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Create a Prestashop eCommerce PWA App that works Seamlessly

PrestaShop is probably the most widely used eCommerce platform. It provides store owners with a variety of features that are simple to use. Furthermore, as the use of smartphones grew. It became increasingly important for eCommerce enterprises to have highly advanced mobile websites and mobile apps. PrestaShop store owners can also launch everything from mobile responsive web pages to PWA mobile apps to native apps. Moreover, the PrestaShop PWA App Builder advantage is that it has everything that requires.

In this blog, you’ll learn how PrestaShop PWA App Maker by Knowband also allows store owners. You can easily start their eCommerce mobile app and use it seamlessly and easily. Let’s have a look at what PrestaShop PWA App Creators are in general.

What exactly is PrestaShop Progressive Web App Builder?

PrestaShop Progressive Web App Maker is a multi-device compatible apps that look to function similarly to native apps. Unlike native apps, PWA mobile apps are downloaded and installed directly from your PrestaShop mobile website. There is no compelling reason to make PrestaShop PWA Mobile App available on any app store.

Branding And Customization –

With the PrestaShop PWA App Maker, eCommerce businesses can maximize their sales and income. It can be done by branding and managing their business from the admin panel. It also allows the store manager to launch the eCommerce mobile app with the brand name and value of the business. Customers will see the shopping app as more professional and trustworthy as a result of the branding. A white-label solution, the PWA Mobile App is available to everyone.

In order to make modifications to the progressive web app in real-time, Prestashop PWA App Creator provides a user-friendly admin interface. There is no need for the store admin to have any coding expertise. The store administrator makes all of the customizations on the extension’s backend. The store manager can alter the appearance and feel of the mobile app at any moment by configuring the home page layout. The shop owner has the option of creating and saving several layouts, from which he or she may choose the best one for the Progressive Web App.

Home-Page Layout Builder –

The PrestaShop Progressive Web App Creator also provides a streamlined, feature-rich backend to store owners to build and reconfigure the Progressive Web App homepage format. The home page format editor contains many pre-designed elements that store owners can use in their designs.

Simplified Login and Checkout (More Conversions and Sales) –

The Prestashop PWA App has a streamlined login and check-out process. As a result, the eCommerce business gets more users. There are social login choices like Facebook and Google in addition to email login and registration options as part of the simple login functionality. The PrestaShop Progressive Web App conversions can benefit from easy and convenient login options. The Prestashop PWA App builder’s one-page checkout feature is also very useful. It makes it simple for customers to input their personal information and make purchases.

Multi-Currency and Multilingual App-

The PrestaShop PWA App Maker works smoothly on both Android and iOS platforms, making it a top-notch option for many eCommerce businesses. Additionally, the PrestaShop module helps the store’s admin in focusing on additional geographic areas. The PrestaShop PWA App Creator includes all of the online store’s languages. It allows customers to translate the whole PWA mobile app’s information into their preferred languages and to easily find the product they’re looking for via the app. This PrestaShop PWA App Builder also supports a wide range of eCommerce website languages, including RTL languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.

Unlimited Push Notifications –

It has shown its importance by enticing a large number of users to download mobile applications. The Prestashop PWA App Builder recognizes the power of this and trying to make it as helpful as possible. In order to keep customers up to speed on the newest promotions, discounts, and other important information, the shop administrator can set up push notifications and send them out. There is no limit to how many Push Notifications the store admins can create and send to their app users.

Accessibility in offline mode –

The PWA for PrestaShop also runs with a slow internet connection or when the internet is unavailable. As a result, it’s easy to utilize the Prestashop Progressive Web App Maker. The mobile app is less likely to crash and runs quicker than a native app. More consumers would be attracted and will have a better buying experience if browsing is faster and easier. The PWA Mobile App also functions perfectly in offline mode without an internet connection.

Support for all payment and shipping methods –

Using the PrestaShop Progressive Web App Creator, you can be certain that your app’s customers will never have a problem making a purchase. The eCommerce store owners can integrate all of their online store’s payment and shipping options into their eCommerce app. In addition, customers can make transactions with simplicity and convenience due to this. The PrestaShop PWA App will also synchronize all payment and shipping strategies from the PrestaShop website.

Inventory Update-

In order to manage product inventories and the database on the website and mobile app, the eCommerce merchant has to put in a lot of manual work. A store’s inventory and data can be automatically updated on the Progressive Web App using the Prestashop PWA App Maker. Store owners can easily manage both their PWA app and eCommerce store inventory with the plugin.

Google Play/Apple Store Independency-

Each native mobile app must follow a set of rules and regulations in order to be listed in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, accordingly. Once the eCommerce PWA is ready, the merchant can simply publish it to their online store. When visiting the eCommerce website, customers just click “Add to Home Screen” to download the app and install it on their smartphone immediately.

Reliable and Engaging –

Online customers will be more likely to use your shopping app if it is faster to respond to their requests. Customers have a better opinion of eCommerce mobile applications that make browsing and purchasing more convenient. PrestaShop PWA App makes it simple to create a mobile app with eCommerce functionality.

Coupon and discount –

The coupons and vouchers in the eCommerce app are used to give potential customers unique shop offers/discounts. The Prestashop PWA App encourages customers to make further purchases by allowing them to take advantage of the same deals and discounts that they can get on the website.

Conclusion –

In this way, the Prestashop PWA Mobile App assists you in making progress toward a better future and offers you the chance to stay on top of the eCommerce game. It’s the perfect moment to utilize a Progressive Web App Builder since eCommerce mobile apps are in high demand. Mobile users will have a superior purchasing experience with the PWA Mobile App due to enhanced features including faster performance, offline operation mode, push notifications, and better SEO.

PrestaShop store owners can launch their own eCommerce mobile App with the help of PrestaShop PWA App Maker. Moreover, there’s no need for store owners to rely on code to make changes to the PWA mobile app because there are so many customization and executive features. If you require any additional information, please contact us at


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