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What is the top Chromebook under 300?

You don’t generally require the most costly form of an item to get the best exhibition. While it’s not difficult to seek to possess extravagant stuff, it’s simply not down to earth for the vast majority. Chromebooks are frequently a financially savvy approach, yet even they can arrive at the $1,000 limit. That is the reason we’ve gathered together the best Chromebook under 300 to assist you with getting a solid machine at a tremendous cost.

These range a few sizes, incorporating those with 11.6-, 14-, 15.6-inch shows, and a few structure factors, including standard clamshells and turning convertibles. This should help everybody discover their match. Here are our suggestions.

Best Chromebook Under 300:

  1. Samsung Chromebook 4+ (15-inch)
  2. HP Chromebook 14
  3. Lenovo Chromebook C340 (11-inch)

Samsung Chromebook 4

Up first in our Chromebook under 300 gathering is this elegant piece of Samsung equipment, which should serve the individuals who need an overall processing machine with a giant screen. It offers a 15.6-inch LCD show with a Full HD goal. The 1,920 by 1,080 pixels guarantee you have loads of space for different applications or windows. The Samsung Chromebook 4+ is fueled by an Intel Celeron N3000 or N4000 processor with a sensible 4GB of RAM and 32GB of capacity. A 720p HD webcam implies you can have new Duo or Zoom talks with loved ones.

HP Chromebook 14

The HP Chromebook 14 offers significantly more land than the 11.6-inch choices, which implies more space for efficiency. The 14-inch contact show has an unassuming 1,366 by 768 goal. It has broad, 178-degree seeing points. The HP 14 is controlled by a double center 1.1GHz Intel Celeron N3350 processor with a standard 4GB of RAM and 32GB of capacity. Should you need more extra room, the Chromebook upholds microSD cards. Different highlights incorporate Intel HD Graphics 500 and a great 10.75 long stretches of battery life.

Lenovo Chromebook C340

The last pick for our best Chromebook under 300 is another clamshell choice. Lenovo’s Chromebook S330 is worked for the expert world with a Business Black completion and a 180-degree pivot that lays the level for introductions. The enormous 14-inch show is an incredible size for profitability; however, it’s still tiny enough for simple transportation. Just a solitary processor alternative is accessible to the S330, and that is a MediaTek MTK 8173C timed at 1.7GHz with four centers and four strings.

Chromebook Specs

Chromebooks arrive in a confounding cluster of alternatives. At times, in any event, attempting to choose which choices to get on a solitary model can be overpowering. I need to utilize an accounting page to keep it all straight. However, you shouldn’t need to, so here are some expansive specs to remember while picking one.


Processor: Chromebooks utilize about six distinct processors, the more significant part of which you’ve presumably never known about. There’s a justification that: They’re moderate. In the wake of evaluating many Intel Celeron-based machines (typically named N4000), my suggestion is to go with something all the more impressive if you can manage the cost of it. The following stage up from the Celeron is the Core m3, which is the ideal decision for many people. If you need an all the more remarkable, future-confirmation machine, get an i3 or i5 chip.

Ram: Get 8 gigabytes if you can manage its cost, particularly if you intend to run Android applications. At the point when I’ve encountered serious stoppages and glitches, it’s pretty often been utilizing Android applications on Chromebooks with just 4 gigs of RAM.

Screen: Get an IPS LCD show. As yet, a couple of low-end models out there with crappier TN LCD show you ought to stay away from. Your pixel goal relies upon the size. I have utilized (and suggest) some 11-inch Chromebooks that have 720p showcases. Since those screens are pressed into a little structure factor. I discover them acceptably sharp. A 1080p screen will be a lot more pleasant.

Ports: Most things you do on a Chromebook are cloud-based. So you don’t have to stress a lot over ports. You may need something that charges through a USB-C port on the off chance that you’d prefer to have the option to run your Chromebook off a versatile battery/charger; however, shockingly, USB-C is truly just accessible in more costly models. It additionally assists with having a MicroSD opening for extended capacity, but on the other hand, that is not generally accessible.


Chromebooks come in the class of PCs that are made to make things direct and basic. These workstations run on Chrome OS, which is a clear working framework with sufficient capacity abilities. These PCs are ideal for understudies as they are unique and effectively convenient.

Would it be advisable for me to BUY A CHROMEBOOK OR LAPTOP?

If you are a hoarder of gathering recollections, you should go for a Windows PC. A Windows PC can, without much of a stretch, a sudden spike in demand for 8GB of memory, though a Chromebook can run on a limit of 8GB of memory. Notwithstanding, Chromebooks accompany distributed storage, which implies you can get a ton of capacity through Google Drive.


Typically, Chromebooks accompany 4GB of RAM, which is adequate for regular everyday use. You need more RAM on the off chance that you perform no-nonsense undertakings of video or picture altering. Nonetheless, if you need a PC for watching Netflix or completing your tasks, a 4GB Chromebook can be a fantastic alternative for you.


Chromebooks are extraordinary for ordinary utilize yet not for proficient use chiefly on account of their restricted stockpiling. These PCs don’t give a convincing encounter of gaming; thus, gamers shouldn’t pick Chromebooks. Chromebooks don’t accompany worked in Microsoft Office. In any case, you can introduce it later on. Chromebooks aren’t ideal for video altering and fine art as these are in-your-face undertakings that require a hearty exhibition PC like a Windows PC.


The lifesaver of any gadget relies on how you utilize and oversee it. In any case, the estimated life expectancy of a Chromebook is about 6.5 years. This is only a ballpark number and not valid for all Chromebooks.


Chromebooks are spending amicable plan PCs and a fantastic option in contrast to Windows workstations or MacBooks. As far as security and encryption, Chromebooks don’t linger behind. They are entirely mechanized and give us a remarkably free from any danger working framework. Chromebooks can serve to be an extraordinary working unit for medium estimated organizations also.

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