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Where can we get a Heathrow Airport taxi?

So you’re at Heathrow Airport and your flight has been called. But where’s the taxi rank? And how do you order a cab to take you to your hotel or home? Don’t worry, we’ll show you how it’s done! Read on for all the information you need about taxis at Heathrow Airport.

1. How to order a cab at the Heathrow Airport taxi rank

You’re at the right place if you need a taxi at Heathrow Airport. The Heathrow Airport taxi rank is situated on the ground floor of Terminal 5, about 200 metres from the front door to Terminal 5, near Boots and Starbucks. The exact address is Taxi Rank In Car Park 4, Off Cargo Road, The South Area, Heathrow Airport, TW6 2EQ.

When you need a taxi at Heathrow Airport, approach the Taxi Information board to see which companies are available for fares from the airport. This enables passengers to identify whose car is free and ready to take them home or to their hotel.

Simply wait until a car with your selected Burnt Oak Cabs company pulls up at the rank. You can tell which taxis are operated by each company because of their distinctive appearance, i.e. branding on the side and top of their cars (if they have them). 

2. Different types of cabs and what each offers

There are different types of cabs at Heathrow Airport taxi rank. All offer the same basic service, so you don’t need to specifically tell the driver which type of cab you want. However, some do have special services or facilities, so it doesn’t hurt to know what they are before you get in!

  1. a) Black cab – This is the famous car driven by London’s black cab drivers. These cabs are driven by fully licensed and insured taxi drivers who know London like the back of their hands. This type of cab is metered and always has a rate card on display (or available to show you). A black cab can fit up to five passengers but not very much luggage, so you may need to get two taxis if you have a lot of luggage. London’s black cabs are required by law to take any person regardless of where they’re going or what time it is. Black cab drivers must also know how to get to anywhere in the UK and they can give you directions too!

    b) Private hire cars –

These can fit up to six passengers and have a variety of different tariffs. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and do not require an advance booking. This type of cab is useful if you want to share the cost with friends or other passengers, as it’s cheaper than other types. However, they may take slightly longer to arrive since they don’t start their shift at the airport Belvedere Taxi rank.

  1. c) Saloon cars – These are smaller than private hire cars and therefore can only fit four passengers (not including children). If you travel alone, you may find it more comfortable to take a saloon car as there’s more space and you’ll have your luggage all to yourself. Saloon cars are private hire cars that benefit from fixed fares, which means you don’t need to discuss the price with your driver.
  2. d) Executive Cars – These are saloon cars that have been adapted for wheelchair users. Some people may find these useful if they’re travelling with a family member or friend who uses a wheelchair.
  3. e) Minicabs – if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, these are available at the airport taxi rank. Minicabs have fixed fares and do not use metres. You may need to pay an advance deposit or booking fee, so it’s important to ask your minicab company about this first before you get in.

3. What to do if you’re lost or need help finding your way

It’s rare that you’ll get lost when trying to find the airport taxi rank at Heathrow Airport, but it can happen. If you’re unsure of your surroundings, just ask one of the uniformed drivers standing in the line or ask at Terminal Information. You will need to tell them where you want to go and they’ll help direct you accordingly.

4. How to pay for your ride

If you have a question, 

  1. a) Cash – This is the most common form of payment for taxis at Heathrow. You can pay in cash or use a credit or debit card if you don’t have any notes. If you’re paying with a card, make sure to check with your driver what type of terminal they have before you get in and follow their instructions.
  2. b) Card – Some people may prefer to pay with a card, as it tends to be easier than carrying the correct change – especially if you have several suitcases or children with you! If this is how you’re going to pay, just make sure your driver has a suitable terminal for processing card payments before you travel.

5. Tips for a safe and comfortable journey

  1. a) Make a note of your driver’s name, licence number and company before you get in. 
  2. b) If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe with your driver during the journey. Make sure you let them know as soon as possible.
  3. c) You may also consider sending a text or making a phone call to someone. You trust during the journey so they know where you are.
  4. d) If your driver is aggravating you, don’t be afraid to ask them to stop so that you can get out of the taxi – but make sure you tell them beforehand! 

Whether you are an airport traveller, Londoner or just looking for a ride to the airport, Heathrow Airport Taxi Rank is your answer. This rank offers cab services 24 hours per day and can also provide assistance with baggage storage if needed. You will find this taxi service at Terminal 5 of Heathrow Airport which handles all departing passengers. 


For those arriving in London on international flights, there are plenty of options available outside the arrivals terminal building including black cabs (London’s iconic taxis), minicab firms like Tiklacars, private hire cars and even pay-as-you-go car rental companies. The variety of transportation options makes it easy to get where you need to be whether that be back home or out exploring one of the many wonderful landmarks in London.  

In the end, at no time will your job ever be risky in any way. You’re in a position to request for them to leave the cab. However, this is often a source of pressure for the driver in turn. And could result in the loss of the fares you pay for. But you should not put at risk your safety just to save some pennies.

Also, you’re free to refuse to take any person. If you’ve seen customers fighting or creating problems, it’s best not to let them into your Taxis Service at all. Don’t be afraid to go away: sometimes, it’s the best choice you could make.

In the cab you ride in, safety should be the top priority, however. Some tricks and tips can help you read your customer’s needs and keep danger from happening. Do not be afraid to reject an amount or request your client to leave the cab. You have the right to refuse transportation to anyone if you feel your safety is in danger.

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