Why does your eCommerce store need these 6 striking Prestashop addons?

Do you have a Prestashop store? Further, if you do, you are among the happiest store owners. Why? Because it is the most widely accessible CMS. More than 7 lakhs eCommerce websites are based on the Prestashop platform. Therefore,  it certainly is the most favored one for business marketers. It is quite conceivably the most well-known, simple to use, and feature-rich eCommerce platform. With numerous add-ons, the Prestashop Addons Store has a thorough and fair method of rating its merchants.

The 6 striking Prestashop addons offered by Knowband are spectacular. Knowband is perhaps the most well-known and trusted seller on the Addon Store. It is a Gold Partner Agency of PrestaShop with a SuperHero Seller positioning. Knowband offers more than 80 modules on the Addon Store. It has a Superhero vendor position that is the most elevated rank for module developers. Knowband is a Premium Partner association with the Gold Agency status.

This blog discusses the 6 striking Prestashop addons for your eCommerce store by Knowband. These 6 striking Prestashop addons help take your sales and revenue to a new level. Likewise, they additionally enhance customer engagement in your store. Let us take a look at them below.

6 Striking Prestashop Addons by Knowband

Prestashop Mobile App Builder

Mobile app builder by knowband

In the last few decades, the eCommerce industry has exploded all over the world. Furthermore, staying ahead of the competition is no easy task. Further, customer involvement has always been a top priority for marketers. Purchasers’ online presence shifted from websites to mobile applications. Further, necessitates the development of an Android or iOS app. The Prestashop mobile app is what gets you past the giant competitors that surround us. You can quickly construct a mobile app for your clients with Knowband’s Prestashop mobile app creator. In fact, you can choose an app for Android, iOS, or both. The module allows you to customize the parameters to meet your specific business requirements.

The plugin offers multiple features to the admin. Some of them include:

  • Personalization of the Home Screen layout
  • Store advertising
  • A clean User Interface
  • Multiple social login options
  • Real-time synchronization; and so many more

The mobile app plugin offers numerous benefits also to the admin and customers. In fact, it is a full package that helps you reach out to your audience better. Moreover, send push notifications, web browser alerts, and more to keep them updated. Therefore, allow them to access the store content whenever they want to.

Prestashop One Page Supercheckout

Prestashop one page checkout by knowband

The truth is no shopper believes your store to be credible in the first attempt. Moreover, they feel hesitant in completing the purchase if they feel that the checkout is troubling. In addition, it is lengthy, too time-taking, and irritating. Hence, marketers believe in optimizing the checkout page to make it quick and seamless. If you want your customers to convert and complete the purchase in a blink of an eye, the Prestashop One Page Checkout is necessary. Consumers can then complete their purchases on the same page with the single page checkout. The Prestashop addon’s one-step checkout is perhaps the best feature for lowering the bounce rate on the page.

The Responsive one page checkout Prestashop has numerous features. Some of the most crucial ones include:

  • Guest checkout facility
  • Social login options like Facebook, Google, and others are available.
  • A variety of payment and shipping methods are included in the module.
  • Inline validation for a no-mistake experience.
  • Creation of multiple customer profiles.
  • Quantity updation from the checkout page; and so many more.

Knowband boasts about more than 10,000 sales of the One Step Checkout Prestashop Module. 

Prestashop Etsy Integration Addon

prestashop etsy integration by knowband

Do you think selling on an additional platform brings more sales and revenues? Further, Etsy is a stunning option when it comes to offering handcrafted items, cosmetics, jewelry, and other options. In fact, the Prestashop Etsy Synchronization Addon allows you to reach a bigger audience with your ideas. You may easily integrate your eCommerce store with the marketplace using the Addon. Furthermore, sell on the platform efficiently and handle everything from the backend of the store itself.

The Prestashop Etsy Marketplace Integration Addon features numerous highlights that can get the work done. Let us take a look at them below:

  • Simplified profile management
  • Bulk product listing
  • Constant synchronization between the store and the marketplace
  • Monitoring sales figures from the backend
  • Selection of secondary languages in addition to the default.

Multiple shipping methods can be established.

