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Welcome to the World of Azurite stone

Azurite stone
Azurite stone

Azurite stone stunning blue colored mineral which is used by people in many parts of the World for thousands of years to activate the third eye Chakra and to stimulate Spiritual growth.

Azurite is a carbonated mineral made with the fusion of Carbon-Dioxide-laden waters with subsurface Copper ores.

Records are evidence that Azurite was used in ancient Japan and Egypt the name Azurite is derived from the Stones Azure blue color.

Azurite is made by Natural minerals found in many parts of the World in the upper oxidized portion of copper and deposits open near Malaysia at the green basic or carbonate of copper.

Azurite is found in many places. The most famous sources are the USA, Namibia, Congo, Morocco, and Australia. At one time it was found in Chessy near Lyon, France and Azurite was sometimes referred to as a chess elite.

Some studies Auzurite is not familiar to water. Because it belongs to the “ite” group are not familiar to water.


Know My Story!
azuriteAzurite has a fascinating history among earlier Civilizations and was deem to be an Extremely potent psychic Stone covered in mystery to both the earlier Egyptians and ancient Chinese.

It was used for its Healing energies by Greek and Romans because they believed that it promoted visionary insights also known as the Stone of heaven. The Mayans believed that it was instrumental in transferring both wisdom and knowledge by the processes of thoughts.


My Quality and Value –
azuriteAs it has been used as an ore of copper metal for thousands of years the ancient Egyptians mined on the Kenai Peninsula and smelted it to produce Copper.

Azurite is easy to cut shapes into Beads, small carvings, and ornaments. The major Trouble is the fact that Azurite has a low hardness of simply 3.5 to 4.0. It is also brittle and might break along cleavage plans if utilized in a Ring, Bracelet or a distinct jewelry gadget which is probably a problem to abrasion. Azurite jewelry is difficult to clean a gentle cleaning with a softer damp cloth or with the cool soapy water is best.

If jewelry containing Azurite needs to repair the repair should be done in a way that does not heat the Stone because heating will cause the Gemstone to green or blacken. The main thing about this Gemstone is it plays a massive role in upbringing your body’s Healing Properties and helps to make them physically active.

Azurite is not a useful pigment but it is a Collector’s Stone because of its bright blue color. But if it is placed in air, heat or lights its color intensity reduces over time. To protect its blue color, collectors should place it in the dark, cool environment.


I Am a Healer!
azuriteAzurite is a mineral that plays a major role in helping you improve your concentration it boosts intuitions and wisdom by helping you to clear the Mind of negative psychic debris and helps in improving the thought process that is longer serving you. To maintain balance in your body, hold the Stone in your left hand and notice how it feels against your skin.

Complete the process by doing the same with the right hand. Azurite is not a useful pigment but it is a Collector’s Stone because of its bright blue colocolory doing this process you will notice that the Stone in this way leads to maintain the yin-yang balance because of the left-hand receipts to its energy while the right hand is always vibrant and dynamic.

AZURITE also aids to treating problems of the vertebrae spinal alignment and hassle inside the rib cage and small bones like malformation. It might also show to be beneficial in looking after arthritis and joint problems, troubles of the kidneys. It is considered to be right for hale and hearty skin and teeth and to promote the healthy increase of an embryo inside the womb.

azuriteAzurite the deep blue energy of Azurite stimulates the third eye chakra in arousing the spiritual and instinctive self. It endows the wearer the insight into whole areas of his life. Azurite lines up the Chakras and regulates the physical body to the insubstantial melting blockages although the system. Azurite is also helpful in Healing the Throat Chakra which is the main soul of the whole body.

Azurite helps to complete a powerful transformation by way of placing Azurite on a white cloth with a lit candle next to it. Sitting in the traditional meditation pose, look at the Stone for some moments. It is a practice that will help you to still the mind with peaceful contemplation. Focus on the Azurite for as long as you can without looking away and notice how it makes you feel .after this session feel the energy and Spiritual wisdom in yourself.

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