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Tips to Inspire Young Golfers

For parents of junior golfers, the experience can be frustrating, trying and bewildering. It can also be rewarding, delight you and your young player and bring you both a huge sense of pride. It’s hard to keep children interested in one activity for long, no matter how much they love it. The best way to ensure that golf isn’t just a phase is to inspire your young golfer and follow our guide. If you’re looking for an excellent round of golf in Wicklow, visit Tulfarris Hotel and Golf Resort.

1. Gauge Interest

First things first, make sure your little one has a genuine interest in the sport and that’s it’s not just another trend they want to follow. Golf is an expensive sport, especially if you need custom clubs to match your growing player so you want to make sure there is a genuine interest before you invest. Let your player decide if they want to practice and gauge their level of interest.

2. Golf lessons

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Another great way to ensure your child is serious about the game is to schedule golf lessons with a pro or enrol them in a golf summer camp. Tulfarris Juniors are actively being mentored and coached and are already successfully joining members in club competitions. Don’t commit them to a huge number of lessons, take it one at a time for the first while to ensure they like it.

3. Keep it appropriate.

Make sure every one of their lessons is age and skill appropriate. If a child feels like they’re not good enough or are not progressing fast enough, they may become disheartened and lose interest in the sport. Your child’s coach will be able to gauge their skill level and tailor the lesson around their unique abilities. Don’t put too much pressure on your child to be the best, let them enjoy the journey.

4. Schedule Golf Time

Just as you’d schedule homework time or time playing video games, scheduling lessons or practice is the best way to get your young player into a routine. Consistency is key when it comes to golf, and becoming a good player takes a lot of time and effort. Scheduling time to play shouldn’t be a chore but something your young player enjoys and looks forward to!

5. Allow your child to have an input

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No one likes being told what to do and golfing is no exception. Allowing your child to have an opinion and some freedom to choose when and where they practice means they feel more in control and will enjoy it more.

6. Set goals

Setting goals in all aspects of life allows us to track our progress and gives us something to work towards. Having goals and aspirations inspires young golfers to improve their game and encourages them to work harder to keep up. You might even like to incentivise those goals, promising a treat or a toy when they reach the next step.

7. Join a golf club

Joining a club or society is a great way to keep kids motivated and inspired to do their best. Tulfarris Golf Club are actively promoting the future of the club through the development of Junior members, making sure our legacy of excellent golf and golfers in Wicklow is upheld. If you’d like to encourage your little golfer, please contact our club professional Tom O’Neill or our Secretary.

8. Express your pride

Children instinctively look for approval and validation from their parents or guardians. When your child plays a good round, hits an excellent shot or hits a target, make sure to encourage them and express your pride. Sharing a passion and acknowledging their good work is a great way to inspire young players.

9. Make it fun

Don’t always make your games a competition; sometimes it’s better to just enjoy the game. Don’t always keep score; play for fun. Don’t criticize them, no matter how bad the shot or how silly the mistake. Bring snacks and drinks to enjoy and keep them fuelled. Laugh and make it an enjoyable experience for both of you.

Author Bio: Sarah Mcgarr is a passionate lifestyle blogger who loves to write stories of adventures, travel places, and accommodation spots. She is also a writer for Tulfarris Hotel Wicklow, one of the most scenic hotels and golf resorts in the city.

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