get what you need to keep your home comfortable for everyone.

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