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Transparent teeth / Invisible teeth aligner

Everyone is aware of wearing braces and about braces treatment? But, have you heard about Clear braces? It is a type of orthodontic treatment given by the orthodontist that helps to straighten teeth without the usage of wires, brackets, and rubber bands. The introduction of these braces has changed the overall vision of dentistry.

Dentistry in the world has started adopting the introduction of modern dentistry. Wearing clear aligners is the most convenient choice to get rid of the pain and the maintenance of the braces. Now, let us explain the exact meaning of clear braces. clear braces, as the name suggests refer to the custom-made transparent trays that are given the shape of your teeth. It helps in straightening and shifting teeth in a proper position. People opt for braces treatment to get a beautiful smile, but the benefits of it are more than ever thought. So, we suggest you to considered the clear braces a shot. For people, the choice of getting the Clear aligners drops down due to one reason and i.e the cost of the braces.

We usually see people wearing Braces that use brackets that are connected by wires, encouraging teeth to move. Aligners are a series of tight-fitting mouthpieces that is fixed as well as removed from the teeth. These are the only braces that can work according to your comfort. Clear braces are the largest producer of clear aligners, but it’s not the only brand. Others including the advantage of wearing it are Clear Correct, Inman Aligner, and Smart Moves.

But, like the normal braces that can be worn by anyone at any time, Clear (or “invisible”) aligners aren’t for everyone. The orthodontist will checkup your teeth and if is applicable to wear the Clear braces then opt for these.

Expert’s Opinions

  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Clear aligners offer convenient and comfortable experience without the need for regular wire tightening (metal braces).”
  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Since it is transparent, it makes the wearers feel more confident.

Can anyone get invisible teeth aligners?

As the clear aligners are hand made that should be fitted tightly onto the teeth, they are best for adults and teenagers. Children’s teeth are delicate and their jaw bone is grown hence, this treatment is delicate as well as complicated for them. Sometimes, your people’s mouths are also growing and developing, and hence, taking an opinion from the dentists for wearing clear braces is necessary.

How do they work?

After the visit at the dental clinic and the dentist are ready to correct your bite and position of the teeth, they’ll make a plan about the treatment for moving the teeth. If you decide to wear clear aligners braces, different trays will be distributed every week that will result in proper adjustment of the teeth.

How long does it take to straighten teeth using invisible aligners?

Treatment time with the invisible trays is based on the condition of teeth and the movement in them. The more if you remove the trays, the longer it will take to be treated. The treatment of the Clear aligners takes 10 to 24 months approx. In the case of adults, if the patients had braces in the child and their teeth lose their position slightly, you may require a teeth aligner for 10 weeks.
It is noticed that the invisible braces do not apply precise pressure on the teeth like the traditional braces, hence, some people will make use of the refinement of the teeth for a few months to make another one, smaller adjustments will be prepared during the treatment.

Transparent teeth braces
Transparent teeth braces

Why use invisible aligners instead of braces?

Avoiding the problems after wearing traditional braces, Clear braces eliminate all the wearing of the metal braces in your mouth. It will make your life and your maintenance of the brace easier. It will also help to maintain the best of oral health.

Our teeth straightening just about having a great smile?

The wearing of the clear braces is just not to the extent of having a beautiful smile, but there is a lot more than getting a smile. Clear aligners help to protect the teeth from long-term risk of your teeth.


Clear Aligners are transparent trays made of special material which are used to straighten teeth just like braces. They use gentle and constant force to move the teeth in the required position without going through the hassles of metal wires and brackets. They are custom-made for each patient through a digital scan.


They are custom made for every person and designed to move teeth in the desired direction very very slowly. This is achieved by digitally capturing impressions and processing the information using specialized software, where the future projections for better results and straighter teeth are computed and then the milling machine automatically custom fabricates the set of trays for you. On average, a person needs approximately 25-40 sets for complete alignment.

The aligners come with an advantage i.e. they are very snugly fitting which over a period becomes virtually a part of the body and hence causes no speech problems. There are no restrictions on eating and drinking any foods as you will be removing them before every meal.


Though aligners are the most comfortable option, yet there are certain things that need to be kept in mind while you have them on. Your Orthodontist will give you a set of guidelines that should be followed diligently such as below:

  • You should wear the aligners for at least 20 hours a day for the effective results
  • Remove your aligners while brushing, flossing & eating. Never have it on especially while consuming anything hot
  • Keep your aligners clean. While you brush make sure that you brush your aligners in the same way
  • Keep them safe in the box as given by your Orthodontist to prevent it from getting dirty


  • Retain your smile with Retainer – Just because you’ve got your teeth straightened does not necessarily mean that it will stay straight throughout. Your Orthodontist might advise retainers which will prevent your teeth to shift back to their previous location
  • Take care of your food habits – It may so happen that your teeth are sensitive after the treatment, therefore, it is advised to not consume, too crunchy food for a few days. Let your smile rest before going back to the crunchy munchy snacks
  • Do not forget to brush – Keep up your habit of brushing twice a day and flossing in order to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Not taking good care of your oral hygiene will let the treatment go in vain.
  • Visit your dentist – Because you are done with your treatment and have got that perfect smile you always desired for does not mean that you need not visit the dentist ever. Always visit a dentist after every 6 months to ensure that this smile remains intact.

How much do invisible aligners cost?

The treatment price usually depends on the dental clinic or the dentist in your locality, but making you aware about the price, they are expensive as compared to other wear braces.
But the estimation of the cost is from Rs 60,000 to 4 lakh. The costs of other types of braces with the treatment are comparatively more for adults and children.

In the end, it is up to you and your orthodontist to decide the best treatment for your individual case and teeth. But, these braces offer unique advantages like you can be able to remove the braces while eating and brushing. If the treatment and the cost are very important for you to ask your dentist about the partial payment that includes the EMI option for this treatment. Sabka dentist will give you the right choice of braces and EMI options. So book your appointment today.

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