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What should you know about Prestashop One page supercheckout?

It’s difficult to get people to visit your online business. It’s also much more difficult to convert them into potential customers. One of the major stumbling blocks in eCommerce conversions has been identified as the checkout cycle. According to many evaluations and inquiry reports, online buyers have become more impatient. Furthermore, they are hesitant to make an online purchase from an eCommerce company that has a lengthy checkout process. This is where Prestashop’s One Page Checkout comes in handy.

The many bottlenecks that have been affecting customer loyalty to the online store must be removed. In fact, make sure that customers don’t have to fill out a long list of information in order to complete an online purchase. In addition, the checkout cycle plays a crucial role in this. They can completely transform their eCommerce store with the advancement of the One Step Checkout Prestashop Module.

In this blog, we’ll go over all of the important details about the Prestashop responsive one-step checkout addon. We’ll start with the features and work our way up.

Knowband prestashop one page checkout

Prestashop’s One-Page Checkout features

Guest Checkout

Customers in today’s world have accounts on a variety of platforms. They have no desire to create one on a different platform. As a result, they search for guest check-out options. In fact, it’s possible that the second time they shop with you, they’ll create an account. P.S. Only if the first transaction goes smoothly. You can also provide them with the Guest checkout option and encourage them to make a quick purchase. In fact, this feature ensures that the customer is not obligated to create a website account. Furthermore, they can simply select this option to purchase what they desire.

The use of social login speeds up the exchange of information.

Customers can join your store using their Facebook, Google, or PayPal accounts. They can also simply select one of the options and log in/sign up without wasting any time.

On the checkout page, customers can easily change the quantity of their cart.

A customer, for example, is purchasing one bottle of juice. He or she realises on the checkout page that he or she should buy two or more. In addition, the customer can easily change the quantity on the checkout page. Furthermore, there is no need to return to the product page to do so. As a result, when a client wants to update the products on the page, Prestashop’s One Page Checkout comes in handy.

Google Auto-address filling saves time and effort.

Address field in prestashop one page checkout by knowband

When this component is enabled, the location fields on the checkout page are automatically filled in. Assume a client starts filling out his or her location fields, the location ideas are displayed, and the client selects a location. Furthermore, the connected location fields are automatically filled.

Various payment methods and shipping administrations are available.

The Prestashop One Page Supercheckout accepts almost all major payment methods. It also supports a variety of shipping formats. The admin can add as many payment methods as he wants using the Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon.

A variety of layouts to create a captivating look

multi column layout in one page checkout by knowband

Checkout in One Step Prestashop Module provides three format options: 1-section design, 2-section, and 3-section format.

Integration with MailChimp, SendinBlue, and Klaviyo

Integrators for MailChimp, Klaviyo, and SendinBlue are included in the Single Page checkout. They are in charge of every email address that is added to the system. You’ve also set up the API key for the specific stages from the backend.

Remove all non-essential areas from the Checkout page.

You can choose which checkout fields to display on the checkout page with Prestashop’s Responsive one page checkout. You can choose which fields to display and which to hide from all of the checkout fields. In addition, you can mark fields as mandatory or optional.

Drag and drop the checkout fields in the order you want them to appear.

The Prestashop responsive one-step checkout addon allows you to customise the order of the checkout fields to suit your preferences. To put a field on top of another field, for example, simply select the field and drop it in the desired location.

Examine the client’s behavior on the Checkout page.

Investigate which checkout fields are detracting from the client experience and causing checkout abandonment. It displays the rate for each field in the checkout process. Higher rate fields indicate that the majority of guests are having difficulties with those options.

Free shipping tab in Prestashop One Page Checkout

prestashop one page checkout front demo screenshots

A component of the Single Page Checkout allows you to define a base sum for displaying the free shipping option. If a guest is looking for or exceeding a certain amount, he will see a standard that will tell them how much more they need to spend in order to benefit from free shipping.

Show the total cost of the product, including all taxes.

