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What Makes Size 15 Rubber Boots So Special?

What Makes Size 15 Rubber Boots So Special?

Don’t let the title of this article fool you. There are things about size 15 rubber boots that make them special. It’s not like the only thing that could possibly be special about a pair of size 15 rubber boots is that they are size 15s. That is special enough, but there’s more to this picture.

When you are looking at a pair of boots like the Bogs Classic Mid Men’s Rubber Boots, then the picture of specialty only becomes all the more definition and refined. There is a lot more to a pair of rubber boots like these than meets the eye. Plenty meets the eye, too.

Like, for one thing, that these are not simply rubber boots. They are more like a hybrid rubber boot made with neoprene as well. This might look cosmetic, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Consider that neoprene is one of the best insulating synthetics that has been devised to date.

It’s warm, comfortable, and can be made fully waterproof, as in the case of these boots. Keep in mind this is the stuff that professional divers wear when they take the plunge into water that could be near freezing or even below freezing temperatures. Also keep in mind that this is the material that fly fishermen wear to keep themselves from freezing to death when they are standing chest deep in moving ice-cold water.

So, yes, for one thing, there is a lot that is special about a pair of large rubber boots like these, and we’ve already made some bold inroads into just what it is that is so special about them. Now take into account that these boots are made with rubber soles that are hand lasted for a four way stretch – that is to say, these boots are not only completely waterproof but impressively comfortable.

Then there is the fact that they come with extremely durable outsoles that are non slip, non marking and even clean themselves over time. A tread that grips is valuable enough, but oftentimes dirt accumulates in an aggressive tread pattern like these. Never fear, though, because these boots will keep you steady while shedding the chaff.

Earlier when we remarked on the comfort of the boots, as well as the fact that neoprene is a remarkable insulator, we left one fact out that is quite telling. Speaking of the properties of these boots, they are not just intended to keep you dry and warm – they will keep you very dry and very warm. If you spend a lot of time outside in the winter, get ready for some relief. These boots are rated for use in temperatures as low as -40 degrees.

To give you some idea of the resistance of these boots, consider that they are made primarily with two chemicals, being WH1 and BK4. Don’t get lost trying to figure out what these stand for. It doesn’t matter; what matters is performance.

For example, they are resistant to a variety of acids and chemicals. If that weren’t enough, the WH1 is soaked in Oleic acid, then chilled to -20 Celsius and flexed 150,000 times. It has to pass this test of proof without cracking before it can be used in the construction of these boots.

What does that mean for you? It means that these boots are made tough and will last you faithfully through many seasons. If you’re looking for comfort, durability and warmth, get yourself a pair of these.

Of course, there are other size 15 rubber boots available at XL feet on their website, Typically, guys with size 15 feet would have to shop for days or weeks to find what they need, but not anymore. Get yourself over to their website and step into something that fits!

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