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Travel and Leisure

Traveling in winter vacations!

Using a pellet stove from Naz Flora on a winter night !!

Travelling is a good habit if we are free and can afford then traveling makes a sense of great achievement of mind in order of refreshment and mind storming. If we just indulge ourselves in something of what we cant think of that makes another mind approach.

We live in a machine period of time in which there are no spaces just a non-stop work . to achieve what we want we have to indulge in ourselves a sense of relief and satisfaction to stay social and active all the time. If we don’t fulfill our requirements then there comes a time of malfunctioning of mind and fewer hopes rise up. The mind needs food of spirit and vitamins which are intaken by a healthy intake of brainstorming and doing a wide range of activities at a time and making ourselves busy all the time.

We have to live in giving and taking,  not to just take in. That’s how life goes on. We cant indulge ourselves in.

Naz Flora

Holidays are a time of adventure and traveling with affordability and approaches. That’s how mind refreshes to its fullest. Christmas time is a time when we seek happiness in order to share what our God wants, happiness and wealth.

Christmas holidays were coming and we were thinking of what to do or where to go.. Though these holidays are just for 10 days still a great enthusiasm was inside to receive gifts and to give nad donate gifts to other friends and family and needy ones. But where to spend the best travel time was an issue.

One night we sat in a corner of the house by joining heads together and pondered over the topic. It made our horizon vast and close to mind that where we can spend the best in a few days and should be memorable too plus it should be convenient to winters.

Finally, our grandpa’s house in Canada was sorted out for traveling. It was wintery there too so I decided to carry a pellet stove from Naz Flora with us or thought to order it online.

It could save us at the deep freezing point with more beautiful and utilizable time.

We booked tickets for the full family. Two sisters and 2 brothers. And packed our luggage and moved to Canada in the state. Enjoyed a lot on the way and saw many sights when reached there our grandparents welcomed us wholeheartedly and with a big smile, that’s when our tiredness was gone.

We also had a pellet stove with us. First of all, dad installed a pellet stove there and we made a way to sit in the lounge, our cousins also arrived from other countries. We were so excited, delighted and felt a big relief to reach there.

We made a way to play cards . two teams were established in our tv lounge of kids. Mean we all cousins gathered up and sat together to play cards finally. We won and other defeated teams had to buy us hot soup from a restaurant that’s how we decided to another night moving out of the house and leaving our pellet stove there alone and we rushed to the nearby reasonable restaurants to have a cup of soup.

It was a great adventure as our parents were not agreed to leave us alone in wintry night anyhow they couldn’t stop us either and so we left for the restaurant. Enjoyed till midnight and came back by slow drive senior cousin was driving who was quite tough in driving ann handling all fog and snow alone we were chilling and enjoying.

As we reached home rushed to our rooms to take a nap and get up in the morning to do another party as it was Christmas time coming. We had to prepare and decorate our house with goodies and delights and Christmas tree was brought and all setting was done in the lounge in front of the pellet stove. Neighbors were also invited and they were given gifts as they were a little poor and we helped their kids to feel nice with us. We gave each other goodies and another row of games started which included music chair games and some more rounds of cards and ludo of Jumanji style.

We ordered another pellet stove for grandmom’s neighbors and gifted them so that they remember us in prayers and their winters are spent calmly and bright.

We celebrated our Christmas time very beautifully and enjoyed every moment and moved out of the house and enjoyed all the sights and captured them in camera and lived wholeheartedly with each and every moment of enjoyment.

Life is not what we take or think but sometimes we have to think out of the garage and give est out of it to utilize the best time.

We gifted that pellet stove to our grandmom to enjoy winters and remember us in prayers. when we reached back at home, winters were also there in the house to we ordered another one and set it in our lounge.

Life is not just to have all but to spend on others makes a big deal in life. The happiness of heart multiplies bu virtue of giving and more blessings knock our doors. if we are just consistent in jamming our wealth that shows we r blocked and not happy fully.

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