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What Is Edge Computing? A Simple Guide

Are you wondering why businesses are moving from cloud computing to edge computing? That’s not surprising. Edge computing is still new, so not many people are familiar with how it works.

However, expect edge computing to keep growing and take over a lot of the computing market. Reports show that the industry will reach a value of $43.4 billion by 2027.

If you’re exploring edge computing, this post will help you learn the basics of the technology. Keep reading to learn what edge computing is and why it makes sense to use.

What Is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is a technology that provides faster service and more cost savings. It uses “fog computing” in its architecture to increase the performance of applications and help companies save money.

So, how does edge computing work?

It works by placing computing resources closer to the locations where customers are using them. It takes time for information to travel halfway around the world. By placing computer servers as a relay closer to the end-consumer, you get a faster response time for apps.

Benefits of Edge Computing

Of course, deploying an edge-computing architecture does have some added cost. Let’s look at a few benefits of edge computing and why it matters for companies.

Faster Data Processing

Many people think of cloud computing when they think of distributed web apps. However, cloud servers do have limitations. Cloud computing takes place in centralized locations, so there will always be latency.

You do data processing in real-time with edge computing. There’s no need to reach out to a central server to process your data. You can handle everything on the edge of the network and get faster processing times as a result.

Better Security

Edge-computing is designed for high security. Since data processing takes place closer to where you use it, it’s easier for you to stop threats. Even if a threat manages to get through cloud security, your data is just a few steps away, giving you more time to act and take action.

That’s because data has far less travel time when located closer to the apps using it. There’s less transit time for hackers to intercept and steal your information.

Greater Reliability

When critical applications are in charge of data processing, they need to be very reliable. When you rely on a central server, you need it to stay online if you want your data processed.

Since edge computing companies like use edge nodes to process data, your app won’t stop functioning when your central server goes down. Your app will keep functioning so you can keep working with an app.

Edge Computing Is Helping Companies Provide Better Service

By now, you should have a better idea about edge-computing and how it helps companies deliver better products. Edge-computing won’t only help companies make their apps faster, but it will also help new internet of things devices come to market. Make sure to keep up with the latest tech that uses it.

Are you interested in learning more about the latest tech tools? Check out our blog for more information about the latest developments.

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