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Common Legal Problems You Can Face in the UAE

The national population of emirates in the UAE like Dubai is less than 50%. This means, more than half of it is immigrants and foreign workers who are working or staying in the region. It’s only natural for people to not know the customs, traditions, laws, and norms of a foreign country that they move to. However, these are not things that you can get a warning for. The UAE may be a luxurious and comfortable country to live in but it has a very strict legal policy. It’s an Islamic country, therefore, Islamic law is for everyone to follow. Similarly, there are things about Dubai employment law that you need to be familiar with. Certain rules and regulations that concern your security and responsibilities are all included in employment laws.

There are a lot of people who get in trouble because they come from different countries with different cultures and norms. Here are a couple of things that you need to know when you’re coming to the UAE in order to be careful:


One of the main things that non-Muslims need to know about when coming to the UAE is the prohibition of intoxication. You can’t drink without a license. And if you’re a Muslim, you can’t get a license. Furthermore, even that liquor license requires that you have a stable job and a monthly income of no less than AED3,000. That is to say, even if you’re wanting to drink in your own home, you need a license to do it. You don’t have the luxury of drinking in public spaces. If somebody catches you, you are liable to receive some sort of financial and short-term punishments. Short-terms punishments can lead up to imprisonment of a month to six months.

This is one of those laws that people anywhere outside of the UAE might not be familiar with, especially non-Muslims. You can receive fines of up to AED2,000. You need to be at least 21+ years in age to apply for a license as well.


It’s a crime in the UAE to make love with the member of the opposite sex in a private space, even if it’s with consent. The only way to do it is with legal precedent, i.e. marriage. Two people of the opposite sex fornicating will receive punishments of up to a year in prison. According to Article 356 of the Penal Code, it’s an act of disgrace and dishonor. Not only is this a crime that can land you in prison, but you can also expect labor contract termination and deportation as well. For all those who are planning to visit the UAE with their wives, need to carry sufficient proof of marriage as well. This law is for all residents of the UAE. Even for married couples who recently had a baby, you need to get proof of marriage to get the birth certificate.


Staying in debt is a punishable crime in the UAE. A lot of people might tell you to lie on your loan requests about your current credit status. It’s imperative that you know that this crime is one of the most punishable ones in the UAE. For instance, if you are found committing bouncing cheque fraud, you can receive jail time. If you’re applying for a loan at a bank, you need to make sure that the amount you’re asking for is not more than 20 times your current salary. Moreover, you can’t get a monthly loan payment that amounts to more than 50% of your salary.

For anyone who is lending money to anyone in the UAE, it’s mandatory that you keep the above-mentioned rules in mind.

Improper Documentation:

According to the penal code, no document for submission should be a forgery or be a falsification. Otherwise, this can result in harsh punishment and serious fines. Whether it’s an educational qualification or a tenancy contract, no room for forgery exists. You can land yourself in prison with a mistake as small as submitting a fake copy of your degree for 5 years. Furthermore, the law is also applicable to severe punishments if you use a falsified official document as well.

Employment Laws:

There are several laws that you need to know and talking to the best lawyers in Dubai is one way to go about it. Suffice it to say, you can get anything from a warning, fine, and suspension to dismissal from work and deprivation from the total end of service gratuity. Which basically means that you can lose everything and face deportation.


It’s important that you consult legal counsels before moving into the UAE to get familiar with its laws. There are tons of important stuff that can help you live a comfortable life in the country.

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