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Why Startups Choose Flutter For Grocery App Development


Online grocery delivery app development demand has significantly surged worldwide when Covid-19 has embarked. There are a couple of business models that entrepreneurs pick as per the availability of their resources. As a result, hundreds of grocery delivery apps exist on app stores per country. Still, new apps are being deployed each day, leading to an increase in the demand for Grocery App Development worldwide. One effective and productive way to overcome such an aggressive market is to develop a grocery app with Flutter.

Now the question arises how? This is the primary question we are answering in this blog. Why you should choose Flutter to develop a grocery app, the advantages it brings, and how cost-effective it is, we will elaborate on these fundamental topics. Still, first, we need to understand from the root why a grocery delivery mobile app is essential.

Introduction – FLUTTER 

Flutter is a mobile development framework that came into the development market only a few years ago and already won the hearts of millions of developers across the globe. The approach to choose flutter for Grocery App Development and new Startups is quite fresh and it has integrated all the good elements from cross-platform and native development. This exclusivity has made Flutter capable enough to provide businesses robust applications in lesser time. Therefore, all this contributes to making Flutter app development services more and more popular these days.


Grocery App Development

Grocery App Development is one of the biggest development in the eCommerce marketplace.  Developing a grocery app is a putting a huge effect on many lives. In today’s rush, there is a need for services that can bring easement on their steps without bringing them out. With the help of this app development, you can get all your groceries and daily requirements at your places via smartphone. This brings your daily necessities to your place only, which can help you to get the best services without any move.


Why is a grocery mobile app essential to people?

At the time of the pandemic, and after strict lockdown situations, everyone comprehends online shopping is the safest option. It allows them to receive every requisite item at their doorstep as scheduled without contacting anyone, and this has brought the Grocery Mobile App Development to an elevation. Besides, retailers sustain a supply of the same quality as a buyer had offline to enhance their reliability. All these things encourage people to rely on online grocery delivery.


With contactless doorstep delivery and online payment systems, efficient logistics services could deliver millions of orders. As a result, more and more orders can be delivered safely, and more deliveries mean an abundance of profit, bringing the Grocery Mobile App Development as part of human’s lives. Grocery mobile apps render a better user experience, load content rapidly, take offline access and run on smartphones on portable devices. When this app is installed on a user’s smartphone, it lets them search items, add to cart, and checkout much faster than opening the website in a browser and proceeding. User experience matters a lot when we talk about grocery app development. Therefore, choosing Flutter for Grocery App Development is recommended to make your startups successful.


Why choose Flutter for Grocery Delivery App Development?

Flutter is a younger yet feature-rich software development kit and an open-source framework introduced by Google. These useful SDK tools allow developers to compile code into native code to support Android and iOS. Remember, it is not a programming language; it is an SDK that contains all necessary tools to build iOS and Android apps. And a framework that entails a wide variety of widgets, gestures, and UI elements.

To create a grocery app with Flutter, you use the Dart programming language designed for client’s development for the web and mobile apps, which is also composed by Google. The language has a short learning curve and offers developing apps on a specific platform by entailing Android and iOS toolchains.

Despite creating apps for multiple platforms at a time, Flutter aids in achieving better performance. Its customizable widgets and UI components work incredibly well to make the app appealing.


Advantages to opt for Flutter :

Flutter code is compiled to native code using Dart’s native compilers. Besides, everything in Flutter is widgets, so it eradicates the requirement of widget references. Flutter widgets entail all vital platform differences like scrolling, navigation, icons, etcetera.

Moreover, Flutter uses the same language to architect the backend. Thus, Flutter solves the problem developers confront with shaping the backend and frontend layout.


  1. Productivity booster: In addition to solving developer problems, Flutter boosts their productivity by offering the Hot Reload feature. They keep monitoring the effect of their changes in the code on the emulator without refreshing the whole codebase. It assists them in creating an app more precisely and rapidly.

Flutter is the perfect solution for creating an MVP product of any app idea. In addition, it shortens the time to market, helping businesses roll out and test their mobile services even faster.


  1. Device feature integration: A grocery delivery mobile app must connect with hardware features like GPS for real-time tracking and user location fetching. Such features amplify user engagement with the app. Besides, you need to integrate payment gateways, secure authentication, push notifications, ads, etcetera.

Here, Flutter’s package ecosystem comes in handy. It supports many hardware features and services, including network, camera, GPS, cloud storage, authorization, etc.


  1. Robust testing & hassle-free maintenance: Unlike native apps, in the cross-platform mobile application, your responsibility is to maintain a single codebase that runs on multiple platforms. A cherry on the pie, Flutter’s automated testing reduces the Quality Analysis cost.

Moreover, you can integrate with open-source CI tools, the same as Flutter. These tools help developers write code with improved testability and, thus, quality. You can rest assured of quality, performance, and timely delivery by choosing Flutter for grocery app development.


What does it cost to develop a grocery app with Flutter?

Developing a grocery delivery app has become a business ritual, regardless of the small store or big supermarket. But, all small grocers cannot bear the cost of developing a mobile app. So, they sign up on Instacart and Walmart-like marketplace Grocery Delivery Apps to sell their items.


Therefore, the demand for Grocery Delivery Apps like BigBasket and Amazon Fresh is skyrocketing. Besides, the model opens up a business opportunity for startups that will never fade away. But the question arises, How much does it cost?


