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What Is a Brand Champion? A Business Owner’s Guide

What is fame without a fanbase? What is a brand if you have no recognition?

Fact – today’s business owners must consider their supporters because no one accomplishes anything alone. The obvious question that follows is, what is a brand champion? How do these individuals impact the growth of your business?

Read on to learn why and how to attract more support for your brand.

What Is a Brand Champion?

In essence, a brand champion is someone – anyone – involved in promoting your brand.

Here are a few ways that brand champions benefit your business:

  • Boost your sales
  • Reach new users
  • Advocate, endorse, and convey value to others
  • Actively use your products or services
  • Leave good reviews and share positive posts on social media

Brand Champion Examples

No one knows a business better than the person who started it. A small business owner will always be its most passionate advocate. And its primary brand champion.

PR or Marketing managers are hired to fulfill specific company objectives. In carrying out their responsibilities, they also take on the brand champion role. There is no formal brand champion position in a company. Not yet, at least!

Social media influencers provide brand champion marketing by reaching out to their followers. Their specific content is directly relevant to their fanbase. These influencers create an important link between a business and its niche market.

Most people trust recommendations from people they know more than advertising. Loyal customers are important brand champions because happy customers create more customers.

Don’t overlook the significant role your employees play. Happy employees fulfill all the requirements of brand champions. They understand the business fully, and they’re invested in its success. Plus your employees can expand your business reach through their own informal networks.

Here are a few ideas on how business owners can attract customers as brand champions:

1. Loyalty Programs

You can cultivate customer loyalty by building emotional connections with your target audience. Rewarding your customers promotes their loyalty to your brand. There is a lot of research supporting the value of loyalty programs.

2. Customer Feedback

Giving your customers a voice develops their responsiveness to your brand. Encourage them to share their opinions and experiences. By implementing their feedback, your customers will feel a sense of engagement with your brand.

3. Merchandising

Do you want to uplift your company image and promote name recognition? Good merchandising might be the answer to connecting new brand champions. Axomo provides some great information on how to get this right.

Brand Champions for the Win

Brand champions include people interested and involved in the success of the business. These range from customers to PR managers and even the business owners themselves.

So don’t take a brand champion’s role in marketing your business for granted! It takes more than one person to establish a strong, successful brand. The more champions a business has, the better.

As your business grows, your brand champions grow with it. Brand champion marketing is a powerful tool and every well-known brand owes its success to its loyal champions. Follow us on social media for more tips on growing your business!

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