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What Vape Pen to Use with Pre-Filled CBD Cartridge

Using CBD vape cartridges is quickly becoming a popular trend in the world today.


Vaping is an easy and convenient way to get a dose of your daily hit discreetly and go.

To further make this experience, more enjoyable manufactures have come up with vape pen cartridges that are much easier to operate, and they are the pre-filled cartridges.

Pre-filled cartridges are still new to the market and are still not legalized in areas where CBD is illegal; hence, you cannot easily find them in the market.

Despite these challenges, pre-filled cartridges offer you the most comfortable way into the CBD vaping world.

So, if you want the best, most convenient way to start vaping, then read on.

1. Hemp Bombs Cartridge

The Hemp Bombs Cartridge is one of the pre-filled cartridges that allow you to enjoy CBD bombs.

Just open it on while fitted on any 510-threaded battery and enjoy your hit.

The cartridge is made of high-quality glass material and comes pre-filled with 125, 300, and 1000 mg of CBD, which has no trace of THC.

What’s more is that they are available in different flavor ranges such as menthol, beverages, and desert.

2. The GRN CBD Cartridge

The GRN CBD cartridge is another top-notch pre-filled cartridge made by the renowned e-liquid company called One Hit Wonder.

Its capacity is 1ml and is offered in 200 and 400mg of CBD.

Just like the Hemp Bombs Cartridge, it comes in three varieties, and they are:

  • original,
  • vanilla custard
  • apple cinnamon muffin

3. The JustCBD Cartridge

JustCBD cartridge provides you with high-quality cartridges that can carry 1ml of CBD oil, containing 200mg of CBD.

You have a range of four flavors to choose from, and again three strain-specific terpenes flavored varieties.

This cartridge is light and smooth, the right package for your favorite hit.

4. Peaked Cartridge

The Peaked brand is famous for its full-spectrum CBD liquids, so if you are unsure where to start, this journey from the peak cartridge is the best place to start.

Their terpenes are derived from organically grown hemp from Colorado. Therefore, you are assured of high quality in each vape you take.

It’s compatible with the 510 batteries and has a capacity of 1ml of 400mg CBD oil.

The peaked cartridges come in seven strains that contain 0.3% THC.

5. Vape Bright Cartridge

Vape Bright 510 cartridge has 250mg of original CBD oil concentrates that have no VV or PG. Like the rest of the pre-filled cartridges, it comes with rich flavor terpenes to deliver a potent CBD dose.

6. Fresh Leaf Cartridge

Fresh Leaf offers CARTRIDGES THAT ARE strain inspired and are loaded with 200mg CBD oil. In addition to the CBD, they are loaded with organic food-grade terpenes responsible for the natural flavor and an entourage effect.

The vape oil is THC free, and each cartridge contains 0.5ml CBD oil and is compatible with the 510 vape pens.

7. Pinnacle Cartridge

Pinnacle is famous for its CBD edibles and oils. Therefore, their cartridge is also of high quality and does not disappoint in delivering the best hits.

They are 1ml capacity cartridges that are pre-filled with 500mg of full-spectrum cannabidiol.

The cartridges come in three flavor strains, and they are Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. Each strain is made with its mix of terpenes.

The Advantages of using pre-filled cartridges

  • They are easy to operate since it comes already loaded with CBD concentrate
  • Its portable thanks to its small size
  • They offer a more convenient way to vape CBD
  • They are Disposable but reusable
  • They are compatible with most vape pens

A final word on vape pen to use with pre-filled CBD cartridge

With the list above, you are now set to get your favorite pre-filled cartridges. As Usual, ensure that you have all the information about the cartridges and the contents in them. Get to see reviews of other users, and that way, you will be in a better position to make an informed choice.

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