The universal truth is that cross-platform mobile app development costs less than native app development. But the factors that affect the cost of developing a mobile app include features, APIs, complexity, and developer’s location.


Talking about Flutter lets you build sophisticated apps with complex UI/UX design under the budget. As per estimates, it normally costs you between $10,000 to $30,000, and it is more expensive, which depends upon the features you are integrating with it.


Reasons to Choose Flutter For Startups


Being a cross-platform framework, Flutter is extremely useful for the developers’ community. It is emerging as one of the most effective ways to build apps at affordable prices. Know the reasons why flutter app development is trending. Let us see the major advantages of using Flutter:

Native app development is costlier, and it provides software for only one platform – Android or iOS. On the other hand, cross-platform applications can run on both the operating systems, i.e., Android and iOS. So there is nothing wrong if we say that at the price of a native app, you can get a cross-platform app that is easy to operate.

Now let a glance at why Flutter has emerged as a boon for startups company. First, there are a lot of advantages associated with cross-platform app development, which means your app will run on Android and iOS simultaneously.

Primary Reasons


  1. Demands less effort: There is a very good feature that comes with Flutter for startups where the developers are not required to make two separate versions of an application as the app can function and operate on a single codebase which brings less effort. 


2. Consumes less time for Testing: It is yet another advantage of cross-platform app development that it generally takes less time while checking cross-platform devices than your native. When we talk about native app development, the quality and assurance team must check only one version of the application instead of two.


3. Less cost of Development: Development and designing cost is less when you are using your app using a cross-platform app development framework like Flutter. The app development cost is a charge usually on an hourly basis when you employ or hire mobile app developers for your project. Hence, if your software gets ready in less time, then, in that case, you have to spend less amount of money.


4. Quick Time for Marketing: The procedure takes less time in mobile app development using Flutter, hence the product can be released by the developers in the market much earlier as compared to native app development. Hence, it is easy to become early birds and enjoy the benefits and advantages attached to it.


5. Use of Widgets in Flutter: Flutter makes use of widgets as its core element like many progressive languages. Widgets are very important as developers can see what they are doing with their code almost immediately. Not only this, but it is also very time-saving when it comes to developing basic UI elements for each resolution and screen which makes Flutter very convenient for developers.

Secondary Reasons

6. Native Functionality: Flutter is like a layer wrapped around an application that uses a special communication channel which is known as the Platform channel. This platform channel helps in connecting data to native languages. It is very convenient to use and gives access to the hardware to the developers.


 Until recently, Flutter has no means to access the AR capabilities of a device but a library for that has also appeared.

It is harder to tweak something when you are using a library, so it may cause some restrictions concerning your project. However, with Flutter, the accomplishment of all the basic tasks is very much possible.


7. Optimum Performance: Performance has always been a plus point of Flutter. Even when you compare it with other native languages, Flutter wins by a remarkable margin over other cross-platform technologies. Flutter makes use of JavaScript to initialize the screens smoothly, allowing them to appear in the right manner. Flutter also provides tools like Dart Analysis and Flutter Inspector that help developers to analyze the code and maintain the performance standards. Similarly, Android studio has also got similar tools helping the developers to optimize and debug the code.

You get better performance with the latest update. Many reports are stating the more amount of productivity Flutter carries is even more than some of the native languages.

Functional Reasons


8. Lifecycle Management: The lifecycle of an application usually depends upon the management of the operating system. This implies an alteration in the states of an application. At lifecycle management, Flutter may not be that great as it lacks the tools that allow developers in tracking each stage of the lifecycle of their application.

Lifecycle management was something that was lacking in Flutter but now Stateful widgets are being used by the developers for this task. They can see the lifecycle of their application in Stateful widgets and additional widgets such as Orientation Builder can also be used that can track fluctuations in screen orientation.


9. Highly Adaptable: Flutter has multiple widgets and creative solutions that make the whole process of app development quite easy and save a hell of a lot of time for the developers. 

 Hence, the developer can use just one code base and launch the application on the six operating systems. Apart from Android and iOS, the other are macOS, Windows, Linux, and Web.

Flutter supports Native code. By this, we mean that a developer can do anything just like a native application.

This all makes it highly adaptable in the environment. 


10. Code Structure: The Flutter Code structure is very similar to the Native Android code structure. Google was behind this exclusivity as it provided Flutter framework with the best features of native Android languages. One of the eye-catching features of Flutter which makes it the first choice among programmers is its ability to separate styles and execute the code in multiple classes.

This greatly helps in accelerating the development process as you can integrate all the styles in one custom view that will effortlessly work for every part of your app. Further, you also have the option to use default styles for your widgets and it will function just perfectly. 


In the cease


Flutter app development is faster, convenient, and cost-effective way to go with Grocery App Development Company for your successful startup. It accommodates your businesses to build, test, and maintain a mobile app that works well on multiple operating systems. So if you intend to start an online grocery delivery service, give it a shot.


After seeing all the benefits attached to Flutter, in the end, we can say that Cross-Platform app development is the new big thing in the market and is gaining immense popularity. This is due to the efforts of hundreds of Developers contributing daily to open source technologies. 


So, it is a perfect framework for faster development. In addition, Flutter has a strong community, great performance, a great code structure, and multiple out-of-the-box solutions, making it a complete package that can easily maintain your project and make necessary changes.

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