Video interviewing software features and its benefits

Instead of wasting hours and hours screening a pool of candidates, you can simply save your time for a couple of deserving candidates by switching to Video interviews software. You can sit and analyze all the video interviews at one go, to shortlist qualified candidates for the final round. However, for most recruitment teams, its benefit is limited to ‘time saving’ only. Sadly, they prefer live interviews over video interviewing processes without complete knowledge about its features and advantages.

So, in this blog, we are going to talk about them all in detail. Let’s start with the features.

Top Features

To detect proxy interviews

There are cases where pseudo-programmers use cheat-sheets to answer common questions. This allows them to qualify interviews with ease. To combat such proxy interviews, recruiters can use AI-based video interview software with features like facial recognition, speech recognition, and neural language procession. The application makes use of facial expression, eye movement and facial gestures of the candidate to identify the proxy interviews with ease.

Replay and re-recording

Recording answers on the camera can be overwhelming for some candidates, especially who are new. With on-demand interview software, recruiters can give a specific number of chances to record an interview. In this way, even if candidates make a mistake on their first attempt, they can re-take the interview for a second chance.

Add time limit

If you want to control their speed of response, you can add a time limit to answer each question. Candidates can see the timer rolling up in the corner and will answer accordingly. This feature helps organizations look for people with fast responses and a good presence of mind that their job often demands.

Top Benefits

Isolate not-so-serious candidates

You can add a time limit to record answers per question and set a deadline for the invitation links to stay active; you can easily separate the wheat from the chaff. Serious candidates would always respond max within the second or third day. These unique time-bound traits are hard to recognize during face-to-face interviews.

Candidates give their best shot

Most candidates underperform during a face-to-face interview because of the anxiety or fear of public speaking, no matter how comfortable you make them feel inside the room. As a result, your recruitment team may miss one or two deserving candidates in this odd situation. However, candidates would feel a lot less pressured while giving an on-demand interview. It makes them feel at home, and as a result, they give their best shot.

Soft skill and pitch

On-demand interviews enable candidates to exercise their soft skill powers to the full extent. You can see how good they are in communication, in their most comfortable zone. You can also access their pitch to see if they can match for any specific role that your job demands.


Even if on-demand interviews make candidates comfortable, they feel equally pressured when you strike them with any complex psychometric questions. You can identify candidates with fair personalities nailing down these adversaries with ease against candidates with a weak personality breaking down with visible signs of frustration or nervousness on their faces.

Time-efficiency for candidates

On-demand interviews are quite self-serving in nature. They reduce significant time in shortlisting final candidates, unlike any traditional hiring process. The usual process of an interview has several stages and it gets quite difficult for candidates with a job to micromanage their time to appear in different phases of an interview.

However, this issue is completely eliminated with on-demand interviews as recruiters can set a specific time period. It allows candidates to answer the questions at their ease. They can take it even after their shift in the current job. 

Simplify high-volume hiring

Recorded interviews would be your best bet when it’s time to interview candidates in bulk for entry level positions. All you have to do is to send invitation links to potential candidates and relax till you have a certain number of successful entries to go through.

First you have to prepare the questionnaires. Second, share the link in their respective platform. Now recipients willing to apply to that position can click the link, and send their answers. The recruitment software will keep you updated with any new response from time to time.

Detects fraudulence in web-based interviews

Although web-based interviews save time and resources, they also increase the chances of proxy interviews. On-demand interviews conducted with a good recruitment software can completely eliminate the chance of fraud practices and plagiarism in online interviews.

Increase collaboration in your hiring process.

Improving recruiting department teamwork is also important for making better hiring judgments. You can include all of your team members in the video interview process. They may all watch, rank, and comment on video recordings at their leisure and then compare candidates. This makes decision-making more transparent and collaborative and easier and faster by removing individual accountability.

When it comes to refining and updating your recruiting process, there’s no question that video interviews are the way to go. Consider all of these advantages and contact Ducknowl for more information on digitalizing your hiring process.

Provide a positive candidate experience

As we’ve covered, a great applicant experience is essential for your firm to continue recruiting the top prospects. Employers must also make a positive first impression on candidates, particularly if they are not hired. Using video interviews in your recruiting process helps show prospects that your organization is forward-thinking and embraces new technology’s benefits.

It will make you appear much more attractive. It will also demonstrate your consideration for the requirements of candidates since you will provide them the opportunity to show themselves and tell you about their goals and talents without having to take time off or travel.

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Improve and standardize the applicant screening process

Because recruiters have a deeper insight into the prospects, pre-recorded video interviews enable a superior first-round screening. Using a structured interview guide helps you evaluate applicants on a level playing field and across several dimensions: you can examine what they’re saying and how they’re expressing it (body language, facial expressions, etc.). You may compare potential replies side by side, allowing you to make data-driven judgments.

With video interviews, you may assess applicants based on their talents and their CV (knowledge and experience). Compared to screen calls, this strategy allows you to screen more prospects by reducing the amount of time you spend on each candidate.

This significantly increases your chances of discovering and advancing the top applicants early in the recruiting process.

Be more efficient and reduce time-to-hire

It is beneficial for your organization to have a more effective recruiting process, but it must also retain applicants in the race until the conclusion. When they believe the firm takes longer than planned, many prospects lose the recruitment process.

The traditional first rounds of screening usually take the longest. On the other hand, recruiters may work around this by including a video interview in the application process, making it a faster and more efficient procedure. This will offer recruiters the information they need to make early hiring choices and respond quickly to all applicants, allowing them to remain ahead of the competition and reinforce the employer brand.

End Thoughts

The market is full of so many video interview applications. One outweighs another with some unique features. Prioritize what features you need the most to make the most out of the application and start looking for the ideal software in the market. Nevertheless, Ducknowl and Code Signal would be your ideal bet for sure.

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Vikram Seth is co-founder of Ducknowl and has been passionately working to develop software application that can help organizations to find best skill without going through a tedious recruitment process. Vikram has over 10 years of management experience particularly focused in IT industry. He has a strong acumen in IT staffing and recruitment business. He has received MS degree from Georgetown University, DC. In addition, he has received various certifications in Project Management. He is a keen supporter of sustainable organic farming and he lives with his family in Chicagoland.

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