Plenty of Choices in an Extreme Mountain Unicycle

Plenty of Choices in an Extreme Mountain Unicycle

Learning to ride a unicycle is far from a stunt. It definitively carries a bit of ‘wow’ factor as part and parcel of the display, but the truth is that adept unicyclists are skilled athletes that have devoted a significant amount of resources to the skill. Riding a unicycle requires great strength, excellent stamina, an unparalleled sense of balance, and on top of all that, determination.

Riding a unicycle, especially mountain unicycling or trails riding, requires a great degree of fitness and the practice that goes with it to make it a reality. If you are interested in an Extreme Mountain Unicycle that you can use to make yourself better at mountain biking or even just as a new way to reap the benefits of regular exercise, if you visit, you’re in the right place.

The people behind the works at are dedicated cyclists and passionate about their sport. That’s why they offer an unrivaled collection of unicycles – both for beginners and skilled veteran riders alike. They understand the many physical and mental benefits that come with learning the art of riding the unicycle, so if you’re looking for an extreme mountain unicycle, consider one of these choices below.

Nimbus 24” Oracle Mountain Unicycle

This slick-looking mountain unicycle, with its bright orange trimmings, is much more than just eye-candy. This model has plenty of features you’ll love as a rider, whether you’re powering uphill or coasting down. Its construction is a balance of steel and aluminum to give you the benefits of lightness, strength, and durability. In addition, you can choose the saddle and crank arm that you want to come with this model.

Impact 26” Mountain Unicycle

This model may not be as bright as the former entry, but don’t let those demur looks fool you. This unicycle can put up with some of the roughest terrains you can throw at it. It comes with a Naomi saddle with a front lift and brand mount, and its aluminum frame is remarkably light and strong.

Kris Holm 27.5” Mountain Unicycle

This Kris Holm model, slightly larger than the two former models, is loaded with features to keep you comfortable when riding the trails . The larger wheel reduces rolling resistance and the 55mm wide rim helps to stabilize the wheel and add another layer of comfort. Its tread is aggressive enough to grip unforgiving terrain, yet rounded adequately to ride smoothly over more domestic surfaces. If you are looking for an extreme mountain unicycle that will also offer you a comfortable urban commute, this might just be the model for you.

Nimbus Hatchet 27.5” Mountain Unicycle

Here is an extreme mountain unicycle that’s just loaded with features that will enable you to tackle some really wild trails. This unicycle has a particularly wide rim supporting an even wider tube to give you extraordinary traction on inhospitable surfaces. While some wider unicycles require a wide frame that some riders consider uncomfortable, this model’s frame sits to the rear of the rider’s legs to clear them, offering extra comfort. Like the immediately previous model, it will offer a lot of comfort and traction on rough ground.

Those are only a few of the many excellent selections you will find at, whether you’re looking for an extreme mountain unicycle or you’re a beginner looking for their first ride. For beginners and experts alike, there’s no denying the broad range of physical and mental benefits that come with riding, not to mention all of the hours that come along with learning, for free. Take a look at their site, or give their team a call at 800-864-2925 – they’d be glad to help you out.

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