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This Is What Makes Meira T Jewelry Unique

This Is What Makes Meira T Jewelry Unique

From the title of this article, it might sound as though we would attempt to reduce the whole of Meira T Jewelry to one single attribute that makes it unique. In a way, it could be argued that such could not be done for any designer, let alone one of the most visionary designers of our era. There is much that makes Meira T jewelry unique, but there is one thing that stands out from the crowd and really distinguishes her designs from everything that follows. In fact, it distinguishes her designs from everything that preceded it as well.

For 30 years Meira T’s designs have been deeply colored by the influences of the world around her. She has grown to develop a deep love and appreciation for art, nature, culture, and worldliness. No doubt she has cultivated such an appreciation and passion for world travel, and she incorporates many of these elements into her designs in jewelry. She creates, designs, and manifests these features in her works.

However, there is something else that defines her jewelry and it is this thing that defines it so succinctly. While you can see the veins of culture and nature running through her jewelry and evidenced by her designs, the one thing above the others that cannot be mistaken, or unseen once it is seen, is her use of balance and geometry.

It seems as if the enture corpus of the history of human endeavoring has been one single prolonged attempt to make things perfect. In art, it is an attempt to represent the natural world as photographically as possible. In architecture and engineering, it is the attempt to create perfect angles and shapes, to create a true sense of level, and to achieve a form of perfection, even if it is subjective when assessed on a greater scale.

For years, Meira has called upon the aforementioned influences and woven them into the pieces that now bear her name. She is a vivacious woman who lives life to the fullest, and perhaps that has given her some insight into the importance of the balance and harmony about which we spoke mere moments ago.

Just how she does this will vary from piece to piece, but if you spend some time becoming familiar with her works of art, this effect will become very apparent. As we said, it is a thing that you cannot unsee once it has been exposed to the light.

While in some pieces of jewelry this use of balance can be quantified, in others it is more surreal and less concrete. For example, there are Meira T necklaces that have a certain number of charms or accents on one side that are mismatched by the other and so are “lopsided.” At the same time, sometimes these accents differ in size.

Yet this is cosmetic, and where her artful use of balance and harmony really shine are in the pendants with which she furnishes these designs. For example, she will add in a cabochon of a semi precious stone that appears, at first sight, perfectly and vibrantly polished and finished.

However, as you look longer at the design in question it will become apparent that the central pendant is ever so slightly asymmetrical and therefore imperfect. Yet the near-perfection of a categorically imperfect this is stimulating and captivating. It is this on which much of Meira T jewelry thrives, and she does this better than any other designer.

Yet these contained herein are words and this effect is something that can be produced only visually. If you are interested in seeing some of these designs for yourself, go where all go who seek the most desired pieces of jewelry in the world – to There you will find many fine examples from Meira T, as well as many other storied designers. Save yourself some pondering and visit Love My Swag today.

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