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Unique Ways to Propose With Antique Jewelry

Want to propose to your lovely one uniquely, but you don’t know how? Here are tips to help you to present with a piece of antique jewelry. This article will find a romantic proposal idea with a great source for inspiration and engagement moment.

At the coffee shop

Here are simple romantic ways to propose to your girl. You can take her to the favorite coffee place and make sure you have a jewelry ring with you. It will depend on how elaborate you want the proposal to be. You can write something to cup concerning love and knee down to ask for a marriage proposal.

Inside her book

Find out the book she loves and buy antique jewelry to put inside the book she will read. You can hand her the book as she opens it and see the ring you can propose to her at that time.

On a picnic

Find out the romantic picnic of your choice to take your loved one there. You can buy the ring early and put someone in the hamper and wait for the time. It would be best to make sure the place you take her is fun and enjoyable to make her feel proud.

After walking together, you can find a better place to relax and ask her for a hand proposal.

During skip trip

It makes sense when you get engaged while on vacation. You will both feel grater to choose a better place for enjoying your day.

Give your loved one many reasons why you love her before getting out your ring. You can decide to do it over dinner as long both of you feel happy.

When you stay in a resort, make sure you look into arranging room service for your celebration. You can take out the ring and propose.

Family dinner

Another romantic way to propose is at dinner with your family. You can invite the closest people to join you at the dinner and invite your loved ones to be present. In the middle of dinner, you can throw a question of the proposal. But you need to make sure you have an antique jewelry ring around with Make a move and ask your partner for a hands proposal.

You may think there is not a better way to eat but the most unique and professional way.

The reason why home is the best place is because known interruption, and make the perfect solution. At your home, you have total control of everything.

Merry go round

You can take your partner on a ride somewhere, but make sure you have a ring with you where you are going. You can wait on your call ready on your hand, not in your pocket, because it can fall when riding. While riding, propose to your loved one and make it sound better.

Under the Brooklyn bridge

You may need to make your things private but the unique proposal. Brooklyn proposal is a better place; you will love both. And it is best for your photography because of the surrounding. You can kneel to ask for her hand proposal.

Love poem

If you are a good poet, this is a great time for you. It is a uniquely romantic way to propose to your loved one. Create a short poem and ask her to join you in singing. At the end of the poem, please take out the ring and ask for her hand in marriage. Wait to see her surprise she get at the end of the day. You will be surprised to get a quick yes because of the poem you sing to her.

Walk down memory lane

Create a collection of your memory and your partner to put together. Make sure to keep a ring inside the box. Here you will need to leave a note behind your old photo. Your lover will surprise to know what is inside the image.

Make sure before she starts to open the photo, you asked her to play your love song. Set her moods and walk down the lane. You can now go ahead to ask for a hand proposal.

With your pet

If you know your partner love pets, then you can use this chance. You can add a new tag to your pet, make sure you buy an antique jewelry ring, and put it in a box to hand it to your pet. You can create a custom sign to help you pop a question.


Here are other unique romantic ways to propose that are done with few people. You can organize a day to visit one of the libraries and read the book of your choice.

You can communicate with the library manager before making her or him aware of what is your plan. You can use them to arrange some private place. Add decoration proposal in there and before proposing.

Flower petals surround us

People love flowers a lot, and you can take your loved one to a place of flowers. You want to make your dreamy proposal and unique one. You can buy a rose petal and put it inside your ring. As you walk together, ask her for a hand in marriage in the middle of flowers.

At the beach

During your trip to the beach, make sure you have plans to propose to your loved one. Buy a ring before going there because you might miss it. Choose a beach you can afford and pop a question there.


If you are looking for a better romantic way to propose, we have you covered with the above tips.


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