What you need to know about Prestashop One Page Checkout

Getting people to visit your online business is a challenging task. Moreover, converting them into potential customers is much more difficult. The checkout cycle has been identified as one of the major stumbling blocks in eCommerce conversions. This is asper many evaluations and inquiry reports. Furthermore, online buyers have become increasingly impatient. In addition, are unwilling to make an online purchase from an eCommerce business that has a complicated checkout process. That’s where the Prestashop One Page Checkout comes into the picture.

Store owners must remove the many bottlenecks that have been affecting customer loyalty to the online store. In fact, ensure that customers do not have to fill in endless details to complete an online purchase. Moreover, the checkout cycle plays an important role in this. With the advancement of the One Step Checkout Prestashop Module, they can completely transform their eCommerce store.

In this blog, we will look at all the possible aspects that you should know about the Prestashop responsive one step checkout addon. Starting with the features, we will move further.

Features of the Prestashop One Page Checkout

Prestashop One Page Checkout offers Guest Checkout

In today’s time, customers already have an account on several platforms. They certainly don’t want to create one on another platform. Therefore, they look for guest checkout options. In fact, there is a possibility that they create an account the second time they shop from you. P.S. only if the first purchase goes well. Further, you can furnish them with the Guest checkout choice and urge them to make a speedy buy. In fact, this functionality ensures that the customer is not bound to create an account on the website. Moreover, can simply choose this option to buy what they want.

Social login makes the information interaction speedy

Clients can utilize their Facebook, Google, or PayPal records to join your store. Further, they can simply choose one of the options and log in/signup without wasting any more time.

Clients can easily update cart quantity on the checkout page

For instance, a customer is buying one moisturizer. On the checkout page, he/she realizes that he or she should buy two or more. Further, the client can easily change the quantity on the checkout page itself. Moreover, one does not have to go back to the product page to do so. Therefore, the One Page Checkout Prestashop comes in handy when the client wants to update the products on the page.

Google Auto-address fill decreases additional endeavors

Empowering this component naturally fills the location fields at the checkout page. Suppose, a client begins composing his/her location fields, the location ideas are shown, and after picking a location. Further, the connected location fields are filled naturally.

Various Payment strategies and Shipping administrations support

The Prestashop One Page Supercheckout upholds practically all the significant payment modes. Moreover, it also supports various shipping formats. Using the Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon, the admin can add the different payment methods as per his wish. One of the recent updates came with the support of the Mollie payment technique.

Assortment of Layouts to give a fascinating look

One Step Checkout Prestashop Module gives 3 format plans, specifically: 1-section design, 2-segment format, and 3-segment format.

MailChimp, SendinBlue, and Klaviyo Integration

The Single Page checkout comes with MailChimp, Klaviyo, or SendinBlue integrators. EVery email address that comes onboard, is handled by them. Moreover, you have set up the API key from the back-end for the particular stages.

Eradicate purposeless areas from the Checkout page

With Responsive one page checkout Prestashop, you can pick which checkout fields you need to show on the checkout page. From all the checkout fields, you can determine which fields to show and which fields to stow away. Plus, you can likewise stamp fields as obligatory or discretionary.

Prioritize the checkout fields through Drag and Drop

Prestashop responsive one step checkout addon allows you to arrange checkout fields according to your inclination. For instance, to put a field over some other field, you can just do that by picking the field and dropping it to the ideal position.

Inspect the client’s conduct on the Checkout page

Likewise, investigate which checkout fields are hampering the client experience that is prompting checkout relinquishment. It shows the rate for each checkout field. Higher rate fields mean the greatest guests are confronting issues with those choices.

Increment normal truck esteem with a free shipping tab

The Single Page checkout has an element that allows you to characterize a base sum for showing the free transportation choice. Assuming a guest is looking for or over the given sum, he will see a standard that would tell the amount more they need to shop to profit from free transportation benefits.

Show the product price inclusive of all the taxes

With the Prestashop One Page Checkout, the e-shipper gets four choices for showing the absolute cost of the merchandise. You might decide to show the default PrestaShop value, the value comprehensive of assessment, the value select of expense, or the value comprehensive and restrictive of duty.

Show custom fields in receipt

The storekeeper can likewise empower the choice to show the additional custom field in the receipt of the request set, on account of another update in Knowband’s One Page Checkout Prestashop.

Prestashop One Page Supercheckout allows customer profile creation

Using the Prestashop addon, the admin can create as many customer profiles as he wants to. In fact, he can name them Business, Personal, and more. Therefore, when the customer chooses the profile, he/she can effortlessly checkout without filling a lot of details. Why? Because the details are already available in respective profile. For instance, the address, contact details, and more.

