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Today the relationship between buyers and sellers has changed. We are far from the time when the relationship was only governed by salespeople. Thanks to the explosion of the internet and digital technology, everyone can get information quickly, compare products, services and prices. We talk about the digital transformation of companies when they have to deal with this type of problem.

And in such a situation, marketers have every interest in asserting their online presence to meet the expectations of these connected consumers who are no longer simply asking for a product or service, but who are also seeking to be educated. Marketing managers have different tools that help them attract leads in a modern way. But in fact what is digital marketing.

Digital marketing involves positioning your business through digital tools, including social media, websites, emails, online advertising, search engines and mobile phones. This approach is different from traditional marketing and requires the use of certain advanced technologies. This new version of society also involves new ways to promote and sell. It is precisely in this context that digital marketing fits . We explain to you here what it consists of, and what is its importance in the current era. We will also give some examples of its daily implementation. Today, we reveal to you the reasons why digital marketing is essential for any structure.

What is digital marketing?

The question of marketing has always been at the heart of a company’s success and communication. This is indeed what allows a company to make itself known and to advertise its productions. Whether it’s billboards or television campaigns, this aspect is undeniably part of the business.

With the arrival of the Internet and new modes of consumption, this practice has simply been transposed to the tools now used on a large scale. In other words, digital marketing therefore refers to all the methods put in place to publicize a product or service, and thus attract potential customers.

Whether it’s e-commerce, local advertising or even services, all the advertisements you see appearing when you browse respond to a digital marketing strategy, or web marketing .

What is the point of digital marketing?

Selling products and services online is a very competitive field. Faced with a growing number of professionals, it is increasingly complex to do well. This is why digital marketing is essential. It allows to :

  • Position yourself against the competition on the same product or the same service;
  • Make yourself known to a potentially interested public.
  • Communicate locally with users in your area.
  • Work on engagement and proximity with your customers.
  • Maintain your business over time by communicating about new products.

Unless you have a sufficiently loyal and large clientele, social marketing is therefore a must for anyone who works, whether in a network or physically.

Digital marketing is all about creating awareness and promoting a brand using all available digital channels.

Digital marketing is all about building awareness and promoting a brand using all available digital channels. Different channels include web, SEM (which includes SEO and pay-per-click advertising), smartphones, app stores (Google Play, Apple Store), email marketing, online banner ads and social media 

Using digital platforms allows us to understand the audience we are targeting, as well as to improve the marketing of our product or service. Therefore, although we can hire the services of an expert in the matter, it is advisable to know some of its main concepts clearly. Especially if one is looking to move forward with their own business and make a profit..

Some digital marketing techniques

Marketing strategies can be implemented through offline or online channels, the important thing is to know how to deliver the message that you think will be most useful to people who know your brand. If you are still having trouble imagining the techniques implemented in a digital marketing strategy , here are some examples. You will quickly realize that you meet them without knowing it all day long. Digital marketing can indeed take the form of:

  • emails and newsletters
  • advertising on social networks or search engines
  • buying guides and recommendations
  • tips and tricks from influencers
  • SMS and phone calls.

Beyond these techniques which are aimed directly at customers, we can also talk about the natural referencing of websites (SEO) , which makes it possible to bring pages up in the search results. Or even paid referencing (SEA) which consists of buying keywords.

All these methods aim to bring visibility , and therefore to allow a greater number of visits and sales .

1: More and more people are shopping online

According to Forbes, 82% of consumers conduct research online, while TechCrunch reports that 79% of them go online to shop. These statistics tell us one thing: buying online is the future of shopping. So, if your business is not offering its products and services on the web, through an effective online marketing strategy, you are leaving money on the table. No matter how much profit you already make, getting your products and services online will give you a huge advantage.

2: Digital marketing is the most measurable form of marketing

There is nothing more important in marketing than metrics. These are almost impossible to measure using traditional marketing techniques such as newspaper ads or advertisements. This is because you cannot accurately determine how many people bought your products because they watched your ads on TV. One of the benefits that makes digital marketing remarkable is that it lets you track every step of your campaigns, saving you from spending unnecessary effort and expense on ones that don’t bring you anything.

3: Digital marketing is most relevant.

With social media marketing, you can place your ads exactly where your audience is. Plus, you can segment your audience as finely as you want so you don’t waste your ad spend unnecessarily. Take the example of Facebook marketing. The platform lets you select the age group, gender, and even geographic locations you want to target!

4: Explore new territories

In a globalized world, you cannot rely solely on your local customers. Even if they are loyal to you, you must cross borders and look for prospects in other countries. Digital marketing makes such expansion much easier compared to traditional advertising, as your web-launched advertisements can be seen in every corner of the globe you are targeting.

5: Digital marketing is highly adaptable                                               

In the past, if a television commercial, paid for at a huge sum, does not produce the expected results, the company that launched it can only admire the damage. Now, thanks to digital marketing, which is a very flexible form of marketing, you don’t have to wait for your campaigns to end to make adjustments. For example, if you run an online sales business and your conversion rate is very low compared to the budget invested, you can immediately change your targeting or advertising message.

 Anchored in our time

For starters, digital marketing is in tune with the times. Today’s consumers devote an ever-increasing amount of their time to surfing the web or social networks and to shopping online. They most often use the internet to get information before making a purchase and finally, they turn to the offers that seem to them the most trustworthy/qualitative/credible according to their resources.

Digital therefore represents a world full of opportunities for companies wishing to develop. This is even more true when you know that to engage on the internet, unlike traditional marketing, a simple click is enough, which greatly improves the conversion rate.

In addition, the online presence of a company transforms its customer relationship: on the one hand, because it derives better visibility and on the other hand, because it creates proximity with its customers which strengthens the bond of trust. to the brand as well as its credibility.

The use of analysis tools is a major asset

One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing is the use of analytics tools.

Before, it was extremely difficult to track the success of a marketing campaign.

You knew if your sales and performance were increasing, but was it because of your marketing or other factors?

Today, whenever a business launches a new social media marketing campaign, it has a huge array of diverse metrics.

It can accurately track the success or failure of each campaign and areas for improvement.

Whether it’s email opens and clicks, conversion tracking on a Facebook Ads campaign, social media engagement, or time spent on a page, the stats of this new marketing are more thrust than ever.

The shift to online marketing is inevitable.

With consumers massively abandoning traditional forms of media, the future lies in the digital world.

Companies that do not yet have a comprehensive digital strategy are currently falling behind.

Conclusion of Digital Marketing

Nowadays, everyone uses the internet to research, evaluate, compare products or make a purchase online. Your business should be where the consumers are, i.e. online. According to a study by Email-Brokers, more than 8 out of 10 companies that went bankrupt in 2013 were not present on the web. It is therefore important that you implement an effective digital marketing strategy so that you can be easily found by your audience.

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