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Keep your Shower Tile and Grout Clean with Bleach

Who doesn’t want clean shower tiles? It’s a given that bathrooms and showers are amongst the most humid places in a building, and resultantly most exposed to pollutants, varying types of dirt and fungal growths. Ever wonder how you can maintain the hygienic condition of your shower tiles without using expensive market products? We are here with answers; bleach!

Using bleach for shower tile and grout cleaning is an effective and common hack which yields desirable results. A large number of articles are present on the internet with step by step guide on how to clean shower tiles with bleach. However, a noticeable percentile of these articles fail to mention the do and don’ts of using chlorine on your shower tiles.

Professional cares about its worthy customers and is eager to help in issues that are tile related, which is why we are here to provide you with a detailed analysis about how and when to use bleach for shower tile and grout cleaning.


Bleach comes in two types; Oxygen and Chlorine Bleach. The choice of bleach depends highly upon the type of tiles and the extent of their contamination.

Oxygen Bleach

Oxygen bleach is non-toxic and safe for the environment. An additional advantage of using this type of bleach is that it doesn’t leave your bathroom smelling like strong, pungent cleaning agents. 

Chlorine Bleach

When it comes to cleaning mould or mildew which are persistent in bathrooms more than any other region, there is no choice but to use strong chemicals. One of the best ways to clean shower tiles and rid them of mould is by using chlorine bleach, which happens to be a traditional bathroom cleaner. This strong chemical type of bleach effectively kills the source of mould and leaves your shower tiles spotless and pollutant-free. 

Despite this effective shower tile and grout cleaning trick, the probability of mould formation and wear and tear on shower tiles and grout cannot be eradicated. It can, however, be minimized by all possible means. Some remedies for the dampness, constant foot traffic and water stains and moisture that can be observed are detailed as follows;


1. Moisture Reducing Measures

Turning on exhaust fans, keeping windows open while showering is two effective measures to ensure ventilation and prevent the accumulation of moisture in the atmosphere. It is also recommended to use doormats to rub the dirt of feet off before entering the bathroom. Using floor towels to soak up water is also recommended as it blocks water from acting on tile and grout and prevents premature aging of tiles. 

2. Get Rid of Minor Stains Immediately

Numerous DIY videos exist on the internet, which provides handy solutions to tile stain problems. Utilizing these hacks to treat the water and dirt stains which appear on tiles is recommended. Immediately addressing the stains averts its propagation and aggravation, saving both the life of your tiles and look of your place.

3. Good Ventilation

One of the reasons why showers tend to be an ideal site for mould and mildew growth is because of their humidity. This can be cured only by assuring that a good system of ventilation is present within the bathroom which regulates airflow constantly. 

4. Inspect Hidden Regions

The pile of dirt and discolouration of tiles and grout is highly noticeable and is immediately cleaned whenever spotted. Hidden away from the human eye, these places upon being left unattended for a long time, gather so much grime and bacteria that it often proves fatal to health as well.

5. Consult Professionals Every Now and Then

Even though these precautions ought to prolong the life of your tiles, it is still advisable to call a professional like GroutExpert for inspection and aid from time to time.

Therefore, make the most use of domestic remedies to preserves the longevity and quality of your tiles, lest the situation gets out of hand. But if it does, you need to call experts!

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