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Why Is My Web Traffic Low Even After My Website Is Ranking?

This is a rather common issue among website and business owners. They regularly question SEO experts about why their website is amassing low traffic even though the website is ranking on many keywords. To some, this might seem an absurd question as to why there won’t be any traffic if the website is right in front of the online users? Well, take an example from real life, when moving around a shopping area you must have come across a shop that is not taken over by customers while the other surrounding shops are. While the reason may not be apparent at first but there must be some underlying issues which the shop owner has ignored to address.

Same is the case with SEO, a ranking of a website is proportional to amassing traffic but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to keep on ascending on the traffic charts. When that is the case, you have to wonder about certain things such as your keyword research, content quality, your metals and your website UI and UX.

Let us learn more about the issues that you may need to address to increase website traffic.

Search Intent

Whenever you are searching on the internet, there is always an intent behind the search. You are always looking for something when you enter a query in the search engine. Are you searching because you have a question and want to answer for that question? Or are you looking for a product or service to buy?

With the latest Google updates, Google has started to identify the search intent behind the search with the words used in the search query. The use “how” “when” or “buy” “cheap” tells a lot to Google about what the user wants and consequently what results to show to the user. There are 4 types of search queries

Informational: To get information or learn something new

Navigational: To find particular information on a particular website.

Commercial: To find the best solution, the searcher is going to take action but still trying to make the final decision

Transactional: To take action. it is the intent of making a purchase.

By default, Google will show your website for informational search queries. So if your website is service based or product based that you want to sell then that would not bring much traffic to the website as the traffic on those queries will never be interested in your meta title and description.

All you need to do is add more words that would help Google understand your business and rank you on keywords most relevant to your business.

Optimize For Featured Snippet.

Google now is trying to provide its user with information that they are seeking the most on the SERPS through the featured snippets. This is where you need to get your website results to appear. Featured snippets are the best way to beat your competition and appear right in front of your audience. So how can you appear here?

  1. Analyze your competitor feature snippets to have an idea of what is Google requiring
  2. Provide clear content structure with headings, subheadings, lists and bullet points
  3. Implement the keywords you selected into your subheading.
  4. Among all the keywords your page is ranking for, identify those with a featured snippet in the search results.
  5. More importantly, learn what the audience wants

Meta Data Is Not Click Bait

One major issue due to which you are left with less traffic is the uninteresting Meta title and description. The search results that appear on the SERPs are not enticing or click bait enough for the user. They are not finding the solution in your meta title and description

Just fix your MetaData.

  1. Do not ignore Meta tags. Google will make a description for you using text abstracts.
  2. Use the given space to add the necessary information in the title and description. The title uses 60 characters while the description uses 160. Go more than that and your meta will not completely appear on search results.
  3. Place relevant keywords at the beginning it will help you in gaining people attention right from the beginning.
  4. Add call to action it will help people to understand what your page offers them
  5. Tell your competition about the solutions and your competitive point in the title and description.
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