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Health and Fitness

Useful Tips That Will Help You Stick To Your Workout Regime

It is often challenging to start exercising. And once we start, it might seem very difficult for most of us to stick to our workout regime.

If you are having trouble beginning an exercise plan and finding troubles to keep it going, you are not alone. You might already know that there are great reasons to exercise. It helps to elevate your mood, energy, regulate sleep cycles and a healthy way to reduce anxiety, stress and depression. But, just knowing why and how to exercise was enough, we would all have been in great shape. It takes a little more effort to start exercising and induce it into your routine.

To help you follow a regular exercise regime, exercise experts from Oakleigh Gym, share the metal techniques to stick to your workout and fitness goals.


When you’re the one who gets results, the one who makes progress every time you train and the one who is challenging yourself, you’re all in. You’re internally motivated. As a member of the Gym in Oakleigh South, your training isn’t about vanity or doing things to impress others. Instead, it’s about doing things for yourself, and loving what you do along the way.

Ditch the all or nothing attitude

Are you making the time to exercise?

One doesn’t need to spend hours in a gym or force yourself for a monotonous exercise. For getting fit, you don’t have to do painful activities to experience the physical and emotional benefits of exercise. Adding significant amounts of physical activities in your weekly routine can profoundly affect your mental and emotional health.

Therefore, there is no need for one to go all out to achieve results. Significant efforts will do.

Be kind to yourself

There are various researches which show that self-compassion has a great impact on succeeding in any given endeavour. Therefore, the right will power will help you achieve your fitness goals. If you cling to your past mistakes, it will be of help than just demotivating you. Instead, be kind to yourself and learn from past mistakes and improve your opportunities to learn and grow.

Be patient

There’s no shortcut to getting results. Every workout leads to a better you, and in the long run, it all adds up. The key to fitness is patience. With gyms in Oakleigh South, you will get the support, attention and respect needed to achieve your goals

Virtualise your success

We start with a workout routine to achieve a pre-set specific goal. When you set your goals, you must be clear about your targets and what you need to do to achieve them. Don’t let it wither about with time. Keep visualising the goal, and you will see yourself taking small and significant steps towards it.


If you aren’t sure of how to stick to your workout regime, there is a better way. Oakleigh Gyms offer the best gym, workout, and fitness tracking app for both men and women. Get a workout tailored to your personal goals and fitness level that personalize your speed and distance as you progress in a rewarding, non-intimidating environment on your schedule.

This will help you keep track of your workout and help in moving closer to your fitness goals.

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