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Top Places to relocate in Hyderabad for Families

Are you moving to Hyderabad? Then let’s congratulate you on the wise decision of moving to Hyderabad. Whether it is for a job change or starting a new life, Hyderabad is a good option to start a new chapter in your life. If you have started looking for a good place to settle, then e may have something for you.

You can either look for a rented house/apartment or if you have a proper deposit you can always go for purchasing one. But it is always a good idea to settle in a rented place, understand the place well, then go on to purchase one for yourself. What one calls an ideal place is where they can find all the necessary facilities such as hospitals, markets, colleges, schools, or work areas. And Hyderabad has plenty of them.

Also known as the “City of Pearls”, the cost of living in Hyderabad is very low. But that doesn’t cut down on the standard. The standard of living in Hyderabad is quite high. With the bombastic growth in the IT field, there are various opportunities for different professions. It is for this reason that many migrants come here to settle from all over the country looking for higher studies and career growth.

As the inflow of migrants has increased over the years, the demand for real estate has also grown drastically. If you are moving for better job opportunities, you can look for affordable places close to your workplace. Those moving here with their families can also find properties at great prices without any issues. This article comprises some of the best places to settle in Hyderabad for people with families. Check out some of the best options below.

Best Places to Relocate in Hyderabad


Uppal is a suburb, situated in the East of Hyderabad. Still, you will find a lot of properties at feasible rates. It is one of the fastest-growing options where you can find great working opportunities. some of the big brands having their offices here are Pai Electronics, Aditya Builders, ICICI Bank Ltd., State Bank of India, Sagar Air Pvt Ltd., etc. you can also find the Indian Institute of Surveying and Mapping in this locality, which makes it even more suitable for one’s stay. The best part of finding the place here is that the properties come in very cheap compared to the main city.

It is here that the metro rail starts so, no matter where you decide to work, you can easily find the best transport to reach there directly. Metro connectivity is awesome and you won’t have to worry about getting late to work. Apart from that other means of transport such as auto, cabs, buses, etc, are also available to make connectivity smoother. Some of the big schools are also established here, such as Global Indian International School, Little Flower Junior College.

It’s a beautiful city to stay in with family but sometimes we want to go outside for a job and it’s not easy if you get a job in Mumbai. Then it’s not possible to travel daily you need to shift yourself there for better work and you also need to take your goods with you to stay there. Sometimes it’s not much but if it’s then you need to contact moving company and packers and mover charges in Hyderabad are differ from each other and it’s so complicated to find some good company. So that’s why here we provide some company and there details in Moving Solutions you can visit here and fill your details.

Banjara Hills

When you arrive at Hyderabad, there is no way that you don’t hear the name Banjara Hills. It is one of the posh places in Hyderabad that has many big brands established there. The neighborhood is full of famous personalities and so the rates of the properties touch sky high. According to Economic Time Magazine, it is one of the most expensive areas in India whose property rates touch sky-high.

Long back, this place was used for Nizams as a hunting ground. But now it has evolved so much that it is notified as one of the urban commercials centers of the city. The locality has grand shopping complexes, international schools, great hospitals, restaurants, and others. For a comfortable living, this place is more than ideal. This residential place is highly posh and is in great demand. The cost of the place is always worth the expense.

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L.B. Nagar

L.B.Nagar, also known as Lal Bahadur Nagar is another city in the suburbs that can help you get good properties at cheaper rates. This part of Hyderabad is gradually developing and bringing big brands to establish their facilities here. One can get the best facilities here as for hospitals, schools, restaurants, etc. Healthcare facility providers such as Rainbow Childcare and Fertility Center, Kamineni, Fortis are all available here.

This area is also known to have the Oriental Insurance Company Ltd, International Human Rights Association, Padmavati Dairy Parlour, etc. As the city is connected to other parts of the city through the metro so you won’t have to worry about reaching their workplace on time anymore. The best part is that you can easily get good-conditioned properties for better rates. this location is best for those who want to stay away from the bustling city.


Madhapur is one of the IT hubs in the city. This is the heart of the city and most of them come as IT firms. Those working for information technology companies, plan to stay in this area. This is closer to other main locations such as HITEC City, Banjara Hills, etc. As there is a high demand for PGs, Flats, and apartments, you will never fall short on the options. This is something that you will have to plan early if you don’t want to stall the move.

Apart from that, there is a lot to discover and enjoy if you plan to move here. The center of attraction is the Botanical garden, Shilparaman Art Village, Cyber Pearl, DurgamCheruvu Lake, Inorbit Mall, etc. On weekends you can go there with your family and enjoy the view. The location even has some of the renowned hospitals such as FirstHealth Diagnostics, Medicover, Yashoda, and Oakridge that provide great healthcare facilities. Here, you can choose from skyscrapers, mesmerizing apartments, and luxury homes as well. the Hyderabad Metro rail connects this location to all parts of the city. The only factor that may concern you is the rates of the properties that keep rising day by day.


If you are looking for something peaceful and away from the bustling lifestyle then Somajiguda is one of the best residential localities to look out for. It has risen as an important business center in a very short time. Today, it has many top international schools, exceeding MNCs, the infrastructure is outstanding, among other such facilities. The city is well connected through road, rail, and air to other parts of the country and city. The effective metro and bus services make sure that transportation runs smoothly throughout the city. The average rates for the residential properties make it one of the best places to relocate in Hyderabad.

Shifting to Hyderabad

Moving to Hyderabad is a big decision and if you don’t make proper plans there is a high chance that you may end up having a bitter experience. The rich cultural history and diversity will make it easier for you to adjust to the beautiful city. This is only possible when you can move safely to the city. For that, you must hire professional packers and movers who will take care of the moving and packing processes for you. Prepare the checklist and hire the best moving company in town, and you will see that this will help you a lot for attaining a smooth transition.

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