What Can You Get From A Custom Knife Builder?

What Can You Get From A Custom Knife Builder?

You may have seen some news on custom knives or a Custom Knife Builder here or there. You may have looked the other way because truly custom built knives are expensive, or even because you’re happy with the knife you carry and don’t see the value of custom components like scales, sheaths, and finishes. While you might be very well happy with your ESEE Laser Strike, your RAT 5 or any of many other models, it might be worth your while to take a look at what a custom knife builder like The Knife Connection’s can do for the look, feel and finish of your knife.

The Knife Connection’s custom knife builder allows you to customize just about every aspect of your knife, from the handle all the way through the accessories you can include with the sheath. While you might be pleased with your knife, if you’ve ever wondered if there were better scales out there or if there were options for custom sheaths that were customizable in the sense that they could easily accommodate accessories, then a custom knife might be for you.

Consider, for example, if you carry a knife that offers a fairly comfortable three-finger grip. That might be fairly comfortable because most of the time it allows you to use the knife effectively, but some of the time you might prefer to be able to get a fuller grip on the knife. Consider also a situation in which a knife’s handle has finger grooves or palm swells. While these are definitely valuable when they fit your hands, if they don’t they’re generally uncomfortable.

That only addresses the handle of a knife. What if your knife came with a leather sheath, that, while functional, didn’t offer you the same customizable features as Kydex. With a custom knife builder, you can have all of the great features that Kydex sheaths offer – excellent retention, versatility in how you carry the blade and more. And when you customize the sheath, you can bring in additional benefits such as the add ons for FireSteels, pouches, danglers and more.

So let’s consider a knife the use of which you might already enjoy such as an ESEE-5. With a custom knife builder, you can add scales to the knife that offer your hand a better fit as well as other user-friendly features. For example, some of the custom scales in The Knife Connection’s Knife Builder feature a divot for a bow drill bearing block. The low friction of the G10 scales makes it easy for you to supplement the lack of an environmental bearing block with the knife’s handle. In addition, the grips on their custom scales are enhanced with mild machining to give extra traction to the handles. One more note – you can change up the color on the scales to give the knife more or less contrast in the field, depending on which you need.

With The Knife Connection’s Knife Builder you can also pick out a leather sheath, an MBSP – B Completely assembled sheath with a MOLLE back and pouch, even a custom Kydex sheath that lets you choose multiple methods for carrying your knife and adding accessories. With their custom knife builder, you can even add on accessories like paracord and a knife sharpener in one place without having to get it all elsewhere. In essence, The Knife Connection makes it easy for you to enhance the overall functionality of a knife with custom scales, sheaths, and accessories, and they make it easy to do so. Take a look at or give them a call for more information on their custom knife builder if you’re interested in getting a little bit more functionality and better design out of your knife, even if you already are pleased with its design.

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