The e-shipper has four options for displaying the item’s total cost with the Prestashop One Page Checkout. You can choose to display the default PrestaShop value, the comprehensive assessment value, the select expense value, or the comprehensive and restrictive duty value.

Show custom fields

Due to another update in Knowband’s One Page Checkout Prestashop, the storekeeper can also enable the option to show the additional custom field in the receipt of the request set.

One-Page Prestashop Supercheckout allows you to create a customer profile.

The admin can create as many customer profiles as he wants with the Prestashop addon. He can even call them Business, Personal, and other things. As a result, once the customer selects a profile, he or she can easily checkout without having to fill out a long form. Why? Because the information is already in the respective profile. For example, the address, contact information, and so on.

How can Prestashop One Page Checkout benefit your online store?

The Prestashop module allows for complete customization.

Have you ever wished to design your own checkout page? The Prestashop one page checkout plugin allows you to customise the checkout page. The owner of the business can add or remove features such as the Guest checkout option, various social login tools, and so on as needed. The shop administrator can also choose from three different front-end layout options to suit their needs. As a result, you may be able to convert your multi-page checkout process into a single-page checkout process to boost conversions and revenue.

Compatibility with a number of different devices

mobile responsive design in prestashop one page checkout by knowband

Thanks to increased knowledge and the use of numerous gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, anyone can shop for anything online using any device. Because there are so many different types of devices, you should customise the checkout page for each one. You may be wondering why. Because each screen size varies, trying to fit the same alignment into each will result in random placement. You’ll have a hard time increasing sales and conversions if your eCommerce module can’t cater to clients who use a variety of devices.

The Prestashop quick checkout extension caters to multilingual customers.

Online commerce is rapidly growing in popularity, attracting a wide range of customers from various geographical and linguistic backgrounds. PrestaShop One Step Checkout module can translate the language to help you focus on customers who speak different languages. Currently, business owners can increase conversion rates by giving advice or selling products in the customers’ native language.

The module is unaffected by any other store plugin.

This PrestaShop One Step Checkout extension works in tandem with other eCommerce modules that are easily accessible. Store owners can easily install this Prestashop module on any PrestaShop theme and take advantage of its amazing features and functions. Apart from that, the Knowband module does not conflict with any other PrestaShop module on your eCommerce site, ensuring better synchronization and coordination.

After-sales customer service is provided for free.

A good store will have a customer service department that will help you not only during the purchase but also afterward. All other concerns, however, can be easily resolved thanks to the free Knowband PrestaShop expert support services. You may report any issue for prompt resolution here. We have a dedicated professional support team that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to resolve client and customization-related issues.

What should the administrator be wary of with Prestashop One Page Checkout?

Use breaking point headers and footers to eliminate interference.

On your checkout page, the checkout should be the only thing your visitors look at. On the checkout page, you should make sure there are no interruptions. guarantees that the header and footer will be removed. The focus should be on the spaces that need to be filled rather than the header and footer. They do nothing but take up space on the website.

Limit the number of fields on the form.

According to research, the fewer fields customers must fill in, the higher the UX performance rate of the checkout, and the more likely the customer is to complete the transaction quickly and easily. To save time, for example, have your customers fill in the zip code and the location of the request will be filled in automatically.

The tones of the ‘checkout’ and ‘continue to shop’ icons differ.

The shop owner must make a clear distinction between the site’s many interactive icons and the checkout page. Whether it’s ‘Checkout’ or ‘Keep shopping,’ the tones should be distinct and make this clear to the customers.

Include a brief summary of the product.

An item synopsis should be displayed at all stages of the checkout process to keep customers informed about what they’re buying. This will help them understand what they’re buying by providing all relevant information, such as size and colour, until the time comes to pay.

Make cart management simple.

In any case, you should try to reduce the chances of a user abandoning your checkout page. It’s critical to allow users to change the number of items in their cart without having to leave the checkout page and return to the storefront.


So, what are your thoughts on Knowband’s Prestashop One Page Checkout? The Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon handles everything for you, ensuring that your conversions soar. Please contact us at if you have any questions about the plugin.

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