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Why A VIP Desert Safari Is A Good Idea for the Tourists?

Why A VIP Desert Safari Is A Good Idea for the Tourists?

A VIP desert safari is an experience that is truly unique and different from anything else. You will not only get to see some of the most exotic and amazing creatures on earth, but also have the pleasure of meeting some of the most rich and famous people in the world as well.

VIP Desert Safari Dubai

One of the best ways to enjoy a luxury desert safari in Dubai is to take part in one of the many activities to do in Desert Safari Dubai. The Desert Safari is a series of five events in the desert. These activities are the perfect opportunity to get the family out of the city and involve everyone in a real adventure.

Visitors can choose to stay at a guest house or even join in the tourney. The Desert Safari offers the guests a chance to visit four of the five destinations. They include the VIP Desert Safari Dubai, Wild Wadi Water Park, the Al Hajar Mountains, the Sunrise Desert National Park and the Al Manzar Mountain. During the desert safari experience you will go through a variety of activities including; driving on sand, trekking up a sand dune, taking afternoon tea with the local Bedouins and much more.

Visitors are taken to the Wild Wadi Water Park by means of a 4-wheel all terrain vehicle. Here they will have the opportunity to view a number of different species of fish, birds, mammals and reptiles. The Al Hajar Mountains is the home of a number of species of birds. The Desert Safari Dubai is held between the months of April and June.

Another wonderful way to enjoy the desert safari in Dubai is to take part in the VIP Desert Safari Jeep Tours. This tour is suitable for adults and children alike and can be organized on a daily, half-day, or full-day basis. Each vehicle is equipped with comfortable seating and ample room for the desert safari enthusiasts to relax during the ride.

Each tour ends with an exciting Jeep safari drive through the desert, where the guests can enjoy camel rides, sand dunes and other natural attractions. The Jeep tour depart from the Sheraton Hotel and participants need to schedule their vehicles in advance.

If you are traveling with a large group of friends or family, you will want to arrange a VIP desert safari to accommodate everyone. To make the most out of your desert safari, ensure that you plan every detail well in advance. Arrange a meeting place at the Sheraton, with all the required arrangements made ahead of time. Since it is a popular destination with both locals and foreign guests, you may find that some hotels offer discounts to families or groups planning to travel together.

As well as providing a unique experience, booking a VIP desert safari through an online travel agency will also provide guests access to many more options besides just the local sights. With a complete range of vehicles and amenities, booking through a travel agency can help provide guests with the ultimate experience.

Dubai Sight-Seeing Tours

When you book through an online service, you can choose from a variety of vehicles including all-wheel drive vehicles and four-wheel drive vehicles. Depending on the duration and location of the desert safari, there are various activities that can be planned in addition to the driving experience. You may wish to take advantage of the opportunity to go horseback riding, take an air balloon ride, or participate in a zip line ride.

On a desert safari, guests will be able to swim in the vast waters off the coast. You will also have access to an indoor swimming pool, which can prove to be very relaxing for those who do not enjoy the water or who are expecting a baby. Other amenities include spas, Jacuzzis, hot tubs, and an extensive menu of foods and beverages.

If you are planning a romantic evening, you can plan a dinner that incorporates the tastes of your chosen cuisine. The experienced staff can also help you locate the best shopping malls and entertainment centers within a short driving distance of the campground.

Because Dubai is located right next to a busy international airport, the opportunities for visitors to become stranded during a flight are minimal. A driving license is required in order to drive on the opposite side of the highway. Since most hotels offer shuttles to and from the desert campgrounds, there is no need to worry about how you will get home if you become lost or separated from your family.

The experienced staff at these camps will be able to provide help where needed throughout the night and on the days when the hotel is closed. This makes a VIP desert safari an ideal vacation choice for families and groups traveling in larger groups.

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