Easily Upgrade Your Car with Interior LED Bulbs

Even today, many cars and trucks come off the lot with incandescent lights from the manufacturer. Not only are many of the lamps and headlights on cars and trucks still made from incandescent and halogen bulbs, but a lot of the interior lights, including but not limited to some of the following:

– Mirror lights – Car’s mirror lights are the lights that illuminate the sides and front of the sideview mirrors. Some cars also have lights around or on the rearview mirror inside the cab.

– Door lights – Door lights provide helpful illumination in and around the door well and sometimes around the ground underneath the door when it is opened.

– Dome lights – Dome lights are the quintessential interior automotive light, providing helpful general-purpose lighting to the interior of a car’s cab.

– Puddle lights – Puddle lights are somewhat like door lights in that they illuminate the ground underneath the door when it is opened so you can see what you are going to step into.

– Map lights – Map lights provide light at the front of the cabin, which is useful, for example, for reading maps.

– Vanity lights – These are the lights that turn on when you open the mirror of a car’s vanity, often on the inside of a visor.

– License plate lights – These are not necessarily interior lights, but they do provide illumination of your license plate, which is often required by law.

While they aren’t necessarily required to remain operable in order to safely or legally operate the vehicle, when any of these lights goes out it poses an annoyance to the driver and or passengers. Also, unless you’re particularly technically savvy, figuring out how to replace these lights, or even what lights to use, can be tough.

Still, if you want to enjoy some of the well attested benefits of interior LED bulbs for your vehicle. There’s an easy way if you know where to look. With the right resources, you can be on your way to longer lasting, bright lights that are better for both your car and for the environment.

All you need to do is take a trip to where you will find basically all of the interior LED bulbs that you need to make replacements to your car or truck. But what’s great about them is not so much that they have the bulbs themselves – they also have the resources you need in order to make the upgrade or replacement.

See, a large portion of the trouble with replacing interior car lights comes from knowing what light to use. After you know for sure what you need to use, finding the replacement is mostly just a matter of lining up a couple of numbers and letters, and maybe a size.

What’s particularly great about Diode Dynamics is that there is a vehicle finder right on their website that makes it more than easy to find the right replacement interior LED bulbs for your car. Just plug in the info and in a few moments you’ll know just what LEDs you can and can’t use. By the way, this tool isn’t just for interior LED lights. You can use it to make replacements, repairs and upgrades to your vehicle’s other lighting.

One more thing to love about Diode Dynamics is that a lot of their super bright LED light bulbs are plug and play solutions, which means you don’t need to know anything about wiring or circuitry or drivers to make the change. All you need to do is pop out the old light and pop the new one in.

Check out their website via the link above and use their vehicle finder to see what LEDs that produce that are compatible with your vehicle, and reach out to their customer service team if you need help. You can reach them at 314-205-3033 or by sending a message to

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