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Want To Practice Yoga For Free? Here’s How

Have you been looking for ways to practice yoga but facing a real budget crunch? Fret not! As long as there is a will, there is a way. It is very much possible to practice yoga without spending a penny. And how is that? Reading this article would answer your question. 

Quite often, people do not realize the importance of yoga. Thus, they do not look for other options when they realize that they cannot afford to practice yoga. Practicing yoga creates a great impact on your mind, body and soul. Bringing together physical and mental disciplines to obtain peace, saying that yoga is important is definitely an understatement. 

Now that you are aware of how crucial yoga is to your life energy, it is time that you do not blame lack of money for not being able to practice yoga. Let us directly go through the options that you can choose to practice yoga freely.

Ways To Practice Yoga For Free:

Taking small steps goes a long way. Consider the below easy steps and give yoga a fair shot.

Yoga with Adrienne

Carrying 5 million subscribers, Yoga with Adrienne is amongst the best YouTube channels out there with free yoga videos. The videos are usually 20min long with options for longer and shorter videos as well. 

Though even beginners can use these videos, it is well suited for those who are already familiarized with different yoga poses. Yoga poses centered around certain specific pain points like back pains are provided in the videos.

Practice Yoga

Lulu Lemon

Along with yoga and workout clothes, Lulu lemon also specializes in free online yoga classes. Offering a range of yoga styles such as restorative yoga and power yoga, their videos are usually led by brand ambassadors. You can also opt for an in-person class as free yoga classes are offered through Sweat With Us program at various Lulu lemon locations.

Yoga for Beginners

If you are new to yoga, this free yoga app makes it easy for you to practice. Thus, this is an app that specializes in yoga for beginners. It provides a breakdown of poses along with quick flows to place them all together. You would even have access to a morning routine that you can use to alternate with your morning stretches.

Practice Yoga For Free

Local Library or Community Centre

Most local governments, community centers and recreational programs of a locality provide its residents with free classes. Thus, you can check your city’s official website or gather information from others regarding what is available.

Nike Training Club App

If combining yoga with other exercises like strength training interests you, then Nike Training Club app would be best suited to you. Though it has a paid membership option, there are workout videos available for free as well. 

Tone It Up

Tone It Up is suitable for people looking for fitness and toning of their body. Along with yoga options, it also provides nutrition plans and recipes. Some of the videos available on its website and YouTube channel are free with the majority available with paid membership on its app. 


Athlete mainly specializes in reliable and simple yoga wear that you can wear for a studio and outside. But, they also offer community events and classes. The types of classes depend on the location. You can check it online or at your local store.

Your Gym

Most of the time gym memberships also include yoga classes in its services. So ask at your gym’s front desk regarding it and utilize the classes. In case you are a student of a professor, you would be eligible for discounted or even free yoga classes at your campus rec center. 


You would be able to view free yoga classes from celebrity instructors using FitOn app. The videos are usually quick and best suited for hectic schedules. For a more studio-like experience, you can stream it onto TV. What more can you ask for? 

Now that you are aware of where to go for free yoga classes, you no longer have to regret neglecting your body’s wellbeing. Select the option that best suits you according to your need and kick start your yoga sessions for free.

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