The Marketplace’s attributes and categories can be linked to the store’s attributes and categories to enable bulk product uploads.; and so many more.

The Etsy Prestashop Integration Addon is a seamless way of selling Etsy. It is feature-rich and beneficial.

Prestashop Marketplace Addon

Prestashop multi vendor module by knowband

A multi-vendor marketplace is a platform that allows numerous merchants to sell their products simultaneously. They are converting their store into a marketplace with the help of the Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module. Store owners and merchants may work effectively and profitably with a multi-seller marketplace. It is critical to maintain the integrity of the connection. Furthermore, it keeps clients informed about potential proposals and ensures that the product arrives on time.

If you intend to create your own marketplace instead of selling on one, here are the features of the Prestashop multi-vendor marketplace module.

  • Easy vendor registrations
  • Commissions on every order
  • Automation or manually handling of the payout requests
  • Tracking seller transactions
  • Interoperability with mobile apps
  • Effortless creation of membership plans
  • Hassle-free order management
  • Individual dashboards for seller and admin. Therefore, they can work from their respective panels.

Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Addon

Prestashop google shopping by knowband

Knowband’s Prestashop Google Shopping Connector allows online retailers to sell their products on Google Shopping. On the Google search results page, you’ll see Google Shopping goods. To sell their products through Google Shopping, online retailers must adhere to Google’s strict requirements. The Google Shopping Prestashop Integration keeps the store and stage in sync at all times. The plugin aids in the enhancement of your items and sites.

The Prestashop Google Shopping Feed Integration features numerous highlights. In fact, they make the work easier for the admin. Some of them include:

  • The Prestashop Google Shopping Integration then establishes a link between Google and the website.
  • The Prestashop Google Shopping Integration plugin makes linking categories simple.
  • With a simple button click, the admin can quickly erase the mappable category.
  • Even removed items can be re-added with the Prestashop Google Shopping Module with the click of a button.
  • The data is synced manually or through a cron job from the Prestashop Google Shopping module’s backend.
  • The Google Shopping plugin for Prestashop allows for simple feature mapping.
  • Shipping charges and taxes are synchronized with the Prestashop Google Shopping Synchronizer with the click of a mouse.

Prestashop eBay API Integration Module

prestashop ebay integration by knowband

The Prestashop eBay Integration Addon connects storekeepers’ eBay stores to their Prestashop stores. Furthermore, the eBay Prestashop Integrator allows you to manage both your Prestashop and eBay stores from a single location. Additionally, to connect the site to eBay, you must buy the Prestashop module. The only thing that store owners need to do now uploads the module to the backend of their Prestashop business. In reality, after the module has been installed, the administrator can quickly edit it. The Knowband module enables store owners to offer items and modify eBay request circumstances directly from the store’s backend.

  • Utilizing the inventory sync tab from the backend of the Prestashop store, store owners can easily adjust the item inventory on eBay.
  • The item status report of products at the eBay Marketplace can easily import from eBay. The administrator can easily do that, truth be told.
  • Prestashop eBay Store owners permit the administrator to choose the item country while creating eBay profiles from the administrator panel.
  • Store owners can easily introduce and configure the Prestashop eBay Integration module. The administrator needs zero technical expertise/knowledge to introduce or configure the eBay integrator.
  • Products can locally adjust in the backend of Prestashop eBay shop Integrator.
  • The programmed approach of the connector module permits the administrator to relist and revise the products and their details on the eBay shop.
  • The administrator can easily import all the Product status reports from the eBay Marketplace.
  • The store owner can easily update the Product inventories from the backend.
  • From the administrator panel of the Prestashop eBay Connector module, the administrator can create multiple shipping profiles.

In the End

These are 6 striking Prestashop addons that help you and your eCommerce business. Further, you can easily handle them and operate them without any technical knowledge. Moreover, these tools help you increase the sales and revenues of your eCommerce business. You can go ahead and check out their demo versions for a better understanding of the plugins. In case you have any specific questions, let us know at These 6 striking Prestashop addons can help your store boost conversions and sales. For you, all of the above-mentioned modules have an admin end and a front-end interface. You can look at them to learn more about the module. Furthermore, Knowband guarantees that shop administrators receive all of the assistance they require.

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