How can Prestashop One Page Checkout help your eCommerce business?

Complete customization is possible with the Prestashop module

Have you ever wanted to create your customized checkout page? You will be able to customize the checkout page with the Prestashop one page checkout plugin. The business owner may add or delete features as desired, such as the Guest checkout option, various social login tools, and so on. The shop administrator can also select one of the three front-end layout options based on their preferences. As a result, you may convert your multi-page checkout procedure into a single-page checkout procedure to increase conversions and revenues.

Compatibility with several devices

Anyone may shop for anything online using any device thanks to increased knowledge and the use of numerous gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Because of the variety of devices, you should tailor the checkout page to the device that your consumers will be using. You might wonder why. Because each screen size is different, trying to fit the same alignment into each one will result in random placement. If your eCommerce module cannot cater to clients that use a variety of devices, you will undoubtedly have a difficult time increasing sales and conversions.

Multilingual clients are targeted with the Prestashop quick checkout extension

Online commerce is rapidly expanding, attracting a diverse range of clients from varied topographical and linguistic backgrounds. This PrestaShop One Step Checkout module’s USP is that it may help you focus on consumers who speak different languages by translating the language. Currently, business owners may boost their conversion rates by providing advice or merchandise in the consumers’ native language.

The module does not interfere with any other store plugin.

This PrestaShop One Step Checkout extension seamlessly integrates with other easily accessible eCommerce modules. Store owners may install this Prestashop module on any PrestaShop theme and enjoy its amazing features and functions without difficulty. Apart from that, the Knowband module does not interfere with the operation of any other current PrestaShop module on your eCommerce site, ensuring greater synchronization and coordination.

Provides free customer support after-sales

A decent shop will have a customer service team that will assist you not just during the sale but also thereafter. Nonetheless, due to the free Knowband PrestaShop expert support services, all other concerns may be resolved without difficulty. You don’t have to pay anything and may report any issue here for a quick resolution. We have a dedicated professional support team that works around the clock to quickly resolve client and customization-related difficulties.

What should the admin be careful of?

To eliminate interference, use breaking point headers and footers

The checkout should be the only thing your visitors glance at on your checkout page. You ought to ensure that there is no interruption on the checkout page. assures that the header and footer are killed. Rather than the header and footer, the focus should be on the spaces that need to be filled. They only take up space on the webpage.

Reduce the total fields on the form

According to research, the fewer fields that customers must fill in, the higher the UX performance rate of the checkout, for example, the more likely the customer is to complete the transaction quickly and without difficulty. To save time, you may ask your consumers to fill in the zip code and have the location of the request immediately filled in.

The ‘checkout’ and ‘continue to shop’ icons have different tones

The shop merchant must clearly distinguish between the many interactive icons on the site and the checkout page. Whether it’s ‘Checkout’ or ‘Keep shopping,’ the tones should look like something different and make it apparent to the customers.

Include a synopsis of the product

To keep customers aware of what they’re purchasing, an item synopsis should be displayed at all stages of the checkout process. This will assist them to understand what they’re buying by providing all relevant information such as size and color till they pay.

Make cart editing simple

Under any circumstances, you should reduce the likelihood of a user abandoning your checkout page. Allowing users to alter the number of items in their cart without exiting the checkout page and returning to the storefront is a must.

Before the checkout page, suggest relevant goods

By ensuring that the consumer has everything they need before they get to the checkout – for example, if a client is purchasing a microwave, you may suggest baking trays, silicone spatulas, and other items as related goods.

Different payment methods were incorporated

Payment options such as PayPal, PayU, MobilePay, Ogone, Pago Facil, ePay, ccAvenue, Quickpay, Firstdata, Paysera, and a slew of others are all available using the Prestashop One page Supercheckout plugin. In this manner, your consumers will be able to select from a variety of choices.

Display the amount saved to the customer

Customers enjoy seeing how much money they saved while purchasing a product from your website. Please show it to them! In other words, if the consumer is happy with their current rate of spending, they are unlikely to depart the cart.

Offer promotional coupons

Many customers have abandoned their carts because the price was excessively expensive, while others have abandoned their carts because they found a better deal on another website. Make an effort not to limit the evaluation of compensations and discounts; they might be the difference between converting a user into a customer or abandoning their basket.

Provide free shipping

If your net income allows, you should give the consumer free delivery. As motivation to keep the cart in motion. Regardless, you should provide free delivery to those who spend a certain amount. By providing free delivery, you’ll likely attract a larger number of consumers than you would otherwise, alleviating your primary concern over time.

In the End

So, what do you think of the Prestashop One Page Checkout by Knowband? The Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon takes care of everything and ensures that your conversions skyrocket. In case you have any confusion about the plugin, let us know at

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