A Dissection of a Husky 5th Wheel Hitch

For anyone looking for a sturdy, secure hitch that will provide a sure hookup and handle well, a fifth wheel hitch is probably the way to go. That said, not every vehicle can accommodate them. Typically, you only see pickup trucks and even larger vehicles sporting them, but for all that, they can handle a lot of weight, handle well, provide for better stability when turning and braking, and generally are just downright tough.

Here you’ll be able to find some more information on the Husky Towing 31665 16KW Fifth Wheel Slider Hitch with a Wraparound Jaw that can be found online at RV Upgrades. For a Husky 5th wheel hitch, it’s a tough model with a lot of features and selling points.

First off, this Husky 5th wheel hitch is rated to 16,000 pounds or 8 tons. On top of its impressive weight rating, it is designed with a number of features that enhance safety and handling and make it easier to use.

For example, it has a four-way pivoting head and it is also height-adjustable to suit a wider variety of towing applications and to do so safely. It also has 10 inches of slider travel from front to back so the weight of the load and where it bears on the bed of the truck can be adjusted more easily. This improves handling and safety and increases the range of tolerance of the hitch.

As the head pivots and is fully articulated, this facilitates hooking up your trailer or camper, even on unlevel terrain that is somewhat less than forgiving. In addition, the wraparound jaw does not need to be manually opened for hookup. The wraparound jaw is also a single piece and that provides for more structural integrity and strength, though it also prevents rattling around during riding and turning.

As it relates to handling, the slider mentioned above will make the entire rig much more forgiving and handle much better, especially during tricky maneuvers. Whether you are making a slow, hard turn, or performing a precise maneuver in reverse, that extra slider room will be your best friend.

To enhance safety and the ease of visual inspection, this Husky 5th wheel hitch has a trigger plate that will not close until the kingpin is properly positioned. It is also quick and easy to inspect; if the red table is visible, then the jaw is open and if it is not visible, the jaw is closed and secure.

This particular 5th wheel hitch weighs 182 pounds and comes with zinc plated fasteners that are both strong, durable, and resistant to corrosion. On that note, the hitch itself is created from heavy-duty steel and is finished with a gray powder-coat to resist rust and corrosion. It’s made to last as well as to perform.

In addition, this 5th wheel hitch is also compatible with quite a large range of different vehicles, so you may be in luck if you like what you’ve read so far. It is compatible with a number of different Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, and GMC trucks, among others; a list of compatible vehicles can be found online at; alternatively, you could click the link above to the product page.

Remember, though it is compatible with a large number of vehicles and comes with mounting hardware, you will also need a bed rail and bracket kit along with some special tools to complete the installation if you plan to do so yourself. For more information, see the link above or contact a staff member at RV Upgrades. You can reach them by phone at 866-332-7881 with requests for information.

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