Beauty tip: this is how your hair grows faster!

hair grows faster


Have your hair cut and want it to grow back quickly? You feel like your hair is not growing fast enough and ask yourself:


How does hair grow faster?


While there is no cure-all that will make hair wash faster for everyone, these tricks can help:


  1. brush your hair often.


  1. Massage your scalp regularly.


  1. Use products that are known to make hair grow faster, such as shampoo containing caffeine.


  1. Eat lots of foods with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, silicon, and copper. Why does all this help?


We’ll explain it to you in detail, but first want to go into the subject of hair growth.


It is important to know that the maximum length of your hair is genetically determined. You can test your maximum length by letting the hair grow out with a lot of patience (the hair grows on average 1.2 centimeters per month). In some women they grow over the bottom, in some to just over the shoulder blades.

These tricks will make your hair grow faster



Tip 1: This serum stimulates your hair growth.

A hair growth serum helps to strengthen the hair from the root and thus promotes healthy hair growth. Natural ingredients such as ginger and black sesame stimulate blood flow to the scalp and activate the hair follicles.



Tip 2: Brush, brush, brush


Not a grandmother’s old wives’ tale, but actually the easiest way to boost hair growth. Brushing vigorously for one to two minutes a day stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. The circulation in turn is important for the functionality of the hair follicles. These are tiny holes in the scalp where hair roots are formed. If these follicles are open and healthy, the hair will grow back quickly and strongly.

Tip 3: massage the scalp

A regular massage also stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp. This is how a hair growth-promoting massage works: Knead the scalp vigorously with all ten fingers in one gripping motion. Additional bonus: the natural hair oil, also called sebum, is distributed. The hair shines like a mirror after such a massage.

Tip 4: These products will help your hair grow

Shampoos that contain caffeine stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, which makes your hair grow faster.Biotin comes from the group of B vitamins and gives new hair growth new energy. Biotin is found in pumpkin seeds, spinach, bananas, dairy products and strawberries. It can also be taken as a dietary supplement.

Caffeine shampoo makes hair grow faster.

Tip 5: healthy diet for fast hair growth

A healthy diet is essential anyway. We need proteins for the formation of keratin. This is the horn that our hair is made of. Copper is essential for pigmentation, i.e. for hair color. Vitamin E keeps the scalp and follicles healthy, silicon ensures that the hair does not break. The supply of omega 3 fatty acids, which make our hair shine, is also very important.

Which foods contain which valuable substances?

We find proteins in lentils, pumpkin seeds, almonds, spelled, oats and millet.

For example, copper is contained in high doses in matjes, grapes, avocado and cashew nuts.

Vitamin E, also known as the beauty vitamin, is also found in walnuts, sunflower and olive oils.

Silicon is the number one trace element for our skin, nails and hair. Good sources for the hair growth booster are millet, oats and nettles, which, by the way, taste great when prepared as a soup.

Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in chia seeds, herring and salmon.

What else accelerates hair growth

Good blood circulation in the scalp is essential for rapid hair growth. Try using rosemary, horsetail, sage while cooking and you will see your hair grow like crazy. It is even more effective to add one liter of hot water to the herbs mentioned above, let it steep for 20 minutes and wash your hair with the brew. In addition, drink an herbal tea, for example burdock root or catnip, and your hair growth cannot be stopped.


Massage aloe vera gel (from the organic market) with lemon juice into your hair, leave to take effect and rinse well. This procedure is great for stimulating hair growth.

To make your hair grow faster …


… you should pay attention to a few things:

1.) Nutrient deficiency

Nutrient deficiency causes slow growth. Vitamins of the B complex, which, among other things, keep the nervous system stable, are particularly important for fast, healthy hair growth. If your nerves go through with you, this can lead to hair growth disorders, in the worst case to hair loss.

2.) Never drink too much!


Alcohol in excess slows down your metabolism. This in turn prevents your hair from growing quickly.


3.) Zinc deficiency


The lack of zinc is also to blame for delayed hair growth. Among other things, the trace element is important for the health of the skin, including the scalp, from which our hair should sprout healthily and quickly. Zinc is found in the highest dose in oysters. Those who don’t like them or can’t pay for them can choose – in the order – beef, sea fish, cheese and whole-grain products.




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