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What Are Types of Orthodontic Appliances?

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Removable orthodontic appliances are used to treat minute orthodontic problems like correction of crooked or misaligned teeth and thumb sucking. These appliances can only be removed while eating, cleaning, brushing, playing sports, and cycling. Below mentioned are a few examples of Removable orthodontic appliances:

1) Aligners – It is worn by the patient in place of traditional braces as they are unnoticeable by other people and one can easily take them out while brushing, flossing, and cleaning.

2) Headgear – The main function of the headgear is to slow down the growth of the upper jaw and keep the teeth in position. It is attached to a metal wire which is present inside the face elbow.

3) Lip and cheek bumpers – They are used to prevent the cheeks and lips from the pressure created by the teeth.

4) Detachable retainers – They are designed to be placed on the crown of the mouth and to prevent the teeth from moving back to its original positions. After making certain modifications you can use them to stop children from sucking their thumb.

5) Jaw relocation appliances – These appliances are placed either on the top or on the lower jaw to allow the jaw to close properly. Normally it is used for TMJ disorder syndrome.

Fixed orthodontic appliances

The fixed orthodontics is used when precision is important. The various examples of orthodontic appliances include:

1) Braces: The braces consist of a bracket that is fixed around the teeth to serve as, anchors for the appliance whereas; brackets are connected to the front-facing teeth. During this treatment, a patient has to visit the orthodontist clinic once every month in order to adjust the teeth. The treatment goes on for several months depending upon the severity of the problem. According to the survey, it is found that the children prefer to have color braces whereas adults use to wear clear styles.

2) Fixed space maintainers: A space maintainer is used in the form of a band to maintain the space between the teeth to prevent it from moving toward either side until the adult tooth comes through.
3) Special fixed appliances: These appliances are used to stop the child from sucking the thumb. They are uncomfortable to use at the time of eating but, experts say that these appliances should only be used when required.

So, in order to get Invisalign Charlotte, Charlotte Invisalign then, you can consult the orthodontist to get more information regarding the treatment. To get more detail about the removable appliances you can search online or ask your orthodontist to get an idea about them. For more detail, you can ask your near and dear ones for the best option of Charlotte Invisalign.

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