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How to Create SEO-Optimized URLs

SEO-friendly URLs are important for both search engine optimization and user experience. Search engines consider many factors into their decision-making process and URLs are high on the list. As with page titles, URLs help describe a web page type to search engines and visitors, meaning it should be accurate, easy to understand, enticing and well-structured. While many factors should be considered to make URLs SEO-friendly, some are written below in this article-

1. Describe your content

A user should be able to make a correct guess about the page content simply by reading the URL. To accomplish this, we must include an accurate phrase or term that pertains to the page content in the URL.

2. Include Keywords

It’s the best practice of SEO Service Company to optimize every web page around one targeted keyword, and this keyword must be included in the website URL. Make sure to put keywords at the beginning of the link, as search engine spiders do not give much preference to words toward the end of a URL. Remember though, do not overuse keywords other Google will penalize your website.

3. Use Hyphens to Separate Words

Use hyphens to separate words in URL phrases for more user readability and search engine optimization. Google recommends using hyphens (-) instead of underscores (_) in URLs because hyphens are often treated as spaces between words, while words connected by underscores are viewed as one word. Have a look at the below example to make it clear!



4. Use Lowercase Letters

Always use lowercase letters in your URLs. Search engines can decipher from uppercase and lowercase letters in links, which can lead to duplicate web pages and loss of page rankings.

For Example-



5. Keep URLs Short

The link to your website home page and inner pages should be as descriptive and brief as possible. A short URL is quicker to type and read. Also, the fewer the words the more value each word receives from a search engine crawler. Too many words in a URL could result in a drop in search rankings. To take professional help hire Local SEO Company Phoenix team.

6. Be Careful with Subdomains

It’s crucial to consider that search engines have the potential to treat the sub domain as a separate entity from the primary domain. This can affect multiple aspects of SEO, including link building and site authority. Unless you have a particular reason to use a subdomain, it’s best to use subfolders instead.

Following these best tips for creating SEO-friendly URLs, should keep your site ranking higher in search results and entice users to visit your pages. To keep URL structure well-optimized take help of Responsive Web Design Company who provides both web development and SEO services.

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