What Are the Highest-Paid Latest Bank Jobs In Pakistan 2021

Have you done your studies in banking, finance, or commerce subjects and are looking to start your professional career through banks? Well, you are informed that there are a lot of opportunities you can avail of with a graduate degree in banking and finance. Candidates are offered a complete idea that what are the highest-paid bank jobs in Pakistan. Check all these mentioned positions and if you are eligible for any of these positions then try to find your desired positions from the latest bank jobs in pakistan 2021 and start your professional career this year.

  1. Financial Analyst

A financial analyst is one of the major positions not only in the banks but in many other finance industries as well. A financial analyst helps businesses or individuals to make the right decision for investments. People who are interested to start their professional career as financial analysts in the bank are required to pass at least a bachelors’ degree. However, some employers or banks may also prefer a masters’ degree.

Salary Of Financial Analyst: A Financial Analyst can earn up to 85,000 USD per year.           

  1. Personal Financial Advisor

A personal financial advisor helps individuals to manage their financial condition by giving them ideas that how to meet their short as well as long-term goals of life. At every single stage of life, the personal financial advisor helps the individuals to make better decisions to make the coming time easy and possible. For becoming a personal financial advisor in the bank, the candidates are required to earn at least a bachelor’s degree.

Salary Of Personal Financial Advisor: A Personal Financial Advisor can earn up to 87, 000 USD annually.

  1. Relationship Manager

Relationship manager plays a pivotal role to build a strong relation between accompany and the consumers. In a bank, the relationship manager builds and maintains strong relations between the bank and customers. The relationship manager is required to have complete knowledge of the particular products and services that are offering to the users by the banks. However, they must also have the ability to convey the message and services to the users to attract their attention. Normally, it comes to see that the candidates with a bachelor’s degree in banking and related subjects are eligible for this position. So, if you have such a qualification and degree and are also interested to start such a career then do not think much and start finding such an option from the bank jobs in pakistan 2021.

Salary Of A Relationship Manager: A Relationship Manager can earn up to 83,000 USD per year.  

  1. Accountant

An accountant is a basic job title or position in a bank. Without an accountant, the bank is not said to be completed. The accountant works to hold the complete accountability of a bank. Among the responsibilities and duties of an accountant to analyze, plan, and evaluate business expense and income are the major ones. The position of an accountant can easily earn while having a bachelor’s degree. However, the candidates with a master’s degree are preferred by banks. However, in order to earn the position of accountant, the candidates may also be required to sit in a competitive or selection exam.

Salary Of An Accountant: The salary of an accountant ranges from 50,000 to 70,000 USD per year.

  1. Auditor

The basic job of an auditor is to review accounting records. Accuracy, insurance, and compliance with regulations are other basic tasks that are performed by the auditors. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree can start the profession of an auditor. The auditor is highly demanded as well as the highest-paid bank job in Pakistan.

Salary Of An Auditor: An auditor can earn from 50,000 to 70,000 USD annually.

  1. Branch Manager

Among Pakistan latest jobs, one can easily find a bank branch manager job. Every bank typically needs a branch manager to hold all the branch level tasks with full performance and without any disturbance in the routine. A branch manager is required to complete several duties. However, to become a bank branch manager, a bachelor’s degree is enough.

Salary Of Branch Manager: The salary of a branch manager in a bank ranges from 50,000 to 60,000 USD annually.

  1. Loan Officer

A loan officer is a person in the bank who deals with people who are looking to get a loan for some genuine purpose. The main duty of the loan officer is to make people familiar that how they can be eligible to get a loan from a particular bank and what are conditions will be applied while taking and returning a bank loan. A person having a bachelor’s degree in banking-related subjects can easily become a loan officer in the bank.

Salary Of A Loan Officer: The salary packages of the loan officer ranges from 50,000 to 65,000 USD per year.

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  1. Collector

Collectors in the bank or any finance industry play a pivotal role. The very basic duty of collectors is to manage accounts. They also keep track of bills and have the responsibility to collect past due invoices. For the position of a collector, the candidates with a high school diploma are eligible. However, candidates with a bachelors’ degree are preferred by banks and many other finance industries.

Salary of A Collector: The salary for a position of collector ranges from 30,000 to 40,000 USD annually.     


Bank jobs in Pakistan are listed among the top and highest paid jobs in Pakistan. In Pakistan, we find several banks that are offering their best services. Every year the banks announce the latest jobs for several categories. Candidates can easily find meezan bank jobs 2021, HBL jobs 2021, MCB jobs 2021, and many others. Candidates are offered a helpful tip that they must keep themselves updated with all the job announcements to secure their positions. Moreover, you must also fulfill all the requirements to apply for your desired positions. Otherwise, you will not be entertained and it would be a waste of time for you.

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