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Health and Fitness

Aarogyam Test Offer

Aarogyam Test are a full body exam bundles which comprises of different tests and incorporates major tests for screening of the wellbeing status Like Lipid, Liver, Thyroid, Iron, Diabetic, Kidney, Complete Hemogram, Hormone and Vitamins. 


Aarogyam is the most well known scope of Thyrocare Aarogyam Packages. Here are a couple of the top rated Thyrocare wellbeing bundles. These bundles are ideal for People Aged 18 years or more. 


Aarogyam A: Aarogyam An is for routine blood registration including iron examination, lipid profile, liver profile, kidney profile, and thyroid. 


Aarogyam B: Aarogyam B for a comprehensive body test covering thyroid, liver, kidney, diabetes, and general body analysis. 


Aarogyam C: Aarogyam C bundle incorporates Lipid, Liver, Renal, Thyroid, CBC, Iron investigation, Vitamins, and Testosterone. This bundle is ideal for an individual matured between 5-99 years. In the event that you have a family background of or have been determined to have any of the above issues, you ought to complete this exam two times per year. 


Aarogyam X: Aarogyam X is an exceptionally planned preventive consideration bundle that covers tests to help diabetics monitor their wellbeing and furthermore distinguishes the degree of components in blood, while likewise offering an enormous cluster of tests for a general depiction of your wellbeing status. 


What is the Booking Procedure 


Snap the BOOK TEST NOW catch and fill the structure. 


Fill the BOOKING FORM on which you are diverted with Name, Address, Mobile no. 


Our booking group from THYROCARE will call you to talk about the arrangement date and time followed by a SMS or email. 


Blood/Urine tests will be gathered from your Home location. 10-12 hrs fasting is required. 


You need to make the installment with CASH to Thyrocare when Technician comes to get the examples OR PAY ONLINE after affirmation of booking. You will get the installment connect on the email inside 2-3 hours. 


Reports will be couriered at your home in 3-4 working days if printed version has picked. We will email the reports inside 24-48 hours post the example assortment on your email address referenced while booking. 




What is fasting and which tests or profiles need it? 


A portion of the tests or profiles necessitate that the recipient is on quick for 10-12 hours before the example assortment is finished. During fasting, no food, refreshments, or drugs are to be devoured by the recipient. Just water is allowed. In the event that fasting isn’t followed, at that point the outcomes for a portion of the tests would be influenced and qualities may change. 


When would you be able to organize test assortment after I book my tests? 


Accessible openings for arrangement will be appeared if the booking is completed 48 hours ahead of time and it will be planned according to the equivalent. In the event that an arrangement is required following 48 hours, you will be affirmed a day before the arrangement date and time by SMS and Email both. You will be given the subtleties of the phlebotomist who will visit your place for example assortment. Phlebotomists will call and reconfirm the meeting with you which is required for them. Then again, you may likewise contact the specialist organization whose subtleties are given on the affirmation email/SMS. In any case, it very well might be exposed to the accessibility of specialists on that specific date/time, and Thyrocare maintains whatever authority is needed to change the expert and arrangement date and space whenever required. 


How before long will I get reports? 


Once the specimen(s) are gathered, including travel time, the research facility will take anyplace between 24 to 72 hours for softcopy writes about your enlisted email. Printed version reports whenever selected by paying extra at the hour of booking (restrictive of the test/bundle cost), will be reached to you in 3 to 5 days subsequent to preparing of the example. You will be threatened by SMS once the softcopy report is conveyed to your enrolled email ID and the Hard Copy report is dispatched to your location with following subtleties. 


Is a specialist’s remedy expected to benefit the testing administration? 


In the event that any preventive medical services bundle is needed to be done, it needn’t bother with a specialist’s remedy. Notwithstanding, if there should arise an occurrence of any disease, the patient is encouraged to talk with their doctor prior to making any reserving. 


How might the reports be conveyed to me? 


Softcopy of reports will be conveyed to your enrolled email ID inside 24 to 72 hours of test assortment relying on the travel time. Printed copy reports whenever picked by paying extra at the hour of booking (selective of the test/bundle cost), will be reached to you in 3 to 5 days in the wake of handling of the example is finished. You will be threatened by SMS once the softcopy report is conveyed to your enrolled email ID and the Hard Copy report is dispatched to your location with following subtleties. 


Would i be able to book my tests on the web? 


Indeed, you can book the tests/profiles on the web. You can decide to pay at the hour of test assortment or pay online by Credit/Debit/Net Banking or E-wallets (chose). It tends to be reserved by Thyrocare App too accessible on both Google Play Store and iOS stage. 


I didn’t get a delicate duplicate of the reports. How might I get it? 


In the event that you have given your email-ID, you will get the delicate duplicate of the reports consequently. In the event that it isn’t gotten, or email-ID was not refreshed, at that point please send an email to to get the reports. On the off chance that your tests are not delivered under any circumstances, the delicate duplicate may not be produced. 


Imagine a scenario where any of my tests are dropped. 


At least one of the tests asked might be dropped by the lab because of clinical/specialized or pre-insightful reasons. You will get data about the equivalent by email and SMS. In such a case, our specialist co-op will be encouraged to gather the new example and cycle the unreported test(s) liberated from cost. Our group will arrange with you for the memory of the example and we will guarantee that total reports are given to you. 


On the other hand, the patient can request a discount on the off chance that he/she doesn’t wish to go for memory which will be conceded in full if all tests are dropped, or a halfway discount if a portion of the tests are dropped. For an incomplete discount, the sum is determined according to the index pace of the unreported test(s), adjusted to its weighted normal in the all out request esteem. Discounts will be given to the record of the recipient straightforwardly. It would be ideal if you click here for our crossing out and discount strategy. 


Would i be able to drop the prepaid booking and get a discount? 


The whole sum paid will be discounted in the underneath referenced situations: 


  1. A) If a booking has been done and there is no specialist co-op here. 


  1. B) If the client has done different appointments because of a framework blunder. 


  1. C) If a specialist organization has not made any sufficient endeavor to offer support. 


In the wide range of various situations other than the ones referenced above, Rs 100 will be deducted as undoing charges. Discount will be given once prepared inside 7 to 10 working days in your record straightforwardly from where the installment was gotten.


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