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Water Purifier: Habit Of Drinking Pure Water

The water purifier is an electronic device which is used for elimination of pollutant where there is practical usage of drinking water is present. It eliminates all kinds of impurities present in the water. Being natural solvent water can dissolve almost everything in it. To remove all types of contaminants, a water purifier undergoes various physical, chemical, and biological processes to brings out pure and healthy water.

A Water Filter eliminated all kinds of dissolved impurities as it is based on the advanced water purification technology and stages. Most of the water purifier is based on 7 advanced stages. Previously boing of water was enough to punch out all the dissolved impurities. Still, as the hazardous effects of water pollutants increasing, the means of water purifier is also changing accordingly.

Technology Used In Water Purifier

Today water purifiers are based on advanced water purification technology like reverse osmosis (RO), Ultra-violate (UV), Ultra-filtration (UV), and various other technologies to eliminates all kinds of water impurities.

  • RO Water Purifier

    This is one of the widely used water purification systems which works opposite to the pure osmosis. Like osmosis, reverse osmosis process is also based on the semi-permeable membrane, which contains various tiny pores. When water passes through this semi-permeable membrane, the dissolved impurities remain the other side resulting in contamination-free water.  An RO water purifier is suitable for the elimination of all kinds of water impurities based on their molecular size. This form of water purifier is mostly used in those areas where the dissolves salts concentration is high.

  • UV Water Purifier

    In the UV Water Purifier, UV stands for ultra-violate rays. The UV rays have higher penetration power. Thus it kills or suspends the growth of the microbes present in water by destroying their DNA. A UV water purifier doesn’t eliminate other water contamination than microbial contamination. Thus it is suitable for those areas where microbial contamination is high. In UV water, a UV lamp is used, which eliminates UV light whose intensity is more than UV rays present in sunlight.

  • UV Water Purifier

Ultra-Filtration technology is mainly used to remove dissolved salts present in water. This technology is very similar to reverse osmosis, but the significant difference is in their pore size. As the UF membrane pore size is relatively larger than the RO membrane. Thus it only removes the larger sized molecules present in water. This water purification technology always comes in combination with RO and UV. There is no solo water purifier based on UF technology.


As the year passes, the water purifier is getting technologically advanced. As a result, now water purifiers not only used to eliminates water contamination, but it also used to improve the taste of the drinking water. Now, these days advanced water purifier is based on RO, UV, UV, and TDS controller which not only provide double punch on water impurities but also removing the odor and unpleasant smell of the water.

If you are concerned about your drinking water quality, then you should install RO, UV, UF, and TDS controller with a miner booster water purifier. This water purifier brings 100% safe water irrespective of the source and contamination present in water.


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