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4 Methods to Keep Your Walls Clean and Immaculate

We all know that the walls of our house accumulate dirt, dust, grime and tough marks over time. Just like other sections of our house, walls also need special attention and care. Wall cleaning is a difficult task but it will deliver rewarding results in the end. You should first collect the cleaning supplies like vacuum backpack, broom, clean towel, bucket, dishwashing solution, etc.

Here, in this article, we are going to describe some steps that will help you clean painted, unpainted, or wallpaper walls. Follow these tips and get shiny walls in a few minutes.

Method 1: How To Clean Unpainted Walls

Step 1

First of all cover the furniture and carpet in its surroundings. Cover any carpet or furniture in the immediate area. You can use newspapers, old sheets, etc for covering so that no other valuable items accumulate dust while cleaning walls. After all, you do not want to damage any precious item in your house while cleaning your walls.

Step 2

You should shift everything slightly that is placed against the wall. It will prevent these things from dust build-up. As the area is clean, therefore, you can easily start the wall cleaning process. Start dusting walls either with a broom or a backpack vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter. Run the vacuum cleaner in an upward and downward direction. You should use ladders to reach high corners.

Step 3

When vacuum cleaning is done, then you should start from the top of the walls and wash it thoroughly. After that, you should wash it once more so that not even a single dust particle left behind. Make sure that there are no streaks and tough marks on your wall.

Method 2: How To Clean Painted Walls

Step 1

Remove or cover the surrounding furniture so that you get a clear area. After that vacuum clean your walls with a backpack vacuum cleaner. If you observe any tough stain or marks, then use a cleaning solution to remove them. Before applying the cleaning solution, you should test it in an inconspicuous area. If it works well, then you can easily apply it over the visible mark. Read the instruction properly before applying the cleaning solution.

Step 2

Once the tough stain marks are cleared, then you should wash your walls. Take a bucket and fill it with warm water and dishwashing solution, use it to wash your painted walls. If you want to achieve more efficient results, then you can add vinegar in the warm soapy solution. The vinegar will not leave any residue, therefore, you do not have to worry while using it. Make sure to change the solution in the bucket if it gets dirty.

You should not use those cleaning solutions that contain alcohol. These solutions may lead to bad impacts on your painted walls. If you want to have immaculate walls, then do not use alcohol-based cleaning products

Step 3

Prepare organic cleaner to get rid of greasy and dirty spots. You just need to Make ½ cup of baking soda and add it into one bucket of warm water. Use a soft towel and dip it inside the solution and rub it over the tough and greasy stain. Finally, rinse the wall with clean water and wipe it another clean and dry towel.

Method 3

Cleaning Wallpapered Walls

Step 1

Again start dusting your wall with a vacuum cleaner. If you have pet in your house, then you should use the best backpack vacuum for pet hair to remove pet dander stick over the walls. Then take a warm water bucket and add a cleaning solution. Take a clean towel dip in the solution and use it to clean the wallpapered wall. You can also add a lit bit of ammonia to clean wallpapered wall.

Step 2

If you have a vinyl-coated wallpaper, then you should use a vinegar solution, But, you should not apply a vinegar solution directly. You should soak a clean towel inside the vinegar solution and dab it on walls to remove dust and dirt.

Step 3

You can also use vinegar to remove tough stains and molds from the wall. If the molds on wallpapered walls are in tremendous condition, then you should use a good mold removing solution. While using the solution, make sure to read the entire instructions mentioned by the manufacturer.

Step 4

Rinse clean your wallpaper wall. You should use to rinse your wall with clean warm water. Rub wet towel gently over the wall and let it dry completely. It is necessary to dry the wall, otherwise, molds will start growing again.

Method 4: How To Clean Wooden Walls?

Step 1

First of all, start with a dusting of the wall. Use broom or vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. As the wooden walls do not have paint, therefore, you have to be a little gentle while cleaning these walls. You should use a warm soapy solution to remove tough stains and marks.

Step 2

You should use vinegar for those that are not removed with a soapy solution. Finally, rinse the wall with a wet towel. You should dip a towel in clean water and gently rub it on wooden walls.

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