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What’s inside your drinking water-affects your health and well being

When it comes to maintaining health and well being, drinking plenty of water is one of the smart choices you can make. Fresh drinking water is an essential element which contains necessary nutrients. But consuming excessive quantities of these minerals can cause minor health issues. And what if your glass of water contains some additional  chemicals (contaminants) you may face a series of water-borne diseases and other health. So before taking a sip of water you must know what’s actually inside your drinking water?

How does water become contaminated?

 Water contamination occurs due to chemicals derived from urban, industrial and agricultural runoff. Moreover,  industrial toxic chemicals and natural pollutants make water unsafe to drink. Contaminants may include microbial noxious waste (such as viruses and bacteria), inorganic pollutants (like sodium and lead), pesticides and herbicides (such as agriculture, urban stormwater runoff). 

Effects of drinking contaminated water

Have you ever thought about  the adverse effects of contaminated water on human health? If not, then just think about your last stomach cramp… Your body is inclined to react immediately to untreated water. Moreover, your overall health, age, physical well-being determines the extent of actual effects you may experience while drinking hazardous water.Some of the most well-documented water-borne diseases are gastrointestinal problems, diarrhea, nausea, intestinal or stomach cramping, dehydration. If you don’t experience a quick sign or symptoms, 

it does not mean there are no potential long term effects.

Does contaminated water odor?

What signifies the good quality of water? It’s obviously clear water with no odor. If the water is contaminated it may have different taste and smell. However, many hazardous chemicals don’t contain odor.

How to make Water Safe to drink?

Boiling is one of the priceless methods that remove hazardous contaminants from drinking water by killing the parasites, bacteria, and viruses. But it may elevate the concentration of other toxic chemicals due to evaporation of water.

Purification through RO filters is an effective method that eliminates toxins and delivers fresh, pure drinking water. However, you may find a wide range of  water purifiers in the market; you must compare the factors that may assist you in deciding which RO water filter is to buy.  

So, if you want to buy  a safe & long-lasting RO water system, look nowhere but RKIN – formerly Puricom because they’re selling Americas #1 water purifiers. They offer a wide range of economic RO water purifiers. Use  RKIN Coupon codes and get a fraction off on your purchase.

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